Chapter 166 Had Never Been So Intimate with Him

“You looked like an ancient eunuch when you were flattering him.” Chris couldn’t stand that.

Jessica curled her lip. “I’d like to.”

When she saw the grandmother coming in out of the corner of her eye, she hid her dissatisfaction quickly, took his hand again, and said sweetly, “Have a seat. I will make you a cup of your favorite milk.”

Who loved milk? He didn’t even touch that kind of girlish thing, okay?

Chris was about to say that he didn’t like milk, so he would like a cup of coffee, when a thin hand reached furtively around his waist and pinched it in a circle.

He gasped in pain and held his tongue.

Shit! This little silly gave a hard pinch!

Ryan was watching this scene with cold eyes. She could get along well with anyone, even her new boyfriend. They could be so close.

Only in front of him, she was always watchful and reverent, and had never been so intimate with him.

Jessica suddenly had the palpitations of being stared at by savage beast. She turned her head and saw her brother staring at her without expression.

Well…She didn’t seem to have done anything to offend him, did she?

“Didn’t you say you were going to boil milk for Chris? Why do you look at your brother? Why don’t you go?” The grandmother wasn’t happy to see their eyes meet.

She took a few steps, interposed herself between them, and interrupted their eye contact.

She just happened to meet her brother’s eye. Why grandma looked like she caught them in bed.

Jessica felt uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything. She just nodded and walked towards the kitchen.

When passing by Ryan, she tripped because Ryan stuck out a leg suddenly. She was startled, and hurriedly went around, only to be stopped by his other leg.

The first time could be accidental, but the second time could only be intentional.

Jessica turned to look at Ryan. After a cautious look at him, she said softly, “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” Ryan answered succinctly and forcefully, but his leg was still laid in front of her.

Chris disliked seeing that, but after all, Ryan was Jessica’s brother. He pulled a long face and held his tongue, but just gave a snort at Ryan.

Jessica looked down at the leg lying in front of her. Actually, she could stride over it, but her brother didn’t seem to be okay.

She thought back to what she had just said carefully, and realized suddenly. “Ryan, would you like some milk?”

“I don’t like it. But I’m thirsty, so I’ll make do with it.” Ryan’s face softened and he withdrew his leg.


Chris couldn’t help, but sniffed, “Just say you want to drink milk. Do you have to express in such a roundabout way? Women are not as troublesome as you.”

Fortunately, she and the bully were not real lovers. Otherwise, because of his attitude towards her brother, would they get married?

The smile almost froze on Jessica’s lips.

“You haven’t got married and talk to your brother-in-law in this way. I don’t think you want to marry Jessica.” Ryan sat on the sofa and looked at Chris coldly, who was sitting opposite.

Hearing the word ‘marry’, Chris blushed immediately. “Who said I want to marry…”

If he finished, wasn’t the fact that they pretended to be lovers exposed? Jessica was heart in her mouth. She gave him a kick on the shin.

“Chris, do you still want to marry me? Respect my brother if you want to.”

Chris looked at his shin which was kicked by Jessica with a sullen face. Why was the little silly so violent?

Jessica looked at Ryan’s expressionless face and felt nervous. She winked at Chris while she was saying to him, “I’m going to boil the milk now. Please wait a moment. I’ll be right back.”

She went into the kitchen and boiled the milk as fast as she could. She was afraid that Chris would spill the beans and expose the truth.

Inside the living room, without Jessica as the lubricant, the atmosphere between Chris and Ryan was tense.

“You didn’t finish what you said just now. What were you trying to say?” Ryan’s eyes looked deep. “Were you going to say that you don’t want to marry Jessica?”

Before he knew Jessica’s identity, he disliked Ryan. After knowing her identity, he still disliked Ryan.

He raised his eyebrows and said impatiently, “I have just said so many words. How do I know what you mean?”

“If you can’t remember, I can help you recall it. You said, ‘Who said I want to marry… ‘You didn’t finish. I wonder what you’re trying to say.”

Ryan clung to it. As he spoke, he stared at Chris, watching the change of his expression.

Chris said shortly, whose eyes glinted. “I forget. I have a bad memory.”

How could this man be so annoying!

“You have a bad memory at such young age, which makes me worry about Jessica’s future life.” Ryan curled his lip and crossed his slender legs. “May I take the liberty to ask whether there is any hereditary disease in your family?”

Chris had a quick temper that couldn’t stand being provoked at all.

At the moment, he lost his temper because of Ryan’s ironic words. “You have a disease! I’m in excellent health. Mind your own business!”

The corners of Ryan’s mouth curved up imperceptibly. He didn’t continue but looked meaningfully at his father who was also sitting in the living room.

The father had frowned. His daughter’s boyfriend was so irritable and impetuous that he did not know what she saw in him.

“Ryan, dad, he just has a quick temper. Please don’t mind.” She had been as fast as she could, but she didn’t expect Chris had made trouble for her in such a short time.

If her father was not satisfied and let her “break up”, then she would have to go on a blind date again?

“He…In fact, his quick temper has negative effects as well as positive effects. When I was sexually harassed by Alex on set, others couldn’t see that. Even if one or two did, they didn’t say anything.”

“Chris was the one who helped me on the spot. He beat the player up with the stuff. Otherwise, I don’t know how much I still have to suffer. That’s when I began to like him.”

Jessica did her best to explain.

She looked so protective of Chris that it made Ryan feel bad. He gave a sniff and said. “It does more harm than good, anyway. Our family may not mind his being impetuous, but will the others?”

“Are you going to clean up his mess when he causes trouble?”

What was wrong with Ryan? Why was he so unhappy with Chris all of a sudden?

Jessica was so worried that sweat appeared on her head and she did not know how to refute.

“I have an agent, and my company. If something does happen, I don’t need my woman to help me deal with it.” Chris looked at her anxious face and felt more annoyed.