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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 168 Simple Is Good

Later, Alice went to the mall alone, and just met Jim there. At the beginning, Alice thought that Jim was accompanying Janice. Because this floor is a women’s clothing area,. She knew that Janice would not be so workaholic. It turned out to be shopping with men here.

Alice went to greet Jim. When Jim saw Alice, his eyes fluttered and he was obviously disturbed.

When Yuna in the locker room came out, Alice understood what had happened.

She sneered sarcastically, “Jim, you really have the ability.”

She really felt worthless for Janice. Why did she fall in love with a man like Jim.

Jim didn’t explain, Yuna was also very embarrassed. Alice left angrily, and no longer had the mood to continue walking around.

She didn’t tell Janice about this. She was afraid of her sadness, and maybe her crazy work recently was to paralyze herself. These things, Janice was very clear.

After walking through the street, she was angry with herself, thinking about arguing for Janice, but she felt that love was something that outsiders could not blend in.

It was the poor Benjamin who was suffering, and after returning home from work, he did not get Alice’s good face, and whispered to Joan, “What is wrong with her?”

Joan shook her head, she really didn’t know, “She just went out for a while, and came back like this.”

“Isn’t it menopausal?”

Joan glared at him. “Nonsense. Be careful with the bomb. Go coax her. Pippi and I go to sleep first.”

Benjamin nodded. “Well then, go to bed early and I’ll turn off the switch later.”

Joan was puzzled. “What do you do with the switch?”

Benjamin frowned. “She refuses to sleep with me, and this winter is not like summer. The lightning flashes every 30 minutes. After thinking about it for several days, he decides to power off tonight and pretending to be a ghost to scare her.”

Joan looked at her silly son, “Is this…really OK?”

“Dead horse should be treated as a living horse, otherwise I can’t think of any other way to make her give me a hug.”

“Son, do it for you, this trick is probably enough.” Joan expressed doubts about her own son’s intelligence.

Alice was sitting typing her novel passionately in the bed, and the screen of the laptop on her leg suddenly darkened by two degrees. The symbol below showed that the power was off…

Save the text first, shut down the computer, find the mobile phone as a flashlight and prepare to close the switch by her.

Regarding the reason for the sudden power failure, she knew very well that she was speechless about someone’s naive behavior. He had already considered it as a means to achieve his goal.

As soon as the door of the bedroom was opened, an unknown object resembling humans and ghosts drifted in front of her.

Alice pretended a hoarse voice and yelled at Benjamin, who pretended to be a ghost, “Hey, this big brother, did you come out and take this male master?”

Benjamin’s heart froze, and he went back and looked into it, Alice had flashed the light of her flashlight on her face with a white mask.

“Ah…are you a ghost?” He scared her at first, but was scared by her. At that time, he felt embarrassed, and now he was very clear that Alice was in front of him.

Alice didn’t want to talk to him, “Hurry up and switch on the light, otherwise the evil spirit will really take you tonight.”

In the darkness, Benjamin walked towards Alice, “Excuse me, is there a dirty ghost? Give me one.”

Later, it was Alice who went to turn on the switch in person. She felt that a person like he, one leg walking up and down, was hard.

The two were sitting in the living room. Alice drank warm water that Benjamin had given her. Benjamin changed his attitude when she knew he was wrong. He sat obediently, bowed his head and did not speak, waiting for punishment.

Alice’s anger and annoyance made Benjamin sad most. She was desperate for him, so she was so cold?

As soon as he was about to speak, Alice said for a second, “I met Jim in the mall today.”

It’s not normal to meet Jim, “Oh.”

“He’s with Yuna. You say how could he do that? If he really can’t let Yuna go, he’ll be cut off from Janice. What is he doing now?” The more she said, the angrier she looked. The men in front of her was also very annoying, who said they were good brothers.

Benjamin smiled at Alice with a flattering expression, “I can’t interfere in this love thing. Who Jim loves most, I believe he knows best.”

“I don’t think he can let the past go.” Alice was really angry at how Janice had been tossed by him in the past few years. She used to be afraid and scared all day, smiling all day. Now, even the smile on her face is tired and far-fetched.

Benjamin approached her and comforted her. “My wife is terrific. The words of curse are so excellent.”

Alice glared at him, how she could scold anyone, if she really wanted to scold…

“Don’t mess up with me,. You won’t be allowed to do childish things like tonight. I’m going to bed. I’m still busy.” After that, Alice went upstairs and left Benjamin alone on the living room sofa.

Benjamin shouted to her back without discussion, “Hey, what else can you do at night?” The reason for refusal was too unconvincing, and he expressed dissatisfaction.

“Writing novels.” Alice didn’t turn around and went upstairs.

“More important than me?” Benjamin Was now likes a big boy who had just learned to love, but after all, he had a mature heart.

Alice, who was already standing on the second floor, smiled at Benjamin downstairs and said, “Don’t ask this question of self-humiliation in the future.”

Self-humiliation?!! This woman was really going to be a mess.

Benjamin still climbed up on Alice’s bed. He couldn’t control Alice. He clung to her waist like a child and slept on his own.

Alice didn’t bother him too much, just squeezed out a few words from her teeth before he fell asleep, “If you soil my sheets, you won’t have to sleep on this bed in the future.”

Benjamin pouted and laughed, and didn’t speak, but he said in heart, “it doesn’t depend on him. Once he has a dream about her at night…

At night, on the bustling commercial street, Jim carried Janice who was drinking at the bar, and threw her at the colorful fountain in front of the bar.

“Jim, I said that you are allowed to control me in the future.” Janice pointed at Jim standing in front of her.

Jim looked at her, distressed and helpless, “Go home.” He was going to hug her into the car.

Janice pushed him away as far as possible. “Go home? Go back to that house? Would you like to go to your and Yuna’s house? I heard that you just bought her a house. It is really lucky to have an ex like you. You broke up, and she gave birth for someone, and you bought a house for her. Why are you so good? Would you like to give you a comment, the best ex in the world? ”

Jim tightened his eyebrows and looked at her. The truth of the matter was not what she said. He didn’t even know how she knew these things. It was because he was afraid of her misunderstanding that he chose to hide from her and didn’t tell her. I will explain to you later, go home now.”

“I won’t go home, Jim, I tell you, you are a scum. From now on, I don’t want you anymore, no more.”

Her young lady’s temper got upset again, and Jim could only coax her first. Everything would wait for her to wake up and talk. “Alright, Alright, no more, but at least we are friends. As a friend, I can send you home, right?. ”

Janice smiled ironically, “Who wants to be friends with you. If I can’t be your girlfriend, we are not even friends! I don’t lack friends.” Janice lacked a boyfriend. But you can’t always do it.

In the end, Chuck came over and brought Janice back. When leaving, Chuck left Jim indifferently, “Don’t come to Janice again until you resolve Yuna’s affairs.”

On the way home, Janice said to Chuck, “Brother, I’m so sad.”

“Don’t drink too much in the future, it won’t be comfortable.” Chuck only felt sorry for his sister, because Jim became like this now, he was very distressed.

Janice shook her head, and her white hands clutched at the clothes on her chest. “No, I feel bad.”

“If you forget him, you won’t feel bad.” Chuck.

Janice, “Really?”

“You try it.” Chuck.

Janice, “I want to get married.”

“Well, if you still say that tomorrow morning, I will arrange it for you.” Marrying a person who loves you was happier than marrying a person who loved many people.

At two o’clock in the morning, through the glimmer of the computer screen, Alice looked at Benjamin sleeping beside her, and he actually fell asleep.

Alice got up and simply scrubbed, and secretly kissed lightly on his nose before going to bed, “Good night.”

Although it’s very late, maybe two people in one bed have passed this simple and simple life, and it’s also very good.

As soon as Alice was lying down, he was pressed by a sudden overstep, “Why did you secretly kiss me just now, I want it back.”

“Hey, oh…”

Everything was in silence…But when the whole process was about to go further, the woman underneath was not responding?



He tried with her finger on the tip of her nose and she fell asleep! Great frustration! Did he just fuss around just now? Did she think he tickled her? She was so sleepless.

Poor guy. He lay back to his place, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

And Alice turned over comfortably, and her mouth seemed to have a ridiculous smile, and continued to fall asleep.

In this world, don’t mess with a woman. She didn’t forgive him so easily.