Chapter 266 Can we stop quarreling

James Grayson was shocked to hear her and said, “You are saying that I forced you, and we have a child?”

“The child is already dead,” Bella said coldly.

“What?” James Grayson felt as if he had been struck by a flash of lightning, after a long time he asked, “Why you didn’t tell me?”

“Scarlett Evan is alive. Did you tell me?

You accompany Scarlett Evan till midnight, did you tell me?

You accompany her to the hospital, did you tell me?” Bella complained and her tone was loud, but suddenly she felt unreasonable.

It’s the most childish behavior to trample on each other even though after separation.

It’s harmful to others and also unbeneficial to oneself.

Bella calmed down and said, “It doesn’t matter now. I have canceled the registration of our marriage at the Civil Affairs Bureau. I have torn up the marriage certificate. You and I are single now. Take care of Scarlett.”

“What nonsense is this?” James Grayson’s heart was tightened. For the first time, he lost control and held her arm forcefully. For a moment he wanted to break her arm, “Who gives you this right? Do I agree to divorce?”

Bella wanted to push him away. “We are not divorced, but we are not married, anymore.”

“It’s nonsense.” James Grayson left her.

Because of inertia, Bella fell to the ground heavily. She was dizzy for a moment and almost fainted. She supported herself and looked at James Grayson bitterly.

He cuddled and hugged other women, but push her like this and hit her!

A desperate man can do so.

James Grayson’s heart tightened. It was even more painful to see her falling down. He walked forward to help her.

Bella pushed back his hands.

James Grayson felt that the palm of his hand was a little sticky. At a glance, he saw red blood on his hand.

His heart ached badly and he looked at Bella, “What has happened to you?”

Bella stood up by herself.

James Grayson shouted out, “Call the doctor.”

“Call the doctor? Do you want Amelia to worry about me or do you want to let Anna Wilson laugh at me?” Bella replied.

“Can we stop quarreling? I don’t want you to worry that’s why I didn’t tell you. I will deal with Scarlett Evan’s matter.” James Grayson promised.

“You are sandwiched between two responsibilities, it will be really annoying. James Grayson, don’t live for responsibilities. You should live for yourself. I quit. Take good care of Scarlett Evan. Don’t let your half-hearted behavior hurt her again. Your responsibilities hurt too many people, huh.” Bella smiled and picked up the luggage.

James Grayson held her arm and there was mist in his eyes. “Don’t go.”

Bella leered at him, “Arrange a residence for me. I have already told you it won’t affect my professional work. If you think I’m not suitable to work here, it doesn’t matter you can tell it.”

James Grayson didn’t want her to move out. “Why do you have to be so stubborn with me?”

Bella shook off his hand. “It’s not stubborn. I am disappointed with you.

I’m sorry, Mr. Grayson. I don’t have the confidence to live with you.

I’m also very narrow-minded. I can’t hold a grain of sand in my eyes. I really mind my husband taking care of other women, even if it is for the sake of responsibility, even if you like her or even if you don’t like her!”

James Grayson left her hand, and his eyes were deep. He opened the door and commanded, “Tidy up the guest room in west courtyard Miss Bella.”

“Yes.” The attendant saw that the chief’s face was very bad. She looked at Bella and she saw that Bella also looked disturbed. She left immediately.

James Grayson looked at her. “You need to rest. You are a doctor. You must know what medicine you need. Write it to me, and I will go to the doctor’s room to get it for you.”

Bella really had no energy to go out. She neatly wrote it and gave it to James Grayson.

“You can rest in the guest room first.” James Grayson took over the list and said.

Bella nodded, turned around and walked towards the guest room.

James Grayson clenched his fist, and the blue tendons on the back of his hands burst.

He deliberately called her Miss and mentioned the guest room, but she didn’t say anything. She really has no feeling for him, is he really out?

James Grayson dropped the vase on the tea table on the ground. His eyes were red, he went out and called, “in a minute, I need the mobile-phone number of the director of the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

Lieutenant Colonel Walker gave James Grayson the mobile-phone number of the director of the Civil Affairs Bureau within a minute.

James Grayson called and said, “I’m James Grayson from the special military region. My wife and I got married yesterday morning. My wife said you didn’t record it. What do you mean by it? Just because of the negligence of your Civil Affairs Bureau’s work, you can make marriage a joke?”

“Well, generally speaking, those who got married yesterday will be recorded in the file a week later. By the way, I let people check it personally.” the Secretary for civil affairs reported.

“Give me a reply in three minutes. I want you to record it now.” James Grayson said angrily.

He went to the doctor’s room with a cold face.

Anna Wilson saw James Grayson coming. She stood up and looked at him affectionately.

James Grayson didn’t even look at her. He gave Amelia William the list and said in a deep voice, “give me these medicines.”

Anna Wilson’s eyes darkened again, she sat on the chair, took the resignation letter out of the drawer and handed it to James Grayson.

James Grayson looked at Anna Wilson coldly.

“I don’t think it’s necessary for me to be here.” Anna Wilson said while looking at James Grayson’s face.

He was still expressionless, “Go and give the resignation letter to your direct leader. He will deal with it. After that, you can go.”

Anna Wilson didn’t hear a little concern from him, and she was totally desperate. The man she had been waiting for more than ten years didn’t even give her any hope.

“James Grayson, I curse you. You will never get your beloved woman.” Anna Wilson said in a cold voice.

James Grayson’s face became uglier. He clenched his fists tightly.

Amelia William was afraid to seem him like this and gave him the medicine immediately. She thought that it was good for Bella to change a man.

Forget, James Grayson!

He took the medicine, turned around and went out. His cell phone rang, it was from the director of the Civil Affairs Bureau. He answered immediately.

“How is the thing?” James Grayson asked anxiously.

“Well, I’m sorry, chief. Our staff has left out your marriage information. Could you and your wife go back to make up for it?” The director said timidly.

“What, you left out the information!!! Can’t you enter it without this?”

“There seems to be something wrong with the computer. We can’t find the scanning copy of your marriage certificate. Even the photos taken by you and your wife are missing. Without these, we can’t record them. If you are busy, you can send the marriage certificate to someone, so you don’t have to come here in person.” The director of the Civil Affairs Bureau said cautiously.

James Grayson hung up the phone.

This time she has luck. It seemed he had lost her.