Chapter 368 Are you on your guard against me?

Briana hesitated for a moment and said, “actually, I thought that the affair between master and Erin was only temporary. But I recently observed that it didn’t look like that.”


“Master is very kind when he calls Erin, and sometimes Erin sits on master’s leg when you are away. When master looks at her, his eyes and tone are gentler than when he looks at you…”

Briana’s words confused me.

Was that so?

Did Ming really like Erin?

But I didn’t believe Briana would lie to me.

I looked down and smiled, “I can make room at any time. If he can really find someone he likes, I congratulate him.”

In fact, Erin was better than me.

At least Erin didn’t love anyone else. As long as Ming was good to her, I thought she would be good to Ming wholeheartedly.

Briana knew I didn’t care, so she sighed and left.

I lay in bed and, after a long time, fell asleep.

The new year’s holiday was over.

I wanted to leave Lester at home and let Doris take care of him, but Lester was going to see Summer. I had no choice but to take Lester to Linda’s house.

Then I went to the studio with Linda.

There were several workers at the door who were putting the studio sign on the wall. Chloe was standing by.

In the car, I negotiated with Linda to send a red envelope to Chloe, our only employee. When I saw her, I took the red envelope out of my bag and handed it to her. I smiled and said, “happy new year.”

“Wow.” Chloe pinched the red envelope and said excitedly, “thank you.”

We thought there was nothing to do on the first day of the new year.

We planned to go shopping and buy clothes together later.

But as soon as we sat down and made a cup of coffee, the doorbell rang.

Chloe went to open the door. Soon I heard a voice from outside, “is this Swallowtail Butterfly, please?”

“Yes.” Chloe answered and let the person in.

Linda and I both stood up.

A woman in her mid thirties came in. She was wearing a business dress and a pair of glasses. She saw us and bowed slightly and said, “hello, you can call me Miss Kent. I saw your introduction in a home improvement magazine.”


Linda and I immediately went to say hello to her.

We learned that Miss Kent was going to open a teahouse and happened to see our information in the magazine. She saw the resume of Linda and me on our official website, so she came here immediately.

Linda and I invited her into the meeting room, and Chloe brought her a glass of water.

We began to talk about specific work.

This was the first formal project after the establishment of our studio.

We just talked for a while, and Chloe pushed the door open again and looked at me and said, “Becky, someone wants to see you.”


Who came here to see me?

Chloe smiled bitterly and nodded, “yes, come out.”

Linda said, “go ahead. I’ll talk to Miss Kent.”


I got up and went out and wondered.

When I went out of the conference room, I saw a man on the sofa in the studio. He was wearing a black windbreaker and was reading a magazine.

He didn’t seem to see me coming out.

I turned and tried to run, but Chloe said, “President Jessop, Becky’s here.”

The man sitting on the sofa was Sean.

He slowly put down his magazine and looked up at the conference room behind me and asked me, “would you like to talk here or in the car?”

“What do you want to talk to me about?” I looked at Sean.

When I saw Sean, I was alert.

Every time I met him before, something happened that I shouldn’t have done.

I was Ming’s fiancee.

Sean looked up at the conference room and slowly said, “you have guests. I don’t think you want to talk about it here.”

He looked at ease.

Today Miss Kent was our first official customer since we started the company and it was the first order this year. I didn’t want us to fail.

I hesitated and said, “let’s talk outside.”

It was the outside, not the car.

Sean nodded and got up and straightened his pants a little bit and walked to the door.

He went to the door and turned to look at me. He didn’t seem sure if I would come out with him.

I could only pick up my coat and went out.

Sean’s car was parked at the door.

I hadn’t seen the car before. I could see from the long windows that the car had been refitted.

It had only one door.

Sean stepped forward and opened the door. I stood outside and saw a wine cabinet inside.

It looked like the seat was opposite it.

I stood still and asked him, “let’s talk here.”

There was sadness in his eyes and he asked me, “are you on your guard against me?”

I nodded.

Sean looked depressed. He walked up to me step by step and asked, “he did that to you, but you support him and are wary of me?”

His words hurt my heart.

I knew who he was talking about.

But how did he know Erin?

I wondered, “what are you talking about?”

“You’re still pretending.” Sean came up to me and whispered. He held me in his arms and bowed his head and asked me, “would you rather watch him sleep with the maid than fight?”

Sure enough, Sean knew it.

I push him with my hand but I didn’t care.

I said calmly, “that’s our business.”

“Your business?” Sean looked down at me. “Your business is my business! He took you away from me by despicable means, but now he doesn’t cherish you. It my business!”

“…” My heart was pounding.

Sean came to me for this.

At this time, I heard a noise at the studio door. I turned and saw Chloe looking at us. I hesitated and said, “let’s talk in the car.”