Chapter 169 Pretending Not To Care, But It Just Self-Cheating

It’s Penny’s turn to be on the night shift. As the director, John Ran, in order not to see Penny, he deliberately changed the day shift. Today, Dr. He and John Ran were on the night, but Penny changed with Dr. He.

The two of them were sitting face to face with a desk. He carefully sorted out the case. She looked at him for a while and slept on the table. She didn’t see the doctor in the evening except the emergency department, so she was not as busy as during the day.

The office door was opened from the outside, and the door didn’t even knock. The woman jumped out happily. “Dear, did you miss me?”

Penny knew the woman who came in with the lunch box. She was John Ran’s girlfriend.

The person may think that only John Ran was here, and when she saw Penny, she smiled a little awkward.

However, John Ran’s so-attentive boyfriend would not let his girlfriend feel embarrassed, and said to Penny who was jealous sitting opposite, “Go to bed 17 to see the patient’s condition.”

Penny glared at him, what time was it now? No matter whether it was 17th or 18th, they didn’t sleep. He just wanted to send her off.

Penny left the case with an angry voice, cursing in her heart.

She went to each ward and looked around, but she just stood outside and walked in. The patient slept well. After passing the nurse’s station, several nurses were discussing about the girlfriend of the Dr. Ran who came to see him again. They gossiped that the cold John Ran only matched the warmer woman.

Penny had nowhere to go in the middle of the night, so she sat alone in the waiting chair at the door of the duty room with her medical records in a daze. In fact, she thought she should go in, but she didn’t. To watch them being so sweet, that is the biggest torture.

The girl’s silver bell-like laughter sometimes came out from inside and her heart was sour, and if the girl could bring John Ran’s laughter, she had no reason to stop it.

It can also be a bit tired, and she curled up in a row chair to sleep unconsciously. Later, she heard the door opening faintly, and he sent the girl away. She didn’t want to talk more or say hello. After they left, she got up, but her legs were numb and she couldn’t leave.

When John Ran came back, Penny was sitting alone in a row chair. He completely turned a blind eye, and she smiled bitterly.

He was so cruel.

When the legs were better, she got up and went back to the office, put down the case, and looked at John Ran, who was still reluctant to even look at her.

She said, “The patient just checked and the patient slept very well. You were in the middle of the night and called me after two in the morning. I take some nap.”

He ignored her, didn’t talk to her and didn’t even look at her.

Penny held the alarm clock at two o’clock with her mobile phone, and was lying on an emergency bed in the duty room, sleeping with her eyes closed.

In fact, she couldn’t fall asleep at all, and she couldn’t hold back the disappointing tears. She didn’t dare to make any sound. She didn’t want to let him hear. She was wronged, but didn’t need his mercy.

After tears fell like a broken pearl, she couldn’t keep it anymore. Her patience made her body tremble in the cot. Although she was very clear, he couldn’t see it, but she didn’t want to be useless in front of him.

She got out of bed and looked away from him. She controlled her voice. “I was suddenly a little uncomfortable. I want to go home first.”

Rarely, he answered, “Yes.” But he still had no temperature, and he just ignored.

“Thank you.” She was too busy to pack things, and she threw off the white coat and left it on the chair, leaving the space that choked her to death.

After she left, John Ran looked up at her seat, got up, and helped her organize her messy white gown and hung it on the hanger next to her, without moving his steps for a long time.

After Penny returned home by taxi, he discovered that the key had been left in the drawer of the office. It was really God who was against her.

She originally wanted to come here, took her luggage away, and left him here before he came back from work. He didn’t want to see her at all, so why was she entangled with him.

She was not the first girl to love, why like a fool, thinking that as long as there was love, they will start again, but she ignored that he had no love.

It was already over ten in the morning when John Ran was home. The family was very quiet. He found all the rooms and did not see her. There were no shoes in the shoe cabinet she wore yesterday. There were no washing clothes on the balcony. Because of their job, they were used to the first thing that after coming back every day, changing clothes and taking a bath.

She had obviously not been back. Where did she go all night last night?

When she left last night, her mood was very unstable, and she didn’t return all night, didn’t she know he would worry about her?

He took his cell phone and called her. The response was temporarily unavailable. He called it over and over again, but it was exactly the same response.

He admitted that he was panicked, and he did not deny that he was in a hurry. Penny, where did you go?

Penny who checked out of the hotel first went to the hospital to get her own key. Now he must be home from work. Even if she knew that she was closer to the house than to the hotel, she still went back to the hospital to get the key.

One was that he must feel tired from the night shift. After returning home, he must have fallen asleep and she could not bear to knock on the door to wake him.

Also, she was afraid that even if he heard the door bell, he would not be willing to help her open the door.

So she still held the key herself, and she will be more at ease.

How did she know that John Ran had called every hospital in the city and even called the police, who told him to go to the bureau and explain the situation of the missing person?

How ridiculous he was, before he changed the shoes, he ran out of the house and went to the police station.

He thought about 10,000 possibilities. The only thing he didn’t expect was that when he just entered the elevator, Penny, who he was anxious to find, walked out of another elevator.

Penny saw that his shoes were neatly placed on the shoe cabinet, and his coat was hung on the closet next to him, knowing that he had returned, looked up at the closed door upstairs, should he be asleep? He definitely didn’t find out, she didn’t return at all last night.

Penny went upstairs lightly. He always slept light. She was afraid to wake him up. She returned to the room to pack her luggage. It was originally a simple suitcase. When she arrived, she was very unwelcome and was afraid to be kicked out. So she didn’t take many things.

She packed it up in a few minutes. She changed her bedding, fearing that he would abandon the smell and traces left by her, and the toilet was cleaned, leaving no mark on her staying here.

She took the suitcase to the first floor, and although she could still meet him in the hospital in the future, leaving his home seemed to break all the relationships with this guy.

The silver suitcase was placed next to the sofa, and she was decided to clean the room well, although it was not a mess.

She cooked the porridge in the kitchen. When he got up, he should just be able to eat iit. After turning around in the living room, she couldn’t bear to leave.

She and John Ran, it was really impossible to be together in this life. He always thought that, later, she fell in love with Bob, but in fact he did not know until now, at that time, Bob and her engagement was just for keep the child in her stomach, and that child was not Bob’s, but his.

Later, when something happened to his family, he went to her, begging her to kill the child, and begging her to return to him.

At that time, in order to keep the child, she chose to go to the UK with Bob, and since then, he hated her and vowed to make her live worse than death.

In the end, the child was not saved because she was too sad, because she refused to accept the living conditions when she first went to the UK, and the fetus aborted almost four months later.

After meeting again, three years later, she came back and begged him to rescue Bob, but he refused cruelly. He said that only when Bob died, she would live more pain.

For so many years, they had been divided, reunited, and resentful, and she had not been able to tell him well, “John Ran, from beginning to end, I always love you.”

But this love, after all, was over, even after so many ordeals, it was still unbearable.

But if he was happy without her, she really had no reason to entangle.

When she found that the curtains in the living room were a little dirty, she thought, took it off and took them to the dry cleaner. She found a chair and found that it was out of reach, so she had to put the two chairs together.

Penny climbed up cautiously, with both hands raised high. Suddenly, when she heard the door opened, she turned around curiously.

John Ran also saw Penny standing on two chairs. Why did she do such a dangerous thing?

He strode over and hugged her directly, staring at her angrily, his voice was even more irritating and intimidating, “What are you doing?”

In fact, Penny was still puzzled. Why did he come back from the outside? When did he go out? She didn’t see it.

His eyes were sharp and his expression serious, and she whispered to explain to him, “I think this curtain is a bit dirty, and I want to take it off for washing.”

He looked straight at her, believing her words, and then asked her coldly, “Where have you been?”

“Huh?” Where did she go? It was him. Where did he go? He didn’t wear a coat, and he also wore household slippers on his feet.

John Ran once again questioned her, his voice was several decibels louder than before, “I asked where did you go last night?”

Penny stared at him with seemingly flustered eyes. Was he angry? Still anxious? worry?

“I…I found that I had left the key in the office when I returned, so I lived in the hotel.”

“Asshole.” John Ran, who had always been an experienced man, even scolded her.