Chapter 168 He Must Have Thought She Had Disgraced Him

Her nightgown was not vulgar or revealing. Why was Ryan so angry?

Oh, there were two more people here, so he must have thought she had disgraced him.

She looked at the special assistant and the middle-aged man, nodded obediently, and then ran back to the room to change clothes.

She was so happy that when she had changed, she went downstairs again to thank him. After she arrived at the living room, she found that the special assistant and the strange man had gone. There was only Ryan sitting on the sofa.

His face was always cold, so Jessica did not perceive that he was in a bad mood. “Have they gone so soon?” She asked casually.

Her attention was always on other men. Ryan’s eyes darkened, and he sneered, “Should they stay here and be introduced to you after they finished reporting?”

Actually they didn’t finish, but he didn’t want them to stay here. They were an eyesore.

“No, no, I’m just asking, haha…” Jessica laughed embarrassedly. Why was her brother so irritable?

Ryan looked sidelong at her but didn’t respond. The living room fell silent.

Jessica felt kind of embarrassed, so she quickly put on her most sincere appearance. “Ryan, Tina has already called me and told me.”

She clasped her hands in a fist and said brazenly, “Thank you for helping me, Ryan. You are my second parents, savior, predestined…”

What the hell was all this? A touch of helplessness passed fleetingly across his eyes. He said in a cold voice, “Is that enough?”

“No. Your kindness to me is too numerous to record!” Jessica was full of praise for him, and was extremely obsequious.

Ryan frowned imperceptibly. “Your English teacher teach you to use the phrase ‘too numerous to record’ like that?”

“Isn’t that right?”


Ryan raised his wrist and looked at the time. He pressed his lips and said, “The press conference is at 7 p.m., it’s getting late. Go get your bag and get ready to go.”

“Where are we going?”

“Change your look.”

Ryan stood up and patted the nonexistent wrinkles in his suit. The golden sun shone through the window upon his tall figure, as if he were enveloped in a layer of glow.

Looking at his beautiful and unreal facial features, Jessica got distracted. Then she hastened to say, “No. You’re not well and you’ve got so much work to do. I’ll do it myself.”

Was she considerate or did she make an excuse not to go with him?

Ryan’s eyes paused on her and said, “Do you think I want to go with you, if the gossip is not cleared up?”

She didn’t know that. Her brother was afraid that another crazy netizen would hurt her.

Jessica realized suddenly. She could not believe that her brother who had said he hated her would take the initiative to care for her.

She thought for a long while, so Ryan thought she did not want him to go. His eyes darkened. “That’s what mom and dad want.”

She was rebellious outside, but she was a very obedient person, and never disobeyed her elders.

“Then thank you, Ryan.” She thought her brother cared about her on his own initiative, but it was because of her parents. Jessica dropped her eyes and was disappointed somehow.

Sure enough, she wouldn’t say yes unless it was mom and dad’s order. Ryan smiled sarcastically and said in an emotionless voice, “Let’s go.”

The two people went to the ‘Beauty Image Designs Center’.

The scale of this center was not large, but it was the top one in A city and even in the whole country. High cost and threshold setting stopped many people from it. Only the B-list star and above, and the local famous people from rich and powerful family were qualified to enter.

Considering the security problem, Jessica and Ryan brought ten bodyguards.

Two bodyguards rode a motorcycle in front of the road, leaving eight bodyguards in two cars behind. The large-scale of them attracted the attention of countless people.

Jessica did not like such a high profile, but it was also a helpless move in a special situation. She could do nothing but sigh.

After arriving at the destination, she was afraid of being recognized by passersby so she wrapped herself up before she got out of the car.

But Ryan was standing next to her, and they were accompanied by ten bodyguards. Passersby looked at her curiously and quickly recognized her identity.

“Who are they? Why do they go out with so many bodyguards?”

“Jessica and Ryan. They are just hated by everyone now. If they don’t take bodyguards with them, they could be beaten up.”

“She muffled herself up and I didn’t even recognize her! Fie, she was dating several people at the same time, seduced her brother and threw her weight around. How shame on her!”

“I’ve watched her TV series ‘Spy’. She played the part of a wanton woman in it. I thought she was good at acting but now I know she was playing herself.”

Jessica did not expect to be recognized so quickly. Even if she knew she would clarify in this evening, but her face still burned with shame.

Seeing this, Ryan stopped, whose jaw was set. He took her by the back of her collar, pressed her to his chest, and looked at those gossips coldly.

He was so aggressive and his cold eyes fell on them like knives stabbing them. They instinctively took a step backward, feeling a chill of fear.

Leaning on Ryan’s chest, she could hear his steady and powerful heartbeat. She stiffened and somehow, her heart was beating rapidly.

“Ryan, let’s go. Anyway, we will clarify in the evening.” She looked up at him, not wanting to cause any trouble.

Ryan paid no attention to her, but stared at those people, saying firmly, “Apologize to her!”

They could talk about him, but they couldn’t talk about her.

These people were not happy to hear that. They were afraid of Ryan and these bodyguards, but they were emboldened by guessing that they dared not overdo in public.

“We’re telling the truth. Why should we apologize?”

“Exactly. You two unrelated siblings are holding each other so tight. Who believes that you don’t have an affair?”

“I can tell by the bossy way you are that your reports of bullying are true!”

“Alex was a good actor, but because he met you unscrupulous brother and sister, the rest of his life was ruined. God is watching your every move. Sooner or later you will be punished!”

Their faces were full of loathing and disgust. As they spoke, they wished they could spit in Ryan’s face and poke their fingers into his nose.

But his expression did not change, except that he curled his lip and said coldly, “I don’t know whether I shall be punished or not, but you will be punished now.”

The crowd froze for a moment, but before they realized what he meant, they heard him ask a nearby bodyguard, “Have you recorded everything they said just now?”

Only then did they notice that one of the bodyguards had been videotaping, and suddenly they felt uneasy.

The bodyguard said respectfully, “It was all recorded, and I gave everyone a close-up to make sure everybody’s face is clear.”