Chapter 170 She was just his ex-girlfriend

Penny had to make things clear. She didn’t want to do this at first. If he didn’t really hate her, “I’m afraid you think I annoy you, so I didn’t go back to the hospital to get the keys.”

“Don’t you call me and say something?” He asked her again fiercely.

Penny said, “You won’t answer, besides, do you care?”


To outsiders, this should be just a quarrel between the young couple, one who refused to acknowledge his relationship, and one who can’t feel the other’s concern at all.

The two policemen who followed him home were preparing to sample with John Ran. “It doesn’t seem to be necessary. This is your fiancee Penny.”

Fiance? Did he mention her as his fiance to the police? Was it for filing?

John Ran only became normal when he faced the police. He walked over with a sorry smile, “Yes, sorry, I’m bothering you.”

The police comrades were very reasonable. “It doesn’t matter. In the future, it is more important to communicate with each other. You are about to get married, so you can’t run away from home like this.”

Uh…Penny felt that this was for her. She was mistaken for his fiance who had run away from home.

“Thank you.” John Ran presented him politely.

After the two policemen left, Penny looked at John Ran, who was sitting on the sofa with his fists clenched. He went to the police because she didn’t return last night. When she returned in the morning, he was anxious.

He was even in such a cold, sub-zero winter, he didn’t wear a coat and shoes…Was it because he was too anxious to wear it?

Penny sat gently beside him. This time, he did not deliberately avoid her. Her cool little hand was gently placed on the clenched big hand that he put on his leg, comforting him as usual. Stroking, she felt a sudden tingling in her heart when she felt the coldness on the back of his hand.

“Thank you.” Thank him for caring about her. Thank him for worrying about her. Thank him for her presence in his heart. ‘Thank you, John Ran.’

John Ran turned his head and looked at her. She knew that the moment he couldn’t find her, he was going crazy.

Penny lifted her eyes and looked at him. He frowned tightly and looked at her tightly. After she smiled at him tearfully, a clear teardrop fell from the corner of his inner eye.

Even though Penny’s eyes were blurred because of the tears in her eyes, she could still see the tears that he cries. She smiled at him as if she was comforting a child in need of distress.”

John Ran looked away, raised his eyes slightly, and got up. He must have been crazy just now so that he could reveal the most authentic feeling in front of her.

Without saying a word, he was about go upstairs.

The stubborn Penny stood up and questioned him with his tired back, “John Ran, if I really never come back, will you be alone?”

John Ran went upstairs step by step, his voice was mixed with his own pique, “You could try.”

Penny smiled helplessly, and it was too difficult to come up with something nice from his mouth.

She stared at her packed luggage, and didn’t know she left or not. She hesitated again. If she left, he might be uncomfortable.

“Forget it, Penny, it’s no trouble, even if he and his girlfriend showed affection in front of you every day, you just pretended not to see him, and waited until he really one day, got married, and you left.Anyway, you’re all alone no matter where you went, except here.”

She finally moved the suitcase into the guest room, cleaned the room again, and put an A4 sheet of paper on the door, which said, “Men stop, ps: especially Mr. John Ran.”

After going to the kitchen for a bite to eat, the doorbell rang as soon as she was going to call him.

Penny can probably guess who will be here. Except for that little girlfriend, it should not be anyone else. She sneaked through the door mirror and looked at the outside situation. It turned out that it was the little girl with meal box in her hand.

By the way, was this little girlfriend a cook? She loved to cook so she had cooked three meals a day.

The doorbell continued, Penny secretly glanced upstairs, but did not find John Ran. She stood at the door and untied her apron. She pulled down the V-neck sweater. The sweater was originally a long one, but she had worn leggings, and she felt that this was not enough to make people think about it. She just took off the leggings quickly, let go of her hair, and messed up a bit. In short, the whole style was enough for the person standing at the door thinking wildly.

But she didn’t know that the nerve scene of her just now was seen by the man who just came out of the bath upstairs.

The door opened, and the little girlfriend was stunned, “Are you…are you the intern?”

Penny nodded with a smile, “Yeah, it’s me.”

“Why are you here?” The little girlfriend straightly stomped, and a pair of good-looking apricot eyes glared at Penny.

Penny pretended to scratch her own messy hair, “Is there anything strange in my house?”

“Your home?”

John Ran squeaked upstairs, “I have told you not to run back and forth. Why did you come here?” The voice was really gentle, and it never happened to her.

No, the point was where did he stand? He didn’t hear what she said just now?

John Ran went downstairs, and the little girlfriend ran to John Ran in a grievance. “John, why is she here?”

John Ran gave Penny an indifferent glance. “She is my ex-girlfriend. She hadn’t found a place to live yet. You don’t need to worry about her. She will leave in a few days.”

The little girlfriend was obviously not so foolish, but John Ran’s behavior today also made Penny stunned. In a few words, the little girlfriend was convinced. Why hadn’t she ever seen him so patient with her before?

At a dining table, Penny was eating her own meal. Originally, she made two meals. Now, she can only eat two meals for one person. The two people on the opposite side, chatting happily

The little girlfriend had to go to work and had to leave, and warned Penny before leaving, “I hope you don’t wear it so exposed in the future. The ex is the ex. The expired goods are tempting and will not be able to eat.”

Penny deliberately closed and looked back at John Ran. “I think you should change to a girlfriend.”

John Ran ignored her and went upstairs.

Penny hurriedly put on her clothes. Although there was heating in the room, she had two long legs exposed and was very cold.

Of course, she wouldn’t see a smile on the corner of John Ran’s mouth at this moment. When did a woman so proud become like this?