Chapter 270 All she wants is a home

When Bella opened her eyes, it was already the next day. She looked at the luxurious crystal chandelier, which reflected the sunlight outside.

Her mood was much calmer than last night.

When some toxic elements gather in the body due to overthinking, it makes people feel grumpy, paranoid and depressed.

Low levels of serotonin are linked to the symptoms of depression, including feeling sad, upset, and generally low in mood. High levels of serotonin in the brain are linked to elevated mood. She had serotonin in her body yesterday, so she was angry and impulsive.

Fortunately, these things disappear with metabolism, so once you wake up, you will be more rational.

Bella sat up on the bed. She looked at her wound. The wound was bandaged when she was unconscious. She got out of bed and opened the door.

David Wilson was sitting in front of the computer, when he saw her coming out, he stood up immediately and explained, “Yesterday, you fainted, you had a high fever, now it’s better to rest. I’ll let someone to check you again.”

“Thank you. No need for it. I am feeling much better now.” Bella refused his kindness and swept her room. “Where did you put my bag?”

“I was in a hurry to bring you to the hospital yesterday, so I didn’t pay attention to it. This morning, I sent someone to bring it, but they said someone took it. I think it must be James Grayson. It should be easy for him to locate your location through your mobile phone.” David Wilson guessed.

Bella lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes produced a dark shadow under her eyes.

In her trance, David Wilson came to her and said softly, “Bella, don’t you want to go back to America? I’ve recently transferred my company there. I am able to stay with you all the time.”

“I was drunk yesterday. I talked nonsense, don’t take it seriously.” Bella said lightly.

“Do you just want to watch James and Scarlett Evan hurting you? Don’t you think you enough hurt?” David Wilson said impulsively, held Bella’s hand, “there is only Scarlett Evan in James heart, and here is only you one my heart.”

“It has nothing to do with me who in your heart. I just care about who is in my heart and who is not. Do you have a disposable toothbrush? If it’s convenient, please send me back to the military area.” Bella said coldly.

“I really don’t understand. You know it is a hell. Why do you want to stay in it? Aren’t you afraid to see James Grayson and Scarlett Evan together?” David Wilson’s eyebrows tightened, and he said painfully.

“I am a woman who climbed out of a hellish marriage. Why should I fear something?” Bella pulled the corners of her mouth, and said ironically, “maybe, to make up my mind, to forget what love is, I need to hurt myself so much that is unable to recover so that I can walk out just like I walked out of your cage.”

“Do you want to make a fool of yourself?” David Wilson was angry, and he stared at Bella angrily.

“Fool?” Bella’s eyes were misty, but her mind was clear. “Do you think I don’t want to forget him? Do you think I don’t want to be free? When mind and heart go against each other, the heart feels very painful, due to so much pain the mind compromises. Because that kind of pain makes life worse than death. I don’t want to live such a painful life every day. I want my heart to wake up completely, and the person who can wake my heart up is James Grayson.”

“Bella, are you really crazy? Do you know what you are saying?” David Wilson was worried and helpless.

He didn’t agree with Bella’s point of view, and he didn’t want Bella to go to James Grayson.

He was afraid that Bella will hell-bent to stay with James Grayson.

After that… he will be left alone in the world.

Craz – This word touched the sensitive nerves of Bella.

Is she really crazy?

She didn’t know, but now she fully understood her mother’s crazy mentality.

They would rather be called crazy by the world than be considered as a complete fool.

Therefore, her mother would rather lock herself in the memories of the past than go to Richard Johnson for help.

“I’m an independent individual. I’m responsible for my own behavior. If you don’t have a toothbrush and you don’t want to drop me back, I can solve it myself.” Bella walked towards the door.

David Wilson took her arm and spoke in an almost pleading tone, “Can’t you give me another chance? I know I was wrong. I won’t find another woman in the future. Just say yes to me, I will stay with you forever. I love you, Bella. I want to take care of you. We will have our own children.

I won’t make you sad anymore. If you fell ill, I will accompany you. When you will feel alone, I will accompany you. Wherever you want to go, I will accompany you. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Tears fell down from her eyes and rolled on her cheeks.

Three years ago, when she was in a marriage, she was not ready to accept James Grayson If he has said these things when they were married, maybe she would not be attracted by James Grayson later.

But… what David Wilson gave to her at that time!

Betrayal, hurt, gave her to his friends to enjoy, hysterical destruction.

“I remember I told you before. When there was you, there was no James Grayson. Now it has James Grayson and there is no space for you.” Bella said definitely.

David Wilson wiped the tears from Bella’s face, “Then I will wait until there will be no James Grayson in your heart. I know that it will be more difficult for me to enter your heart than ordinary people, but I will always try.”

Bella pushed away his hand and turned her face.

She didn’t want to do the same as David Wilson did and played with other women at the beginning. Even if James Grayson has Scarlett Evan in her heart, she would not develop an ambiguous relationship with any other man.

She would prefer to go without than to accept the shoddy option.

“I will go back now. No need to drop me back.” Bella stepped out of the door and walked on a strange road.

Now she was really in a mess.

There was no money, no cell phone, unwashed and unkempt face and teeth. The clothes were wrinkled, she didn’t take the bath, there were all kinds of smelly smells mixed together, and people around her looked at her strangely.

She ignored them and looked up at the blue sky.

She didn’t want much. She just hoped to have a home. No matter where she can go, there will always be a final destination.

She didn’t want her husband to have power, right, money or outlooks. She just needed him to talk with her, who can make her heart feel comfortable and at peace. So, when she will fall asleep, and when she opened her eyes, she didn’t feel alone.

Can she find it?

Several cars stopped in front of her.

James Grayson got out of the car and quickly walked towards her. “Where did you go last night? I was worried about you.”

There were some astringent feelings in Bella’s eyes…