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Chapter 90 Eat Your Heart

“Auntie is really happy.”

Charlie takes her hand and vows, “Trust me, I will give you the same happiness.”

“I believe you.”

She believes him, and bets her life to believe him.

“I’ll get my luggage in.”


Karin carefully looks at the room Charlie has chosen for her, as if it has been purposely furnished. Whether it is the color combination or the furnishings, she is very satisfied.

She lies on the soft big bed, and tosses around several times. This is her home. Their home. Closes her eyes and feels the joy of this moment. The wisteria outside is more gorgeous.

“Is the bed big enough?”

An ambiguous questioning comes from her ear, and she opens her eyes leisurely, nodding embarrassingly, “Well, quite big.”

“Not only big but also soft, right?”

She continues to nod, “Well, quite soft.”

“Do you like it?”

“Well, I like it.”

“I like it too, but I like the person now lying in bed more\…”

When she wakes up, it is the next morning.

Karin jumps out of bed barefoot and pushes Charlie, “Wake up, wake up soon.”

“What happened?”

He opens his eyes and gazed at her with affectionate eyes.

“I am so hungry. What shall we eat?”

“What do you think?”

Charlie chuckles and laughs. He gets up and dressed while saying, “The most important thing in the mountains is game. There are a lot of hunting tools downstairs. You can just pick one and hunts what you like.”

“Are you kidding me? I’m not a savage, what game do I eat?”

“Then don’t eat.”

“Then I go down the mountain…”

“What are you doing?”

“Look for food!”

Running downstairs, she thinks she is hungry and stunned. She smells the smell of food, sucks her nose, and runs greedily along the aroma like an animal with a keen sense of smell.

There are more than a dozen large and small rooms in wisteria Garden. In addition to the master bedroom and guest rooms, the rest are study rooms, gyms, dining rooms, and so on.

Karin stops at the door of a dining room. If it is not for the tempting breakfast on the table, she would not have thought that this house full of wisteria flowers is actually a dining room.

Of course, what she is more curious than this is where did the breakfast come from? Did Charlie get up early to prepare for her? Maybe not, he doesn’t look like the kind of person who can go to the hall and the kitchen…

“Miss Karin, good morning.”

There is a greeting behind her, turning her back, and she is very confused by the strange voice.

“You are…?”

She stares at the amiable old woman in front of her, guessing her identity.

“I am arranged by the master to take care of the young lady’s diet.”

“Oh, that’s it.”

There is a sweet smile immediately, and she opens the stool and says, “Please sit down.”

“No, you are the master and I am the servant, we cannot mess up the identity.”

“No. Never mind, it’s okay, come and sit.”

She insists on holding the woman down and asks diligently, “What do I call you?”

“Just call me Yuma.”

“Okay,” Karin agrees quickly, and says gravely, “Yuma, I’m not a lady of rich family, so you don’t have to be respectful and polite to me, just let us be together as a family.”

Yuma nods, “If Miss Karin doesn’t mind, then that’s fine.”

They don’t know when Charlie comes in, with a slight smile on his face.

“Master, good morning.”

Yuma quickly gets up.

“Good morning.” He nods and says, “You’ve all met each other, so I don’t need to introduce you, right?”

“No,” Karin replies.

“Yuma, Please take care of Karin in the future, just like you take care of my mother. I will be grateful for your kindness.”

“Master, rest assured, I will live up to your expectations.”

After Yuma speaks, she retreats

Karin is surprised, thinking the sentence just now, “Just like taking care of my mother…”

“Charlie, isn’t she the new aunt?”

“No, she took care of my mom before.”

“Why don’t you do it in Charlie’s Mansion?”

“She hasn’t been working in Charlie’s Mansion. When my mother comes here, Yuma will take care of her for a while when my mom lives in the mountain.”

“Oh, I see.”

She suddenly wakes up to that, and at the same time she is ecstatic. Judging by Yuma’s attitude towards her just now, she must like Karin.

After having breakfast, Charlie is going down the mountain to the company. Karin keeps sending him to the mountain pass, clutching his hands reluctantly, reluctantly to let him go.

“What happened?”

Seeing her unhappy, Charlie couldn’t help asking.

“Nothing, it’s because I’m alone on the mountain, and I am a little scared.”

“What are you afraid of? Isn’t Yum still with you?”

“After all, Yuma is not familiar with me…”

He smiles, kisses her forehead, promises that “Relax, I’ll be back before dark.”

“Well then, drive carefully.”


She waves her hand and watches his car whistling away from the hill. Until she couldn’t see it, did she return back to the wisteria garden.

Yuma is watering the wisteria flowers in the garden. Her expression is very peaceful, and the wrinkles on her face are clear under the sun’s rays.

“Yuma, can I chat with you?” Karin carefully approaches and asks inquiringly.

“Of course.” Yuma smiles at her kindly.

“I heard Charlie said that you used to take care of his mother?”


“How long did that start?”

“It’s been a long time. When I took care of Mrs. Diana, Master Charlie was only in his tens.”

In his tens

Karin’s eyes rolls around, “So, do you know a lot about his childhood?”


“That’s great.” Holding on to Yuma’s arm, Karin says, “Well, could you tell me about that?”

This leisure talk continues to about noon, Karin listens attentively, completely disregarding the scorching sun and starving.

Suddenly, there is a loud bang, and the door is kicked open from the outside. Then, a group of people come in, and everyone is from the Charlie’s family.

At first glance, Yuma quickly rushes into the room and quickly dials Charlie’s phone.

“Master, come back soon, Miss Karin is in trouble…”