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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 86 Be with you

She screams in fright and steps back.

Compared to her shock, Charlie is calmer. He steps forward and caresses a woman about fifty years old to sit on the bed. His tone is very soft, “Don’t be scare, she has never seen you.”

The woman smirks, “I have seen her. Isn’t she the star? Singapore, right?”

“No, she is my girlfriend.”

“Oh, yes. You told me yesterday.”

Seeing her talking nonsense, Karin has understood that she is a mental patient, calms down her emotions, and asks Charlie, “This is your mother…?”


“So is she?”

“Mia’s mother.”


Karin is extremely surprised, “She is Mia’s mother?”


Unbelievably, looking at the woman in front of her, listening to Charlie’s words, she finds that the woman really looks like Mia.

“Why do you come to visit her mother?” She asks, lowering her voice.

“I will tell you when we get back.”

“Auntie, have you remembered something recently?”


“Really?” Charlie asks in surprise, “What do you remember?”

“I remember, my name is Gloria.”

“Yes. Anything else?”

“My husband’s name is Joyce.”

“Yes, anything else?”

Charlie is full of expectations. It seems that he wants to find an answer from this woman.

“Any more?” The woman thinks for a while, and bows her head shyly, “I just get pregnant.”


Every time he looks forward to it, in the end, he always is in such disappointment. It seems that some secrets are destined not to reveal one day.

On the way back, Charlie’s expression is very lost. He asks Karin, “Did you see anything just now?”

Karin answers carefully, “You want to inquire about things from Mia’s mother.”

He nods, “Yes.”

“So… what do you want to inquire about?”

She has never wanted to ask him about it, but she wants to know it now.

“I want to find out who killed my parents ten years ago.”

“What? Your parents are killed?!”

Karin takes a deep breath, never expecting it to be so serious.


Charlie frowns, slowly telling the truth, “Ten years ago, Charlie’s family and Mia’s family are close friends. The parents of both parties are very good. One day, the two met for a trip, and the ship sailed to the Rhine was destroyed, my parents and her father were all killed, and the only one who survived is her mother, but she also lost her mind.”

“Then what do you hope she can tell you?”

“I hope she can tell me who they met the night they had an accident.”

“But how can you be sure they are killed? It could be an accident.”

Shaking his head, “Impossible, how many people want to take my father’s life, as many people want to take my life, and you can see how much it is possible for my father to die unexpectedly.”

Karin stops talking, and sometimes things could be really complicated, but she thinks it too simple.

Just as two years ago, if she hasn’t witnessed it herself, she would have always thought that the world is peaceful and beautiful. Those fights and kills would only appear in TV shows, and would never appear in her life.

“Those few days I disappeared, it is because the nursing home called me and said that Aunt showed signs of memory recovery, so I took Robert to stay there for three days and nights, but I still didn’t ask anything.”

Karin thinks there is something wrong, but couldn’t remember it. When she is thinking about it–

“Are you thinking, how could it be so coincident, as soon as I left, Milan notified the newspaper to release the message of marriage?”

“Right.” She just feels something is wrong here.

“In fact, I secretly investigated the death of my parents. No one knows except Robert and my three sisters and Mia. In other words, as long as I go to the nursing home, they would get the news simultaneously.”

“Why investigate in secret?”

“There are many sinister things in the world that you haven’t experienced before, so you won’t understand. If we investigate publicly, it will inevitably make a sensation. Everyone else thinks she is dead. You imagine, what would happen if the murderer knows she is still alive?”

Karin is speechless, perhaps as Charlie says, because she is not deeply involved in the world, and she could not imagine many sinister things.

“If I don’t guess wrong, Milan must have seen Barry before announcing the fake marriage report.”

This coincides with Karin’s thinking.

“I think so, if they haven’t met, there won’t be so many coincidences.”

“Do you know which one of our siblings ma parents liked best?”

Without thinking, she blurts out, “It must be you.”

“No.” Charlie shakes his head.

“Shouldn’t parents love son.”

“There is no sex bias in our family.”

“Why even have a son? Wouldn’t it be nice to have three daughters?”

“There must always be someone inheriting the grand family property.”

“It turns out that you come to this world just to inherit the family business.”

“You’re wrong again.” Charlie smiles, “My parents love me very much, but love and like are two different things.”

“I see. Is Lily, right?”

Thinking of Lily, even Karin feels she likes her.


Then be perplexed, “Isn’t it your third sister?” Added in time, “It won’t be Milan anyway.”

“Have you met my third sister?”


She only knows that her name is Arya. She has only seen her back.

“My third sister’s personality is completely different from the other two sisters. She is very indifferent and doesn’t care about anything

“It’s no wonder that when you called your three sisters back that day, only Milan and Lily talk to each other. It turns out that your third sister doesn’t ask trivial.”

“You can say that.”

“Then I will be depressed.”

“What’s depressed?”

“Don’t tell me, what your parents like best is Milan?”

If Arya really is like what Charlie said, it would not be possible to win the favor of their parents.

“Exactly.” He affirms her uncertainty.

“Why?” She signs. “Why? That’s unacceptable!”

“I told you that Milan values commitment most, from childhood to this age. She must do everything she promises, and she also asks her brother and sisters to do it. If you’re a parent, you will like such child.”

Karin signs, “I don’t believe that she hasn’t disobeyed your parents once…”

“No, really.”

Speaking of this, Charlie is very distressed, “Her marriage is very unhappy because…”

“I know this, I know it very well!”

“Oh? Why do you know?”

“I can see that happy people don’t ask how valuable true heart are.”

He nods, agrees in her remarks.

“But what happened to her marriage?”

Charlie frowns lightly, “Her marriage is a commercial marriage. She knows a long time ago that her future husband would be a play bot, but she would marry herself in order not to break her promise.”

She doesn’t think that Milan’s behavior is admirable, but she feels she is too extreme.

“I still don’t understand one thing.”

“What’s up?”

“How did your family owe the Mia’s family?”