Chapter 167 In No Mood Suddenly

The daughter seemed very attentive to Chris, so the father did not want to push her too hard. “It is normal for young people to be impetuous. It will be better in a few years.”

“Yes, dad is right!” Jessica beamed with relief. She handed Chris the milk, and took the opportunity to glare at him, warning him to stop speaking carelessly.

Chris posted tweet on Twitter earlier, which almost caused his crazy fan to stab her. Just now, he almost caused a disaster… He took the milk embarrassedly, and stopped making trouble.

Ryan was in no mood to stay there suddenly when he saw that they exchanged amorous glances. Jessica had already passed the milk to him, but he didn’t take it after glancing at it. He stood up, passed her, and went upstairs.

Didn’t he say he would like some milk? He was not going to drink it now?

Jessica felt a little embarrassed as she held the milk in her hand which was still in the position of passing the milk.

Chris could not tell how he felt as he looked at her like this, but he just didn’t feel good. He held his breath and gulped his milk. And then he reached out and snatched the cup from her hand.

“I’m still thirsty. Give me this, too.” He was already a little full after he drank a cup of milk. After taking a few breaths, he gritted his teeth and drank this cup.

Jessica was very surprised when she looked at the two cups that were soon emptied. She looked at him with a mixture of expressions. “Chris, you’re actually so fond of milk?”

She was thinking just now that she could keep this for herself.

Chris, “…”

After returning to his room, Ryan went to the balcony. He opened the window and lit a cigarette against the cold wind. His beautiful and fine features looked vague with indescribable loneliness through the smoke.

He smoked four or five cigarettes before taking out his mobile phone with his hand which was already numb with cold and dialing a number.

“Brother Ryan!” A bright teenager voice came from the other end of the phone, sounded very happy.

“Well. Sort out the videos and photos you took and email them to me.” Perhaps because of smoking, Ryan’s voice was hoarse.

“All right!” The boy answered quickly, “Is there anything else brother Ryan wants me to do?”

“Leave the hospital this afternoon.”

“Are you going to get started?”


The young boy said with some hesitation, “Then…then if all these affairs are cleared up, there will be no reason for Brother Ryan to stay on the island alone with Sister Jessica.”

There was no reason even if he didn’t clarify.

A touch of self-mockery flashed across Ryan’s eyes. He said coldly, “These are not the things you should worry about. Go back to school and study hard.”

He hung up after he finished speaking.

Jessica kept acting ‘lovey-dovey’ with Chris laboriously for nearly two hour under the gaze of her grandmother and father. Finally, Chris left.

After he left, the grandmother did not intend to stay any longer. She stood up and said, “Jessica, walk me out.”

“She is tired after such a long flight. I’ll walk you out.” The father stood up. He didn’t put it clearly, but it was obvious that he was defending Jessica.

The grandmother frowned. “I want to talk to my granddaughter. What are you doing?”

Seeing that the father insisted, she felt anger rising inside her. But she had to soften her tone. “Just walk me to the door, and we won’t go far!”

“Under the circumstances, it is not suitable for her to go far. If anything had happened to my only daughter, I should have regretted it.” The father said meaningfully, and patted Jessica’s head. “Go and come back soon.”

“Yes.” Jessica smiled and nodded, who was touched.

It just needed five minutes at most. Did they have to make it like they were going to part forever? The grandmother gave a snort with a sullen face and walked out before Jessica.

Jessica was afraid to make her unhappy, so she gave her father a reassuring look, and hurried to follow her.

“Don’t think that you can misbehave at home. I’ll check on you every few days. If you have any affair with Ryan, I will kick you shameless one out of the house, even at the cost of my being thrown out of the Howard family. Do you understand?”

Without Ryan and others in front of them, the grandmother did not conceal her dislike and distaste.

Jessica clutched the corner of her dress, trying to keep a smile on her face. “Don’t worry, grandmother. I won’t. I already have a boyfriend. How can I like my brother?”

Hearing that, the grandmother responded without any consideration, “Who knows if you have a bottom line!”

“…” Jessica’s smile faded. Even though grandma had been spiteful about her for some time, she still had a sense of unreality.

Because of those false rumors on the Internet, her grandmother who always liked her and protected her became like this?

The grandmother didn’t care about her feelings at all, but just pulled a long face and continued, “It’s better you have a crush. If Chris has no problem with it, the marriage of the two of you can be settled as soon as possible.”

“…OK.” She was not going to consider that now. If there was no choice, she would admit that she and Chris were just pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Including the flight time, it had been nearly four days that every nerve in Jessica’s body was tense. She was suffering from mental exhaustion. After seeing the grandmother off, she went back to her room and slept straight for twelve hours.

When she woke up, she found that Tina, who had been out of touch for a long time, had called her dozens of times.

What was the urgency?

Jessica hurriedly called back her agent, “What’s wrong, Tina?”

“It’s one o ‘clock in the afternoon. Get ready for the press conference at seven o ‘clock in the evening at LA building to clarify the Internet false rumors.”

Clarify the rumors?

Jessica paused. After a while, she said happily, “Is there a solution? Thank you so much, Tina!”

She had to say, the Internet rumors had caused her a lot of trouble. She was afraid to go out now.

Tina said, “If you want to thank someone, thank Mr. Howard. He came up with the solution.”

Her brother came up with the solution? Why didn’t she hear anything before?

After Jessica hung up, she did not even change her nightgown and ran to knock on the door of Ryan’s room, humming a tuneless song. “Ryan!”

No response. She raised her voice. “Ryan!!”

“What are you yelling about?” At the moment, a cold voice came from downstairs.

Jessica turned around and saw Ryan sitting in the living room in a suit and tie. The special assistant and a strange middle-aged man were reporting on work to him.

At the moment, all eyes of the three people were on her.

Jessica’s nightgown had a low collar, and she had a good figure, so her voluptuous cleavage was faintly visible. Ryan glanced at her fair skin, frowning, and turned to look at the special assistant and the middle-aged man.

Somehow, the two people felt cold. When they perceived his displeasure, they withdrew their eyes quickly.

They just took a glance at her. How terrible Mr. Howard looked!

But Jessica didn’t notice the atmosphere between them. When she saw Ryan, she grinned at him, and then wanted to go downstairs to thank him solemnly.

But when she had taken the first step, he shouted coldly, “Go back and change your nightgown.”