Chapter 169 Ryan, You Are Clever

“Send the video. Find out about each of them and send them a lawyer’s letter.” Ryan did not look at those people who become panic-stricken suddenly, but put his arm around Jessica’s shoulders and walked into the center.

Behind them came their frantic voices

“We’re telling the truth, and it won’t matter if you take us to court. We’re not afraid!”

“Exactly. No matter how rich you are, can you control what we say? It’s a joke.”

If they were not afraid, why were their voices shaking? It turned out that they were all cowardly bullies.

Jessica turned her head to look at their uneasy expression, and suddenly had ease of mind. “Ryan, you’re clever!”

She had got an idea. After she cleared up the rumors, she would post their videos online to give them a taste of verbal violence.

Ryan looked down at her proud expression. The corner of his lips turned up imperceptibly.

At the same time, in the hospital.

Amy stood at the door of Alex’s ward. She looked pale and her eyes were full of resentment.

Alex was a pervert. It was fine when he could pick up girls on his own before. Ever since his legs and hands were broken and he lay in bed as a cripple, he had turned his mind to her.

He couldn’t even use his dick anymore. She didn’t know why he still had strong sexual desire!

Amy felt it disgusting, but she had to promise because Penny was right behind the bastard. Penny could set the Howards up and made them swallow a bitter pill silently. Wasn’t it easy for her to deal with her?

And she came today was because she had something to discuss with him and Penny. She couldn’t avoid him. She took a few deep breaths and pushed the door open with a smile.

Alex was lying on the bed. His glassy eyes lit up the moment when he saw her, as if a fly saw the pork.

His eyes lingered on her chest and hips for a long time. Then he swallowed and said, “Amy, you’re finally here.”

Amy was so disgusted that she could barely resist the impulse to open the door and leave, only after she clenched her fists and dug her nails deep into her palms.

She nodded perfunctorily, and looked around, but she did not see Penny. She frowned, and asked, “Where is Penny?”

She had said before she came. It was said that Jessica seemed to have some evidence and would hold a press conference tonight.

They didn’t know what the bitch Jessica got, so they had to think about different counterplan for different situation and be prepared.

“Penny will come soon. What’s your hurry?” Alex’s eyes looked lascivious and traced the outline of her chest. His voice tinged with desire. “Amy, you haven’t been here for a long time. Why don’t we have sex first?”

Screw him!

If he was normal, she could play around with him. As he was disabled, she would have nightmare every time she saw him!

Amy smiled stiffly and said, “Alex, you know I’m quite busy. I don’t have much time ordinarily. I can find a woman for you. Is that all right?”

“Do you dislike me?” Alex face fell when he heard what she said. His hollow eyes which were because he was thin were full of malice.

Dislike, of course dislike.

But he was backed by Penny. How dare Amy say that?

“No, I don’t. I just think that I have quite a lot of work. And I don’t have time to help you. I feel bad about it. It’s bad of you to suppress it.”

The malice disappeared from his face. He squinted at her, whose face was full of obvious desire.

“It’s okay, Amy. I don’t mind. You just have to come in three or four days a week to help me. Besides, how can those women out there compare with you?”

Of course he didn’t mind, but she did! A brainless boar only knew how to mate. If it were not for Penny, he would be nothing!

Amy took a deep breath and suppressed the desire to hit him. She put on a false smile, “Let’s talk about it until Penny is gone. Otherwise, I’ll feel very embarrassed when I meet Penny after we finish. It’s not right to do that.”

Alex stuck out his tongue and licked his lip in a disgusting way which he thought it was sexy. “Ha!, you slut could be shy?”

Amy clenched her fist and forced a smile. “Well.”

Put it off a little while was also fine. Anyway, she didn’t want to suck up to such a loser in bed.

“Penny won’t come today, so you don’t have to be shy. Come on, have sex with me, and I’ll tell you what Penny said.” Alex stared at her for a while, and then laughed suddenly.

“!” Amy’s face changed. “What do you mean? I told you it was important!”

Alex did not answer, just staring at her breasts. It was obvious that if she didn’t make love to him, he wouldn’t say anything.

Amy’s face looked shy, then turned angry and turned pale. Finally, she gritted her teeth, took off her coat, locked the door, and climbed onto the bed.

When she was done, she put on her clothes and asked, “What did Penny say?”

“She said you are overacting. You are always too alarmed at things perfectly normal. You are not destined for big things. Just think, if the Howards really had any solution, why should they wait till now? Why didn’t they solve it earlier?”

That was true.

They had tried to clarify, but in the end, instead of making it clear, they made it worse. In this world, the powerless people had much more credibility than those wealthy and powerful people.

This time, she was just overacting. It’s no big deal.

Amy felt relieved and thought Alex was more pleasing to the eye.

An idea suddenly popped into her head. She tweeted.

[Amy] “Until now, those terrible memories still haunt me in my nightmares. My friends all told me to lighten up, and I wanted to lighten up, too, but when I heard that the culprits didn’t realize their mistakes and tried to distort the truth, I…”

Below was a picture with words “tomorrow will be better”.

Soon there were many likes on her post, and many people came to comfort her and asked her not to worry, saying that they would not believe Ryan and Jessica’s deceiving words, so that she could rest assured.

She smiled with satisfaction. Netizens wouldn’t believe Mr. Howard and the paparazzi at all. What was she thinking? She shouldn’t be afraid that they would reverse the situation.

Jessica felt bored when she was getting her hair styled. She was on her phone with her head down and happened to see Amy’s tweet. It made her sick.

Without a second thought, she retweeted it with a short message. “Justice has long arms. Show your true colour!”

In fact, Jessica wanted to match a picture of Monkey King beating the White Bone Demon. But then she thought, didn’t that mean she was a monkey? She gave up the picture.

A lot of netizens came to comment on her tweet soon. And it was retweeted over a thousand times. But there may not one person in a hundred who supported her. They were all mocking and reviling her.

In particular those nerds, they all used the F-word, which was disgusting.