Chapter 170 Don’t Give It to Her

[Jessica] “Please be careful when retweeting or making comments. Or, you shall be investigated for legal responsibility. Don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

But no one took her words seriously, and retweeted it even more. Basically, it was sarcasm like “Fuck you, I retweeted it, and the number of likes and commented has exceeded five hundred. Sue me!” and “I retweeted it too. Guys, give it a like. Let that bitch sue me.”

Ryan sat on the seat next to her and it was not difficult to see the change in her expression in the mirror.

When he saw that one minute she frowned, the next she curled her lip and scratched her ears and cheeks. He frowned and motioned to his stylist to stop.

Then he got up and came up behind her.

Jessica was reading the comments so intently that she didn’t notice him at all. He looked down and saw the nasty comments on her phone.

“Did I say that you’re allowed to read this?”

Jessica was startled when she heard the cold voice from above her head. She quickly put the phone away. But before it could be put away, a big and well-shaped hand reached out and snatched it.

“Haha, Ryan…” Jessica hunched her shoulders and called him cowardly.

Ryan glanced at her coldly and threw the phone to the bodyguard behind him. “Don’t give it to her.”


Jessica, “…”

Ryan sat back to the seat, took out the mobile phone, and looked down to send the special assistant a message.

“Log on to the account of the Howard group and retweet Jessica’s latest tweet.”

The special assistant , “?”

The special assistant, “OK, I will do it right now.”

There was a glimmer of light in his eyes. He put his phone away.

At 6:45 in the evening.

In LA building.

There were still fifteen minutes to go before the press conference, and the hall where the press conference was held was already full, even the hallway was crowded with reporters.

The love and hate dispute between Mr. Howard, Jessica, Amy and Alex had become a trending topic on Twitter for more than a week. The Howards had tried to turn the tables repeatedly, but all ended in failure.

This time Jessica specially held a press conference. Did she have proof that she could turn the tables? Or was she just saying the same old things as before?

But anyway, it was good for them. As long as it was heatedly discussed and it could go viral, their goal was achieved!

Before the main people came, they were chatting with their counterparts and exchanging information with each other. The atmosphere was lively and noisy.

Somebody shouted, “Jessica is coming!”

Everyone picked up their equipment immediately and pointed it at the door.

When they saw Jessica and Ryan walk in side by side, everyone was shocked. Jessica wore a long white feathered evening dress, looking delicate and charming. And Ryan wore a black expensive suit, looking noble and handsome.

She took his arm, and they looked like a perfect match from the painting.

After a dead silence, the cameras clicked away. The reporters blushed as they took photos.

They even thought of the titles. “Shocked! Brother Ryan and Sister Jessica go hand in hand, confirm their incestuous relationship!” “Brother and sister from rich and powerful family are secret lovers?”

Both of them were very good looking and famous. They could think that just a nice photo of two people walking side by side and caption could attract a huge crowd of rubberneckers.

They were going to make a fortune!

Jessica had been a paparazzo before, and she knew what they were up to just by the look on their faces. But that was what they do. There was nothing to tell.

They walked through the crowd arm in arm and sat down on the seat with their names on it.

Press conference had not officially begun, but a few reporters who were bought by Penny and Amy already itched for it.

Fiona who was a paparazzo from the same newspaper where Jessica had worked for took the lead. She didn’t have the courage to confront Ryan, so all of her malice was aimed at Jessica.

“Miss Rosen, you already had a boyfriend Alex at that time. Why did you still play around with other men? Is it because you are simply obsessed with the vanity of dating so many men, or is it because of physical reasons?”

There was a burst of muffled laughter in the hall when they heard the ‘physical reason’. Frankly speaking, it meant that a man could not meet the physiological needs of Jessica, because she was highly-sexed!

As Fiona watched people’s reaction, she raised her chin higher.

No matter how Jessica answered this question, she couldn’t be righteous. Well, that was the end of this bitch who used to oppose her!

Before Jessica answered, Ryan said coldly, “Did I say you can speak?”

Fiona’s body was stiff when Ryan glanced at her. But this was a press conference, so Mr. Howard absolutely dared not do anything to her in front of so many reporters.

Thinking of that, she took a deep breath and stuttered, “Mr…Mr. Howard held a press conference, is…is for us to ask questions, isn’t it?”

“Yes. That’s right. The press conference is for us to ask questions, isn’t it? What’s the point of holding a press conference if we’re not allowed to ask questions?”

“If we were asked to come and not allowed to ask questions, we might as well not come. It’s a waste of everyone’s time!”

The hall was as noisy as when the water was boiling. The tension Fiona had had was already gone. There was faint complacency on her face.

Frowning, Ryan glanced at the crowd. He stood up, picked up the microphone on the table, and said toughly, “Shut up!”

The audience was quieter, but still noisy.

Ryan’s face fell. He looked at the security guards behind the numerous reporters, and said, “Throw out them who doesn’t cooperate.”

The crowd suddenly fell silent. Due to the particularity of the profession, even the famous and powerful families maintained a good superficial relationship with reporters. This was the first time someone showed disrespect for them.

One or two reporters, who were bought by Amy, shouted, “Is it that if we report something against you, we don’t cooperate with you? You’re throwing your weight around. You’re forcing us to lie!”

Ryan didn’t even bother to look at them. He just winked at the security guards, frowning. Then the two reporters were taken out forcibly by the security guards.

Now, no one dared to speak.

“When the press conference begins, I will naturally give you the opportunity to ask questions.” Ryan glanced at the crowd coldly. The corners of his mouth turned upwards in an aggressive manner. “But if some people have ulterior motives. Don’t blame me for being rude.”

The people who had just spoken were apparently bribed into maliciously guiding the press conference. Did they really think he was too blind to see?

The crowd stared at each other in silence, not daring to look at him, let alone challenge him.

Ryan gave a snort coldly and then sat down.

Oh my god! Ryan was really cool! Jessica paused for a long while before she picked up the microphone. She cleared her throat and said, “Actually, I’m not going to run away from the question asked by the reporter Fiona just now.”

Ryan’s face looked colder when he heard what Jessica said. He just prevented it. What was she doing?