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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 267 I love her

James Grayson went to the guest room. Bella has taken a shower and put on a white skirt.

“Where is the wound? I think you should take a bath? The wound can be infected.” James Grayson said worriedly.

Bella didn’t want to answer him.

“Reschedule this meeting tomorrow. You happen to have something to do today and I also don’t have the strength to have a meeting. I’ll have a rest for one night. It should be okay.” Bella said weakly.

“If you want to have a good rest, take it. The meeting can be rescheduled. What do you need to do with these medicines?” James Grayson asked.

“I’ve already had this drip today. This potion will be used tomorrow. Go away. I will go to sleep after taking the medicine.” Bella said and looked down on the ground.

James Grayson picked up the glass and poured water.

Bella has put all the medicine she wanted to take in her hand. She took the cup he handed over, drank water, took all the medicine, and closed her eyes.

James Grayson sat on the edge of the bed, looked at her sleeping appearance, tightened his eyebrows and covered her forehead with his hands. His palms were sweating.

James Grayson’s mobile phone rang again. It was Scarlett Evan’s, he hung up the phone, and asked the attendant, “Now go to room 2108 of the Clift Royal to take care of a person for me.”

“Yes.” The attendant walked out.

James Grayson’s mobile phone rang again. This time it was Adam Wilson’s call.

He asked in surprise, “your mother said that you and Bella are going to get married, is it true?”

James Grayson looked at the front with dark eyes. His heart seemed to be tightly clenched by one hand. “She doesn’t want to marry me.”

“Ah? What’s the matter?”

“I received a notice yesterday that a woman with a mental illness is crying to meet me. I went to see, and the woman was Scarlett Evan.” James Grayson explained.

Adam Wilson was even shocked. “Scarlett is not dead?”

“No, her face has been burned 30%, she has skin grafting, half of her body has been burned, and she is mentally unwell. She has been locked up for treatment. She managed to run out but she is very afraid to be trapped again. She is in a state of extreme panic and inferiority.” James Grayson explained.

“Who locked her up, isn’t it only one Rachel Ainsley who survived?”

“At that time, she and I were trapped in the house. She asked me to take the officers first. We went out, and she was completely trapped in the house. There were pursuers behind us. I had no time to escort the officers on the plane. I went back, but the house had been burned to ashes. I watched her being dug out of the house, and her body was burned. I thought she was dead.” James Grayson’s voice choked.

“So she has been held by terrorist organizations for so many years?” Adam Wilson was suspicious.

“After three years in prison, she had mental problems and was rescued by the Special Forces. She was directly affiliated with the Military Commission. With their unanimous consent, they hid her news and locked up in a room for treatment.”

“What do you mean, who did it?” Adam Wilson had a bad feeling.

“President, your father, my father, Governor Trammell.”

Adam Wilson suddenly realized, “so, this time, Scarlett Evan escape their trap smoothly! In fact, my father and your father deliberately let her out, so as to prevent you from marrying Bella, right?”

James Grayson is silent.

“What are you going to do now?” Adam Wilson was also worried about his friend.

“I have to take care of Scarlett. She has suffered for nearly nine years because of me. I can’t leave her alone.” He can’t turn his back to his responsibilities.

“And what about Bella?” Adam Wilson asked tentatively.

“I love her.” James Grayson said firmly.

Adam Wilson understood, “I can’t imagine that you would go to her, even after losing your memory you fell in love with her again. As a brother, I will support you.”

“Adam, there’s something I want to ask. Do you know that I forced her and defiled her?” James Grayson didn’t remember at all.

“More than six years ago, when you went out on a mission. You have been drugged but you escaped, she was also kidnapped, on your way you met her and had a relationship with her. You have been worried about this matter. After that, Bella had a very unfortunate life. You think it’s your fault, so you get closer to her and attracted by her slowly.” Adam Wilson explained.

“I have a child with her, do you know that?” James Grayson asked immediately.

“You have a child with her?!” Adam Wilson was also shocked. “I don’t know about it, but what about the kid? Where is he now?”

“Bella said the child was dead.” James Grayson’s eyes darkened.

“Then I don’t know. I went to the air force school at that time. Do you want to check it? Children’s affairs are very important. What’s the matter? How can the child die?” Adam Wilson asked several questions in a row.

He also wants to know. He hated his memory loss now, otherwise, he should be able to think of many clues.

“If the child didn’t die, maybe you and Bella are a couple made by nature. God doesn’t want you to be separated.” Adam Wilson said suddenly.

James Grayson’s eyes radiated a fine light.

So, let’s start with that mission.

He turned on the computer, entered the confidential archives, and entered the three words of query James Grayson.

In his files, there was just the information he had four years ago, which he read when he lost his memory. There was nothing special about it. He also heard from his father that he came here four years ago to be the head, that is to say, his authority only begin four years ago.

And he did that six years ago.

He was a colonel six years ago and belonged to the military region of General Ansel Elgort.

General Ansel Elgort retired four years ago.

James Grayson found General Elgort’s hometown, Halem city.

Halem city and Walem city were two cities belonged to the same province, just two hours apart. It was time for him to visit the old leader.

James Grayson wrote down Ansel Elgort’s contact information and turned off the computer. He came out of the room and went to see Bella in the room.

Bella was still sleeping. On her nose and forehead, there were thick sweats, especially on her neck. He wiped the sweat off with a dry towel. He can only use physical methods to help her cool down.

He filled a basin of cold water from the bathroom, soaked the towel, wring it half dry, wiped her palm, forehead, foot, and lifted her skirt.

He saw many scars on her body.

One was particularly deep, she covered it up with gauze.

James Grayson’s hand trembled, and he lifted the gauze.

Because the wound was split again, it has not healed well. There was a big red swollen circle around the wound, and the wound was close to the heart.

James Grayson’s dark eyes were shining with water light, and his heart was heavily hit by something from the behind and then he felt the pressure on his heart.

She was so badly hurt and he didn’t even know…