Chapter 269 Even in hell, I’ll accompany you

Bella looked at James Grayson, with deep and indifferent eyes.

She lowered her head and ate.

“What’s the matter?” James Grayson asked.

“When the baby was born, I can’t see whom he resembles more, but his skin was very white, the eyelashes were long, the mouth was small and has double eyelid.” When Bella mentioned the child, she finally had a smile on her face.

“How did the child die?” James Grayson looked at her.

“I don’t know. When I gave birth to him, he was robbed by a group of people. I don’t know who they were, and I can’t find out who did that. I’ve been looking for him for more than five years. If he is alive, he will be five years old now.” Bella said sadly.

James Grayson had some hope, “so you’re not sure that he is dead?”

Bella stopped talking and bowed to eat.

“Do you think your ex-husband can do it?” James Grayson guessed.

“Not possible. He didn’t know that I didn’t abort the child. He didn’t know the existence of the child at all. I asked him to find the child later. He didn’t find it in more than three years.” Bella said definitely.

“Nonsense, that child is not your ex-husband’s child, why he will find him?” James Grayson frowned.

“Then if you will find him, I’ll marry you.” Bella said casually, took a deep breath, and realized that she had said something wrong, “I am joking.”

James Grayson’s eyes darkened. “Eat first.”

James Grayson’s mobile phone rang. It was Scarlett Evan’s and he hung up.

The mobile phone rang again. It was again Scarlett Evan’s call.

“Take it. I’ll go out with you to see her later.” Bella said calmly.

“She’s in a bad state.”

Bella raised her mouth. “It’s okay if you don’t want to take me.”

“I don’t mean that.” James Grayson hesitated and looked at Bella.

“Are you afraid I might hurt her?” Bella guessed.

“She’s in a very unstable state, very vulnerable to shock, and will do things that hurt others. For the time being, don’t meet her.” James Grayson explained.

Bella smiled.

He was still afraid that she would hurt Scarlett Evan.

She was trying to help him.

However, her Goodwill was considered as malice.

“You go. Otherwise, it would be bad for her to hurt others.” Bella said with a smile.

“I’ll come back later.” James Grayson said.

Bella ate with her head down.

She watched him leaving.

If in her married life, every time when she will be eating with her husband, her husband has to leave for other women. If he shared the same bed with her, live with her, then staying together with him like this will be too sullen.

She has to wait for three months, soon it will end.

Despite this, her heart was still uncomfortable and unhappy.

Bella wanted to call Amelia William, but Amelia William went to work during the day, it was late, she should be asleep because she has to go to work tomorrow. Bella didn’t call.

She went out from the military area to enjoy herself. She went to the nearest KTV, booked a box and sang. She sang all the old songs that can be sung. What a happy break-up, Silence, Emptiness!

“How to hide the sorrow, I am still at the place where I lost you… whenever I close my eyes, I can see the trace of your leaving…. I will be dazed, and then forget you, on that day, someone will replace you… Tears in my heart have blurred the world…” She was singing and crying until the tears burst the dike, and she could not sing anymore.

She lowered her head, clenched her fist, and her shoulders were shaking.

The door was pushed open.

Bella looked up to the door.

David Wilson came in, “I know you are alone, and I have always been alone. So, I came to accompany you.”

Bella cried even more. She didn’t think about anything. She just wanted to cry for a while. She was afraid that she would think more and her mind would be confused.

David Wilson sat next to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Bella pushed him aside. “Even if I’m sad, even if I’m alone, even if I’m desperate, still I don’t want to do anything like this.”

David Wilson’s left eye shed tears, and Bella was slightly shocked.

“I don’t want to do anything with you. I just want to give you the warmth that I can give.”

“Do you think your warmth is what I want?” Bella was emotional.

“It’s your choice to want it or not, and it’s my choice to give it or not. You can refuse me every time. Just like I refused you at the beginning. Bella, do you know the real reason why I didn’t touch you in three years of marriage?”

Bella did not see his face, there were so many tears that have covered her vision, she wiped off the tears but it still flowed out.

“Because your father killed my father, I know that one day my revenge fire will burn you, I like you from the first sight, but because I like you, I didn’t dare to approach you. I was afraid that it would destroy my persistence, but in the end, it destroyed my revenge plan, I am willing to give up everything for you.”

“David Wilson.” Bella stopped him, “do you think that these three years have weakened my memory and made me forget the pain that you gave to me!

It’s a reality that you hurt me, it’s a reality that you slept with other women, it’s a reality that you forced me, and almost killed me. Although I’m not smart, still, I’m not forgetful.”

“I vented my hatred to you. I’m sorry, Bella. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’ve been punished. When I see you crying my heart hurt. When I saw you committing suicide, my heart hurts. I love you. I love you. I love you very much.” David Wilson said excitedly.

“Well, so you really love me, I want to test?” Bella took out the fruit knife from the bag and threw it in front of him.

“I will stay by your side and accompany you all my life. I do not want sex. I just want a sincere company forever. Can you do it?” Bella said impulsively.

“Well, if you want it.” David Wilson took the knife, moved it toward his abdomen and cut…

Bella closed her eyes and blocked his hand.

A sharp knife pierced her arm.

“Bella.” David Wilson shouted.

Bella smiled, and tears flowed down from her swollen eyes. “I’m going to be crazy again. David Wilson, like my mother, I also have a mental illness. I am a psychopath.”

David Wilson was shocked.

Tears flowed through her pale face.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” David Wilson said heartily.

“I want to go back. I haven’t adjusted. I want to go back to America.” Bella cried.

“Yes, I will take you anywhere you want. I will accompany you. Even in hell, I will accompany you.” David Wilson held the wound on Bella’s arm tightly, and his palm was red with blood.

Bella stood up in a trance. Her vision blurred and she fainted.

She didn’t hear the cell phone ringing in her bag…