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Chapter 86 Feeding on Hatred

“Who are you?” A female student looked at Glenn coldly. And an additional 20 of them were closing in on him.

Glenn was baffled, having no idea what had given him away. He had spoken almost no words and the people here were not that familiar with Rosen. Then why was his identity revealed? However, he was now stopped by this green-eyed girl who announced that he was not the real one.

“More than 20 students on me and in their territory. It’s kind of dangerous if a fight breaks out…” Instead, Glenn mumbled. “What are you talking about? I”m Rosen.”

His words didn’t work though. The fighters’ suspicious eyes became filled with anger, hatred even, and one of them burst out saying. “You bastard, what did you do with Rosen?”

“You can’t even recognize me? How dare you say you are not a fake? Your polymorph is interesting. You deceived me a little in the beginning. Way better than the guy before.” The girl sneered.

Glenn knew the reason now. The girl before him must be someone prestigious in the 19th and he was not showing due respect to her, which had raised suspicion in the first place.

“It seems the Glenn Dissimilation Sorcery only works for the appearance.” Glen thought.

Knowing a bloody confrontation would be inevitable, he was struck with an idea. He laughed in a fake cruel and evil voice. “Ha, What did I do to Rosen? Let me answer your question this way. I just ripped the clothes off the girl in front of him, exposed her body in the sun and…”

“Hate me, and hate me more…”

Of course Glenn didn’t do something that despicable. But he was depicting the dirty scene vividly as if he had done it. Plus the enchanted expression on his face which he deliberately put on. This really exasperated the students on scene whose eyes turned red, blood vessels showing and the tip of their nails digging into flesh.

The green-eyed girl, in particular, became gloomy and desperate on hearing Glenn’s description.

Noticing the crowd was angered as he expected, his features turned more evil and intoxicated. “You green-eyed little girl seem delicious. I’ll come to you after I’ve dealt with these guys. You’ll be very pleased after I give you what that girl has been through.”

Glenn was just acting out perfectly—-His crooked tongue which is in sharp contrast with Rosen’s righteous face, brought the men’s degree of hatred to the apex.

The fight finally broke out.

“I want you villain dead right now.” A male student in the group scowled. The next moment a block of bone armor appeared on his shoulder, and the armor then began to move across his body and soon covered it entirely. With the help of the earth element, he stomped on the ground and a hole was dug out in no time. The next second, he disappeared into it with a whizzing sound.

When he was seen again, he was already coming at Glenn from overhead with a giant hammer in his hand. He was putting in great effort to smash Glenn so as to relieve his anger.

The evil expressions were gone from Glenn’s face. He then said lightly. “This hatred feels…just about right.”

With a heavy intake of breath, Glenn threw a punch at the charger. A repulsive force surged toward the attacker.

With a droning sound, everything around seemed to be frozen. And the next second, the student in the sky stared as he was blown backwards even faster than when he was trying to strike. He then slammed into an earth-element solidified house. His bone armor and shield broke, blood spurting from his mouth. He couldn’t even rise up.

The remaining members of the team gulped upon seeing this as their pupils contracted.

Although Glenn was still assuming Rosen’s appearance, they were looking at Glenn in great surprise.

Glenn pulled back his tingling hand, put his Ashen mask back on and sneered.

As the crowd was watching, Glenn roused the magical force inside his body as he casted a spell. A cloud of black fire then emerged from nowhere and gradually turned into a giant. It rose up and stared down upon the students.

Flame Giant howled. Its skin which was composed of water and radium elements bounced irregularly and the skin seemed to be moving, powered by the fire within its body.

Flame Giant roared again, blasting huge noise. He had become excited!

The three-meter high giant kept growing in size and grew five meters tall as an indescribable energy moved inside him. The pair of eyes which protruded from his eye sockets, like a snail’s, turned more violent. The abruptly risen element energy even distorted the air in the vicinity.

Glenn felt the strong activity of energy and said excitedly: “Oh, this big? To kill a few students wouldn’t be a problem at all…”

It had been verified up to date that Flame Giant indeed fed on souls and hatred!

Flame Giant could grow by feeding on souls, and evolve from drawing on life essence. It was like a sort of passive evolution.

But this evolution was restricted in some ways, in terms of frequency and time span. In other words, they would grow forever.

As for eating hatred, it was a temporary ability enhancement method. Besides the strength they had, the more hatred, the more capable they were.

The sudden emergence of this giant had cowed the students, and with another blast of magical energy, a navy-blue, three-meter long sword, water element sword was seen in the leviathan’s hand.

The giant thundered, and waved the sword around. The fire within was stirring up so violently as if it was trying to breach its skin.

Upon seeing this, Glenn was almost taken over by pride.

He was quite sure that he could stand his ground against even the Protectors or even take them down in an overwhelming manner.

“You…” The startled green-eyed girl recovered from the shock and murmured a spell after gritting her teeth. Soon two green elves came out from her eye sockets. They fluttered their wings quickly and landed on her shoulder.

Afterwards, the floral hoop around her head lighted and then petals were swirling around her.

And the other students were also in battle positions as if they were facing the threat of death.

The whole place was like a lighted tinder box—-dozens of magical waves exploded. A storm was coming.

Glenn walked to the giant with his wand in hand and mumbled. “Since they are not fooled, then I’m afraid that we have to use force. One, two, three…twenty-six. Hmm, plus the one I collected, the quota will be more than filled then.”

Glenn took out a magical stone for the provision of magical strength and then three fire bats appeared and hovered around his wand, wings flapping.

Explosions followed.


Glenn was gasping, his face pale. There was a cut on his back but it was being “sewed up” by tentacles produced with the help of Glenn’s dissimilation sorcery. The healing process was surprisingly fast. Besides that his Ashen mask had been hacked, a deep cut left on it. Another loss was his wand which had been cut in half; blood was dripping from it.

Glenn spat blood from his mouth and threw the wand aside.

The giant tramped back towards Glenn from a distance. It had shrunk greatly and its appearance now become irregular. Parts of his skin collapsed, and black flame became smoke and disappeared.

Glenn could tell, through his mental connection with the giant, that some of the students had escaped. “To handle thus many elite students in a stroke was kind of a stretch for me currently, especially with the two elves’ special skills.” He signed. “With these two elves, she could manage to be among the top four of the Black Isotta for sure. If not that great, she would at least match Ardas, Bright Sword’s owner.”

Glenn signed again as he counted the badges. “Two short…Forget it. Just buy them with my stones. The cover has been blown. I’d better get back to my place instead of being cornered again.”

Glenn then transfigured to his original form, broke the giant (It can be re-summoned whenever it’s needed) and left, leaving this scarred war zone behind.

The site was decorated by blood, explosion craters, as well as marks left by ice, thunder and earth element sorceries, and some things were still smoldering as if they would never cease to burn. It was as if a war just broken out here and at least over 100 students had been involved.

“Can’t dawdle any longer. Must complete the Destructive Force of Fire Blast Sorcery. If it’s done, then…”

He recovered his mental force quickly using magical stones and soon he pulled off the repulsive force, got off the ground and swished off to the valley.