Chapter 369 In front of you, all my sense and calmness were pretended

Sean reopened the door.

I got in the car.

The back seat of the car was a sofa with a corner. I looked and chose to sit at the back.

Sean sat next to me.

We were about half a meter apart. He looked at me and said seriously, “would you mind if I am the one who cheats?”


The answer immediately came to me.

I didn’t mind Ming doing this because I didn’t care. I didn’t care and didn’t like him. Although I was a little unhappy, I was not jealous at all.

“Yes, right?” Sean gave me the answer.

I looked down and hesitated and nodded, but I said to Sean, “yes, so I think I’m the best now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Now I am sensible, decent and generous. I can understand the reason why Ming did this. I am the perfect Mrs. Jessop.”

I said calmly.

Sean seemed to understand what I mean. “You are the perfect Mrs. Jessop, but what you have is not the perfect marriage. If you don’t even have love, what’s the use of marriage?”

“There are many marriages without love now, aren’t there?” I looked at Sean, “when I was with you, I was jealous. I was worried when you came home late. I was miserable when you were close to Cindy, but now I have nothing.”

I didn’t care about Ming.

I just wanted to protect Lester.

As long as Lester was okay, nothing else mattered.

Sean suddenly approached me. I leaned back subconsciously, but there was nothing behind me.

The closer his handsome face was to me, the faster my heart beat.

He suddenly put his hand around my waist. His handsome face said a few centimeters away from me, “don’t you want to be with me? Don’t you want me to fill you up every night and satisfy you with the most primitive desires?”

His words made my face a little red, and I shook my head. “No, I don’t want to.”


In fact, I was not lecherous, but when Sean came close to me or I saw his face or he had physical contact with me, every cell in my body started shouting.

I usually had no interest in sex, but in front of him, I was always ignited.

There was always a feeling in my heart that pushed me. There was a voice in my head that brought me close to him.

But he came close to me and put his thin lips to my ears. He exhaled and told me, “but I want you.”


“When I see you, I want to press you under my body and fill you and satisfy you. I long for you to put your legs around my waist and shyly tell me you want me.

In front of you, all my sense and calmness are pretended. What I want is to kiss your whole body and let every inch of your skin belong to me. I want you to look at me and love me. I…”

“Enough! Stop talking!”

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I interrupted Sean decisively.

I was unconsciously seduced by his words.

And his words resonated with me deeply.

When I saw him, I was the same as him.

I was afraid I would lose control. I was afraid the reason in my heart would collapse. I was afraid I would hold him and let him love me…

Sean’s fingers were testing me. “What’s the matter? Do you feel it? In fact, I feel the same as you.” He began to unbutton me with his hand. His thin lips were on my neck and he said, “give me.”

“No, I said no.”

“But he has an affair with the servant. Why can’t you give me?” Sean asked me.

His words were like invitations.

I could feel my heart breaking inch by inch.

But the moment it was about to collapse, I woke up. I pushed him away. “No, he cheated, but I can’t. Then I’ll be like him.”

“You’re different. I force you.” Sean said and continued.

The car was full of ambiguities.

I was in a dilemma.

I wanted him.

Every cell of mine was telling me that.

But my reason told me not to.

When I was in a dilemma, Sean suddenly stopped. He reached out and hugged me. “Forget it. I won’t force you. Can I hold you?”

I was stunned and nodded.

Sean held me. “You have to be completely and cleanly mine. Wait for me. When you come back to me, I will meet you well. I will give you as much as you want. I will die for you.”

I blushed. “Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t need that much.”

“I will give it to you whether you need it or not.” He held me and kissed my clavicle with his thin lips, “I miss you so much. I’ll get you back soon.”

Sean and I stayed in the car and soon came out.

I was afraid that if I stayed any longer, my mind would collapse.

When I came out, Sean didn’t get out of the car and the car left.

I stood there and watched the car go. I suddenly realized there was a driver in the car. Did the driver listen to us just now?

I was suddenly embarrassed.

When I came in, Miss Kent and Linda had finished talking and she was ready to leave.

We all went out to see her off.

As soon as she left, Chloe looked at me and said with disappointment, “is the duration of President Jessop so short?”

I glanced at her. “What are you thinking?”

“The duration of President Jessop must not be that short.” Chloe nodded.

I wanted to hit her.

Linda collated the data and looked at us and shook her head helplessly. “Becky, I think you’d better find out your feelings. Marriage is a lifetime thing and you have to be serious about it.”

“…” I looked at Linda and nodded, “I know.”

Linda waved the data in her hand. “Come on. Let’s have a meeting.”

Chloe and I went into the meeting room with our own tea cups and a bunch of snacks.

The project had been decided, so we’d better know about it first. As soon as the contract was signed, we could start work.

A meeting was about equal to a tea party.

The three of us sat there eating and drinking, and at last we didn’t even have an appetite for lunch.

I went to Linda’s house to pick up Lester at five in the afternoon.

As soon as I entered the house, Doris and Briana both came and shouted, “madam, you are back.”

I thought something was wrong. I turned around and saw Erin lying on the sofa with a relaxed look.