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Chapter 167 Really Did Not Hold Up

“You don’t sleep in the middle of the night, what are you going to do?”

As far as Benjamin was concerned, she did not struggle, did not resist, that was, she did not refuse, and his warm lips will almost stick to her smooth and perfect neck. The exhaled breath was hot and humid, and he deliberately teased her. .

“Honey, I can’t sleep without you.”

Alice, who was half asleep and awake, couldn’t help but get goose bumps. Was he being coquettish?

“Can you speak normally?” She really couldn’t stand him, was he learning from his son? It’s really speechless.

“Wife, you are so fragrant.”


“Benjamin, stay away from me, don’t mess with me.” He had previously confessed that he couldn’t do it. She didn’t know if it was true or not, but she was normal. He ran to tease her in the middle of the night, and she would be uncomfortable?

Benjamin deliberately brought his body closer to her soft body, and was even more ambiguous. With a clear voice behind her neck, “Wife, help me, I can’t help it.”

Alice frowned, what can she do for him? What he can’t help? One reaction in her brain was…Then he tentatively shook his ass.

This bastard! Bad guy! Son of a bitch!

Alice instantly got up from the quilt, turned on the wall lamp on the bed and stared at him, raised her fingers in the direction of the doorway, “Get out.”

Benjamin wrapped her more tightly with silk, a pair of bright eyes filled with tenderness and honey, “Honey, just one time.”

“…” Ah, she wanted to hit him.

“Benjamin, go out.”

“I won’t leave.”

Alice nodded, “Alright, I’ll go.”

“Hey, let’s stay here. How good to sleep together.”

Not good!

At last Alice left the room, leaving Benjamin alone.

Benjamin sighed and hugged Alice’s pillow. Alright, he could sleep in her bed and hugged her pillow, he also satisfied himself a little.

As a result! The next morning…

Alice had prepared the breakfast and did not see him go downstairs. Thinking that he would not oversleep, she went upstairs to get him up. There was a sound of water in the bathroom. He should be taking a bath.

Alice grumbled in dissatisfaction, taking a shower early in the winter, and was not afraid of catching a cold.

She went to clean up the bed. What the mess he had made last night. His bed was messy and she felt her feet soft. She didn’t know what to step on. She looked down curiously, her eyes could not help but widen.

He even threw the underwear with a Superman pattern on the ground, and Alice wanted to kick it away, only to find that she had stepped on an unknown liquid…

So, the strange smell in this room was he…it’s speechless.

Alice even took off the slippers on her feet. She barefoot wanted to see if the bedding she had changed yesterday was soiled by him. She opened the quilt and saw the irregular pattern printed on the bed sheet. She couldn’t bear it.

“Benjamin…” Did he sleep so heavily? Did he have to enjoy it so much at the critical moment?

Benjamin just came out of the bathroom. He wasn’t scared by her roar. Instead, he took a natural look, “I told you last night and I couldn’t help it.”

Alice turned around and glared at him angrily, yelling at him, “Will you die if you hold it?”

“No, but I’m afraid I’m broken, and you can’t enjoy it when you want to use it.”

She…she…wouldn’t enjoy it.

Alice pointed at the underwear on the ground, “Take this away, immediately, immediately!”

Benjamin shrugged. “No, I’m late for work. Joe should have been waiting for me outside, so please help me clean it. I’ll wash it for you next time.”

He was so shameless.

In the end, Alice was like a little girl. She blushed and helped him wash underwear. S

In fact, she thought about throwing it away directly, but thought again, she had helped him wash before.

Benjamin finished his breakfast and watched Alice awkwardly exposed his underwear to the balcony, feeling very good, feeling that the air he breathed was extremely fresh.

He reached into her ears with a look of happiness, “Thank you darling.”

“Hurry off to work, don’t disturb my eyes at home.” Alice didn’t look at him, and didn’t know if it was her own uncomfortableness. Anyway, she felt that looking at him would make her inexplicably flushed and heartbeat. There was no way for controlling herself.

Benjamin’s smiled, but it’s true, “Yes, my wife, I will make good money and maintain your life.”

After Benjamin left, Alice pouted and chuckled, and maintained it for a lifetime.

“What’s so funny?” Joan suddenly came out from behind Alice, and scared Alice.

“Godmother, you scared me to death.” Alice complained, clutching her throbbing heart.

Joan laughed a bit. “I think, you should call me mother directly?”

“Goddam…” It was hard to change the title for Alice.

Joan did not force her, and said with a smile, “Alright, I won’t embarrass you, you can call me anything. Anyway, in my eyes, you are my only daughter-in-law.”

After having breakfast, Pippi went to draw in the living room alone. Alice tentatively asked Joan, “Goddam, do you blame my mom?”

If it wasn’t the love between her mother and Benjamin’s father, wouldn’t both of them be as happy as before?

Joan handed the washed bowl to Alice, telling the truth, “Yes I did. But now, no. She gave this good daughter to my son, what else can I put up with?”

Time can indeed erase something, and it was enough to see one thing clearly and forgive someone.

Alice pouted and chuckled, “But I recently thought of a way to bully your son every day.”

Joan smiled, “The more you bully him, the happier I think he is.”

Later, Joan said, “Do you know? Love is something that people can’t figure out all their lives. The other day I went to jail to see Ben’s father. He even told me that he always thinks of your mother recently. At that time, ah, I said angrily to him, let him stay in prison all his life and thinks about it. ”

After speaking, Joan smiled again, smiled very relieved, but also helpless.

Alice reached out and hugged Joan, “My mother owes you, I will help her pay it back.”

Joan smiled and said, “Alright, then you have to be filial to me.”


Joan went to accompany Pippi to paint. The ancestors and grandchildren could always have fun. Alice looked at the smile on Joan’s face and thought to herself that Joan was a strong woman before. She always felt that as long as she was strong enough, she can get everything she wanted.

Later, she found that she could get everything, but not her husband’s love. Maybe every man was more inclined to like to show pity to the softer and weaker woman. Men were masculine, they were like the strongest. Therefore, when they met a woman who needed his protection, they will be desperate and careless.

Conversely, women who were too strong will make them feel they can’t control them and didn’t have a great sense of superiority. They always felt that they can live well without relying on them.

In fact, for every woman, whether it was a strong woman, a man, or a Superman, they wanted to be guarded by a princess.

A woman was inherently weak. She was stronger because she had no sense of security and can only protect herself and fight for what she wanted.

If Joan now lived with George again, they will be happy, and George will find her fragile and soft.

At noon, Alice crackled the keyboard in her study. The phone rang, and she picked it up and glanced. She almost threw the phone directly.

It’s a text message from someone, “Baby, why did you blush when you washed my Superman underwear this morning? I thought about it for hours, but I didn’t figure it out. What did you think?”

Alice typed a few words forcefully and returned to him, “I want to kill you!”

Directly put him in the blacklist. Don’t look for her if you are fine. He may not be able to find her if you have any problems. She was very busy and had no time to talk to him.

Benjamin found that the message could not be sent, and the phone could not be reached. She must have thought about something she should not think about, and she was so shy.

The slender fingers knocked on the solid wood desk. Was it that he can win it after a few more days of hard work?

Alice pulled the horrible guy Benjamin into the blacklist, put her fingers on the keyboard, stared straight at the computer screen, but could not type out a word. What she just wrote she completely forgot about it, but in his mind were the bad look of that person, and the picture of what he had helped him wash in the morning.

Ah…it’s going crazy.

She had to turn off the computer, went back to the room to dress herself up, ready to go shopping.

She called Molly. Molly said she had to take care of her baby at home and couldn’t go out. She also called Janice. The guy said that she had to go to work. There was an important meeting later. When would she be working? So serious?