Chapter 370 Erin was pregnant

Doris and Briana were very loud. Erin knew I was back, but she ignored me.

She was lying and didn’t want to stand up.

I couldn’t see her expression, but I felt something wrong.

I helped Lester undress and said, “you go upstairs first.”

“OK.” Lester understood.

When he changed his shoes and went up, he looked at Erin and pouted and was not very happy.

Erin still turned a blind eye.

Lester went upstairs and I slowly changed my shoes and walked to the sofa. That was when I saw Erin’s face.

She looked smug.

What happened to her?

Doris seemed to have the nerve when I came back. She came up and shouted, “Erin, madam is back. Don’t you stand up?”

Erin didn’t care. She took her cell phone in one hand and said, “madam? She may not be madam soon.”

Her voice was clearly defiant.

I turned and asked Doris, “what’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” Doris wasn’t happy, “she said in the morning that she was sick and went to the hospital. She came back in the afternoon and became like this. I suspect she went to a mental hospital.”

When Doris finished, Erin burst out laughing. “Doris, you’d better respect me, or you’ll be miserable when I am madam in a few days.”

“You are dreaming.” Doris wanted to curse angrily.

I stood by and ordered, “get up.”

Erin ignored me. I looked at Doris, “pull her off the couch.”


As soon as Doris listened to me, she was happy and wanted to pull Erin.

Doris was stronger than Erin. Even without Briana’s help, she was sure to pull Erin down.

Erin was a little flustered. She immediately sat up and raised her hand. “Don’t touch me. If I get hurt, none of you can afford it.”

“I’m not going to afford it.” I took another look at Doris.

Doris continued to drag her. She yanked Erin off the sofa.

Erin sat on the floor on the wool carpet!

Erin was pale. She touched her stomach at once. She looked up at me angrily and scolded, “the baby in my stomach is master’s. You can’t hurt me.”

Her words stunned me. “What?”

Ming’s baby?

But I quickly reacted. She had a long affair with Ming and had no contraception. It was no surprise that she was pregnant.

Doris was very angry and scolded her, “shame on you. You are pregnant with master’s baby.”

Erin glanced at her and struggled and stood up. “Doris, I know why you do this. You are jealous of me. But you are old and master doesn’t like you! If you can get into master’s bed, you will run faster than anyone else…”

Before she finished, I went over and slapped her face!

Erin glared at me. “Why do you hit me?”

I looked at her and slapped her again.

Erin looked at me angrily.

But I rubbed my hands indifferently and said, “I’m the mistress of this family. You’re pregnant. Shouldn’t I hit you?”

Erin was angry. “You…”

She wanted to say something but she shut up as soon as I raised my hand.

She knew that I had the final say before Ming returned.

Erin protected her stomach with both hands and looked at me angrily. “Becky, don”t be complacent. I will let master divorce you!”

“You’d better do that.” I looked at Erin.

I said that from the bottom of my heart.

I sincerely hoped that Erin could do so.

If Ming no longer clung to me, many things would become much easier.

I didn’t care about him and Erin.

Erin listened to me and was more complacent. “Of course I will. Do you know why?”

I looked at her and didn’t speak.

Erin smiled fiercely. “Even if you don’t tell us, I know Lester is not the son of master, but the son of Sean. So my baby is the first child of master. If master knows that he has his own baby, will he choose you, a woman with another man’s son, or me?”

I just slapped her again.

Erin was stunned. “You’re crazy! When I become Mrs. Jessop, I…”

“Then you should become it first.” I looked at Erin, “I don’t care if you scold me. But if you curse Lester, I’ll kill you today!”

“You dare not do that!” Erin said that, but in fact she was not so arrogant.

She could not help backing away.

I glanced at her indifferently. “What do you think?”

Erin stepped back a few steps. “My baby is the only son of master. If he gets hurt, you will be miserable!”

“How do you know it’s a son?” I asked her.

“Of course I do!” Erin said without hesitation, “I went to an astrologer before I came back. He said it was a son!”

Erin’s words almost made me laugh.

Doris and Briana were both laughing.

Erin was angry. “You are laughing. When I become Mrs. Jessop, I’ll fire you!”

She turned and went back to the maid’s room.

I sat down after she left.

I thought there would be trouble at night. I thought of Lester and called Linda and told her what happened. I wanted her to pick up Lester. Lester had better live in her house.

Linda agreed.

When I hung up and wanted to go upstairs and call Lester, Lester appeared at the stairway.

When I saw him standing there, my heart pounded.

Lester looked at me. His big eyes were dark, bright and like black pearls.

He held the railing in his little hand and asked me, “Mom, are you going to divorce Uncle Jessop and be with Dad?”

His words upset me.

I could divorce Ming, but it was hard to be with Sean.

How could Jessop Family let me do this?

I walked over and led Lester downstairs. I pinched his face and said with a smile, “these are the business of adults. Can you go to Aunt Linda’s house and play with Summer?”