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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 166 My Wife Is Right

Alice pretended to know everything and still arrived in the parking lot casually. Sitting in the car, the words of the employee had been looped in her ears.

This guy had been at the police station last night, and it was because of the fight? How old was he? He didn’t use his brain before doing anything?

Then again, she wanted to know if he was injured. He fought like that. Didn’t his leg hurt? Will the body be unable to endure it?

It really broke her heart, and she had to put a monitor on him in the future.

After thinking about it, she decided to send him a message, “In a harmonious society, only a reckless husband likes to fight, so you should go to the police station and get a good education.”

After receiving the message, Benjamin’s mouth evoked a warm smile. He didn’t want to worry her at all, and didn’t know who said this.

Calling her number, Alice was connected with only one beep, and her tone was still very sloppy, “Why, what’s wrong with me?”

Benjamin was modest. “Yes, my wife was right, but the version you listened to should be too exaggerated. It was just a rumor. It was actually drinking too much and mixing it.”

Alice didn’t give him a lot of shame, “Yeah, the Chief is really mighty. If you quarrel with others, you can get them into the emergency room of the hospital.”

“It’s totally a mistake of that guy. I’ll hit him next time I see him.”


Alice’s silence made Benjamin realize that he was impulsive just now, “I was wrong. When I go home at night, you can punish it casually.”

“Are you not injured?” This was her most worried. Alright, the two of them were troubled, but this man can only bullied by her Alice. If he was also injured, she will now go to the hospital to beat the bad guy.

Benjamin’s heart was warm, and evil spirits followed, “Or when you punish me at night, you will check my whole body by the way.”

“You are not serious. Just fine, I’ll go back.”

“Be careful driving on the road, see you at night.”

Today, he did go home early after work. Alice was accompanying her son to play puzzles on the carpet in the living room. Benjamin came to join the fun, and a family of three sat in a circle around the puzzle.

The little boy screamed sweetly, “Dad.”

Benjamin kissed Pippi cheeks with satisfaction, “Good son.”

Alice stared at him with a disgusted look. “Can you wash your hands and face next time you come back? Do you know if you kiss him and how many bacteria you bring from the outside?”

Benjamin would not care about this. “I kissed my son, and my son didn’t dislike it. What are you so picky about?”

Alice argued with Benjamin, “It doesn’t matter if you kiss me. I’m an adult. I have a strong immune system. I won’t say anything, but you can’t kiss a son. He is so young…”

At half the point, Alice felt more and more awkward, especially his smiling and affectionate eyes, which made her reiterate what she had just said in her mind.

Benjamin smiled with pride, “You’re jealous with your son, you mean, next time I go home, I should kiss you first, then my son, right?”

Benjamin kissed her cheek hard with a reward, proud of her, “It’s fair.”

“…” Alice’s face flushed with anger.

Pippi saw his father and mother, and chubby smiled with his hand over his small mouth. “Shame.”

Alice thought it was shameful and he took advantage of her. She didn’t know how to rebut it. Forget it, ignored him and went to the kitchen to help the godmother cook.

After Alice left, Benjamin laughed with tenderness and happiness, and turned back to ask the baby son, “Is your mother very cute?”

Pippi happily nodded his head, “Well, I love Mommy.”

Benjamin pinched his son’s little nose. “I love her too.”

When they were preparing to eat, the father and son had gone crazy. On the sofa, on the carpet, they were completely crazy, it was a mess.

Pippi rode a horse on Benjamin’s body. This action made Alice frown. “Pippi, come down, you can’t play like that. Dad is tired from working all day.”

Pippi was very unhappy to hear what Mommy said. He hadn’t played enough. Benjamin also clearly heard Alice’s concerns, not because he was too tired to work, but because she was worried about his legs and spine.

“It’s Alright, he’s still so young. I can’t carry him when he grows up.” Benjamin didn’t want to disappoint his son. After all, every father wanted to be an omnipotent hero in the minds of children.

“No.” Alice resolutely disagreed with Benjamin’s stubbornness and went directly to hold Pippi from his back.

Pippi couldn’t ride a horse, and he cried at once, crying loudly and completely uncontrollably. He didn’t listen to what Alice said, or he had to let his dad lie on the ground and ride a horse.

Benjamin used to hold Pippi and didn’t want to make the child cry. He also said Alice, “Don’t you be so nervous? I know my own body, what happened to me when I carried my son. You have to make him cry like this, it’s almost time to eat. If you make him cry so hard, how can this food be eaten? ”

Her worries became what he thought was redundant. Instead of coaxing her son with her, he blames her for making her child cry.

The more he misinterpreted her intentions, the angrier Alice became.

Joan stood in the dining room and watched this family of three crying and making a noise. As an elder, she can’t interfere in it, because such things were often more persuaded and more chaotic. Some things need them to run in. Many families were like this, the couple quarreled because of their children, and it was more like a home.

Pippi understood that dad was protecting him, he cried more and more. Alice was so angry that she hit Pippi directly on the buttocks, even if she didn’t use her maximum strength. The child can feel the pain, and cried louder.

Benjamin saw that Alice was still beating the child, and he took Pippi from her arms and hugged them in his heart. “Alice, you are way too much. He is so small, you dare to beat him.”

“He is my son, I can do anything to him.” Alice threatened with a direct language. “Don’t you try to cry again, I will beat you more.”

Pippi was really scared and closed his mouth tightly, his body trembled in Benjamin’s arms, and she didn’t dare to cry even he was wronged, and held back the tears.

This made Benjamin dumbfounding. The son was too weak. He really didn’t dare to cry anymore. If it was he, he should continue crying, crying louder.

But Pippi stopped crying, and the anger in the two adults naturally disappeared a lot.

Joan called out over the restaurant. “Alright, come and eat.”

Pippi the little traitor, he still loved his mother. Just now his mother hit him, but now he was also looking for a hug.

Benjamin watched as he hugged Alice’s arms from his arms. After Alice hugged Pippi, she gently touched his little butt and asked distressingly, “Does it hurt?”

Pippi shook his head. “It doesn’t hurt anymore, but the next time Mommy hits Pippi, can she hit him lightly?”

Several adults couldn’t help laughing, this little ghost obviously wanted to make a mistake next time, but he hoped to discuss it when being punished.

Alice said to him, “Then you don’t want to be willful, and you won’t be asshole if you don’t be mischievous.”

Pippi’s attitude to this issue was very firm. “It won’t work, every child is very disobedient.”

Well, she was speechless.

“Mummy, you eat meat…”



Anyway, this little sweet mouth kept calling mommy mommy for a meal, Benjamin was really sad, because Alice’s entire process was happy and satisfied, and he was ignored.

Joan knocked on her son’s rice bowl with chopsticks. “Your son is better than you. If you can also have your son’s tricks, I guess I have more grandsons and granddaughters.”

Even his mother said so, Benjamin felt that he was totally a loser.

Let’s see if his stinky son was still screaming sweetly, and made sure it’s a trick.

Well, if you can really achieve the goal, you can use whatever means.

The man in order to sleep with his woman had thought about many ways.

In the dark, quiet night, someone did creep into other’s bed while she was asleep.

Alice felt that there was a powerful imprisonment around her waist. She didn’t have to turn around to know who was behind her.

“You don’t sleep in the middle of the night, what are you tossing about?” Alice didn’t look back to push him away, nor did she untie his arm around her waist. After all, it was late. Last night, because he didn’t return all night, she didn’t all night.