Chapter 373 I love Erin

“Let them stop fighting.” I said to Ming.

“It’s her choice, isn’t it?” When Ming spoke, his eyes were still tender.

It seemed that the woman they were beating now had nothing to do with him.

I was worried, “but she’s pregnant with your baby!”

I didn’t care about Erin, but the baby was innocent, wasn’t it?

And maybe I really hoped Erin and Ming fell in love.

Ming looked at me and said calmly, “you can have baby with me, can’t you?”

“I…” I was hesitant and speechless.

Sean, standing next to us, finally stood up and pulled me, “Ming, you can’t force her.”

Erin was beaten while they were talking.

She looked at us and said painfully to Ming, “master, master, stop. This is your baby. Don’t you remember holding me and saying you love me? Are they all fake? Why do you…”

“I love Erin.” Ming looked at her and said calmly.

I suddenly understood.

I looked at Ming, “you love Marcia. You and Erin were cheating because Marcia used to be named Erin, right?”

Ming looked at me and was surprised, but he soon became gentle. “No, I love you.”

“No!” I shook my hand. “You don’t love me. You don’t love her either. You want to be with her not because you have desire, but because you think you can call her Erin and she can respond to you!”

At this time, Erin was beaten and couldn’t speak.

Her trousers were dyed red.

Her baby is dead.

The two bodyguards looked at the situation. Though Ming didn’t say it, they stopped.

Erin heard me and suddenly stopped talking.

Ming smiled softly. “No, I love you. Marcia is my ex girlfriend. She has nothing to do with me.”

“Don’t deceive yourself.” I looked at Ming and said, “Master said don’t miss those you love.”

When I said that, Sean’s hand was obviously tightened.

Ming lowered his head and seemed to hesitate for a moment before saying, “I don’t love her.”

“Why do you deceive yourself…”

“I said I don’t love her!” Ming suddenly looked up. His eyes were frightening. He stared at me and said, “I said I don’t love her. I just used her. I don’t love her at all! I love you, Becky. I love you.”


“Stop, Ming.” When Ming was in a trance, Sean pulled me straight away and stood in front of me to protect me.

Then he took out his cell phone and called the hospital.

Ming looked at me. “Becky, why do you choose him? I finally gave up the Giant group for you. I gave up a lot of things. Why do you choose him? Why don’t you choose me once?”

His voice was so painful.

“If you love me, you would feel guilty when you had sex with Erin, but you didn’t, di you? And you’re getting bolder and bolder. If you love me, you won’t do it.” I looked at Ming and said, “you did it just to move yourself. As for who you love, you can never cheat yourself.”

“I love you!” Ming jumped at me.

But he was stopped by Sean!

I walked out of Sean’s back and away from him. I looked at Ming. “Ming, you are very kind to me, but maybe you should think about what you want. Don’t be blinded by hatred.”

“I want you!” Ming immediately hugged me.

Then he started kissing me crazily.

I had never seen him like this. He grabbed me and tried desperately to kiss me.

I clenched my teeth and tried to break free, but he didn’t agree.

Sean hit him straight.

How many fights had they had?

I was not sure.

At this time, the bodyguards left Erin and surrounded us directly. Briana opened the door.

A lot of people came in and surrounded them.

The living room was crowded.

“Stop!” I was scared.

If they kept fighting, there would be casualties.

But then Ming laughed ferociously, “if you kill me, no one can detoxify Lester.”

His words made me shudder.

I looked at Ming, “Lester really has…”

“Yes, but the virus has a incubation period. Only I have the vaccine.” Ming looked at me and said seriously, “it can lurk in adults for at least ten years, but children grow fast and have fast blood circulation, so the time will be shortened. Lester may get sick before he’s ten years old.”

“You’re lying to me!” I was stunned.

Ming looked at me and became calm. “Yeah, I’m lying to you.”

I was stunned.

He looked at me and said firmly, “it depends on whether you bet or not. You have a 50% chance of getting it right.”

“He’s lying. Follow me.” Sean wanted to take me away.

Ming said nothing.

He was just smiling.

I didn’t see any flaws in his face, as if he was not talking about anything big.

I was hesitating.

Who should I believe?

If there was a 50 percent chance, should I bet?

I looked at Ming and asked him again, “you didn’t do this cruel thing to Lester, did you?”

“No, I didn’t.” Ming nodded slightly.

I was most afraid of him doing so.

The less he said, the less flaws he had.

“Can you tell me the truth?” I was more nervous.

What should I do?

Lester would have symptoms in a few years. What should I do?

I didn’t want to bet.

Ming looked at me and smiled confidently, “then come to me. We will always be together. As long as we’re together forever, he won’t get sick.”

“…” I stood there and wanted to take a step forward for Lester.

But my legs were heavy at the moment.

I looked at Ming and thought of his previous kindness when he was faced with Lester.

I didn’t think a person would do that even if he was insane.

He wouldn’t hurt a child.

Thinking about it, I shook my head and walked back to Sean. I looked at Ming and said, “I bet you didn’t do anything to Lester!”