Chapter 268 I won’t divorce you

No wonder, she went to the hospital.

“Have you seen enough?” Bella asked coldly.

She put down her skirt, sat up and looked at James Grayson. “Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to uncover my scars without my permission?”

“How did you get hurt?” James Grayson asked worriedly.

Bella got up from the bed and didn’t even look at James. “You don’t need to care about me. I have nothing to do with you now.”

James Grayson stood behind her and said, “We both agreed to marry. Don’t you think for divorce we both have to agree?”

“We agreed before getting married that if I want a divorce, you can’t object to it. I just carry out your promise.” Bella took off the diamond ring from her finger and returned it to James Grayson.

He took the ring and threw it out of the window. His eyes were red and he said definitely, “I will not divorce.”

“It’s already done,” Bella told the truth cruelly.

James Grayson held her arm. “I have to be responsible for Scarlett Evan. She got this mental illness and this injury because of me.”

Bella didn’t want to discuss this thing again.

“Then take care of her for this life,” Bella said coldly.

James Grayson felt extremely helpless, “can’t you understand me?”

“There are many women in the world who can understand you, tolerate you, support you, and takes your decision as the final decision but I am not one of them. You can hate me and blame me. Actually, I am not the one you are looking for, just give up.” Bella said decidedly.

James Grayson’s eyes were cold. “I’m not even worthy that you can wait for me?”

Bella looked up at James Grayson.

She was fed up with this hopeless marriage.

One more day will be like hell. She was on the verge of collapse now.

People should protect themselves well.

“You can consider me selfish.”

James Grayson left his hand. “I got it. You’re hurt. I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“No need for it.” Bella stopped him.

James Grayson angry burst out, “No need, no, no, no! Do you only have these two words for me? Bella, I am telling you that I will not divorce. You asked David Wilson to cancel the registration record of the Civil Affairs Bureau. I can also pressurize them to restore the record. If you want to divorce, you are just daydreaming.”

Bella’s calm face also showed cracks, “I want to divorce, I want freedom, and I don’t want to be trapped by hopelessness.

Where was my husband on the wedding night?

Do you think Scarlett Evan is ill, and I am not?

Do you think Scarlett Evan fainted and needed to see the doctor, and I didn’t faint?

She fainted in front of your eyes, but I fainted on the road, that’s because you can’t see me in your eyes, ask your own heart.”

“Bella, I didn’t know all this. How can you blame me for the things that I don’t even know? What’s wrong with you?” James Grayson looked at Bella worriedly.

Bella was stunned.

Impulse is really a devil. It makes people feel angry and rush to the brain, causing a breakdown. When people got angry, they cannot figure out what they shouldn’t say.

She understood that, but she can’t do it many times.

“James Grayson, I’m very tired. Let me have a rest. You can do your work.” Bella said softly.

James Grayson looked at Bella’s pale face, and his eyes gradually softened, “I didn’t force you to marry me, you shouldn’t force me to divorce you, the extreme ways are not good for us.”

“Hum.” Bella answered, she really had no strength.

“Take a rest. I’ll make something for you to eat.” James Grayson opened the quilt.

Bella was very sad. She lay down on the bed, and James Grayson covered her with the quilt.

She didn’t want to face James Grayson and closed her eyes.

“Bella, don’t sleep. Your wound needs to be treated. Have you taken any medicine?” James Grayson asked softly.

Bella opened her eyes. “I have taken it. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Please go out.”

James Grayson went out, and after a while, he brought in a hot water bottle and poured water into it.

“I’m not leaving. I am in the kitchen, call me if you need anything.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, turning around and walking towards the door.

Bella looked at his upright and tall figure, her heart was also reluctant to part with.

She has heard the story of James Grayson and Scarlett Evan for a long time.

He wanted to be responsible for Scarlett Evan, and there was nothing wrong with it.

But she cared.

She didn’t want to force him to give up his responsibility, so she gave up on her own initiative. But now because of her, he didn’t go to meet Scarlett Evan.

Woman is a contradictory animal. They are too easy to be soft-hearted and too easy to be blinded by emotions. She has seen many cases.

A young, beautiful and the kind-hearted female graduate student saw an old man falling down and helped him up. The old man said that he came here to find his son, but he couldn’t find him. She wanted to go home.

The female graduate student sent the old man all the way to a mountain area, but she was detained, became the wife of that man and was forced to give birth to a disabled child. And spent her whole life.

There was also a young and beautiful nurse who helped a pregnant woman go home. Unexpectedly, the pregnant woman helped her husband to hunt. Finally, the nurse was brutally killed by the couple.

Kindness is important, compassion is important, but above all, the most important thing is the ability of reasoning and the ability to sense danger.

Bella closed her eyes. Her head was too heavy and she fell asleep.

When she woke up again. It was ten o’clock in the evening.

Her stomach ached with hunger. She got up from the bed and opened the door.

James Grayson was sitting on the sofa. He looked at her and stood up. “Hungry? The meal has been prepared for a long time. You can eat it now.”

Bella nodded, “thank you.”

James Grayson didn’t like her saying thank you to him.

He didn’t want to be a stranger to him.

He walked to her and put the diamond ring on her ring finger again. “Don’t take it off again. I won’t force you to get married. We stay like this for three months, and then we’ll decide whether to stay together. If after that you won’t like to stay with me after three months, I won’t force you.”

Bella looked at the diamond ring on her finger. The diamond was shining in the light.

She looked at James Grayson rationally.

According to James current position and the fact that military marriage can’t be separated. Maybe it can’t be separated in the future. After all, marriage is a fact.

It was only a matter of three months.

“Okay.” Bella answered.

“Go to the table first, I will bring the food.” James Grayson’s tense expression finally relaxed a little, and he walked into the kitchen.

He made a mullet soup, carotene and tomato eggs.

“Mullet soup is used to mend wounds. Both carotene and vitamin C will make the wounds better.” James Grayson explained.


He brought two more bowls of food, one for her and one for him.

She glanced at him. Didn’t he have dinner?

James Grayson also looked at her. “Can you tell me something about our child? Is he looks like you or me?”