Chapter 366 Please let me go

Ming stood in front of me and said, “I care about you, and I said that’s what I should do for you.”

He stood there and blocked the white light in the corridor. He looked at me and his eyes were still tender.

I plucked up my courage and said, “have you ever done anything illegal? I overheard Grandpa Jessop saying that he solved something for you…”

Ming listened to me and after a while he said, “get in the car first.”

I walked behind him and watched his tall figure as I went downstairs. I was thinking about what he was going to say later.

It seemed a long way.

Finally we got to the underground garage.

We got in the car. Ming started the car and turned on the heat. He turned to me and said, “I used to release drugs that didn’t complete phase III clinical trials because of funding issues.”

In fact, I couldn’t understand it. I looked at him and blinked, “is there any consequence?”

“The consequence may or may not be serious. It depends.” Ming paused and straightened my disordered hair and continued, “but fortunately, my drug is not serious. In subsequent sales, it can be proved that it can pass the three-stage clinical trial.”


“But I was lucky that time. I won’t do it in the future.”

Ming looked at me firmly.

But he was good at disguise. Sometimes I was not sure if he was lying to me.

After all, he was fickle.

When Ming saw that I was silent, he smiled, “I know you don’t believe me. I will tell you with action, because only in this way can you give yourself to me wholeheartedly, right?”

“Yes…” I nodded.

It seemed that this was the only way.

The next day, because Murray took care of Margaret, I spent a whole day trying to make two sets of doll clothes.

Although there were still some imperfections, they were successful.

The next day, Ming had something to do, so I went to see Margaret alone.

When I got to the ward, I saw through the glass at the door of the ward that the outside of the ward had changed.

There was a desk in the empty place.

There were some ink, paper and inkstone on the desk.

At this time, Murray was drawing on paper. Margaret was holding the two dolls in her arms and looking at him seriously.

I stood for a while before I pushed the door in.

When the door opened, they both looked at me. Margaret was still thin but she looked much better.

She saw me and grinned.

It meant she remembered me.

Her eyes were clear and bright, and she didn’t look like a patient at all.

I went in and lifted the bag in my hand and said to her, “Aunt Moore, I’ve got something for you.”

Margaret didn’t speak, but she kept staring at the bag in my hand and wondering.

Murray put the pen on the pen holder and said happily, “what is it?”

I went to the sofa. After Margaret sat down, I took out four sets of clothes and said to Margaret, “look at these little clothes. Do you like them?”

Margaret was happy and nodded desperately. Tears filled her eyes as she reached for the clothes.

I quickly took the tissue out of my bag. I wiped her tears and said, “don’t cry. If you like them, I can make a lot more in the future.”

Murray picked up a dress and looked at it carefully and exclaimed, “I didn’t expect you to know it.”

“Well, Molly didn’t go to class before. I went to class for her so I learned a little.”

I said.

Murray knew who Molly was. He looked down at one of the dolls and was sad.

Margaret didn’t know what we were talking about. She just reached out and said, “dress them.”


I changed Margaret’s two dolls with Murray.

The clothes of the two dolls had been worn out.

When they were on new clothes, the two dolls seemed to have the original luster.

Margaret hugged the two dolls. She tilted her head and smiled and said to herself, “Laura, Lisa, you have new clothes.”

“They must be very happy.” I looked at the two dolls.

“Yes.” Margaret nodded. “They say they are happy. Especially Laura says she likes you very much.”

Laura was myself.

I looked down at the two same dolls and smiled, “I like her, too.”

Margaret looked down at the dolls in her arms, but suddenly she said sadly, “it’s a pity that they don’t like us and want to drive us out…”


Murray and I looked at each other and realized that she was talking about the past.

I hesitated and asked her, “who is going to drive you out?”

“They…” Margaret looked up slightly and looked at the ground. Her eyes suddenly froze.

She opened her mouth and didn’t speak for a long time.

After a while her dull eyes suddenly became frightened.

She got up from the sofa and stumbled to the door with two dolls in her arms. She reached out and tried to push the door!

She didn’t know the door was sliding.

I ran to her immediately and reassured her and tried to hold her down. “Don’t get excited. We will not hurt you. We…”

“Don’t come here!”

Before I finished speaking, Margaret suddenly reached out and grabbed my hand.

I felt pain in my palm. I looked down and found several bloodstains on the back of my hand.

“Becky!” Murray followed us.

Margaret curled up by the door and shivered. She looked at us and her eyes filled with tears. “Please let me and my children go. I will not pester him any more. Let me go. I don’t want anything. I just want my children. Please let me go.”

She suddenly fell on her knees.

Looking at such a Margaret, the corner of my eye suddenly moistened. Her words and expressions and actions were like countless needles in my heart,

The wound was not big but it hurt.

Looking at her, I seemed to see myself that year. I wanted to protect my children but I was helpless.