Chapter 85 The Heart of a “Black Sorcerer”

Glenn had quietly left the main battlefield and was leaving for “his camp”.

At this moment, after a burst of amazing magical fluctuations in the sky over the battlefield, the Protectors of the 12th had finally been sent! They were code-named Night Owl, Vampire Bat, Grim Crow, Carrion-Eating Vulture…

The 16 Protectors all had clear targets, and were going for the five core leaders in the 19th, leaving behind a trailing large stretch of space waves. That was three Protectors, equivalent of a level one Lianti sorcerer, for one leader.

In concert with these Protectors, the passive 12th students stepped out of their interjections and rushed to the 19th who began to show signs of their formation crumbling. It appeared to be a dramatic reversal of situation.

On the other side.

The remaining Protectors at the 19th were also dispatched—-Wind Civet Cat, Red Swan, Moonlit Rabbit, Six-winged Crane, Greedy Dragon Pig, and Mud Goblin…

The decisive battle between the two parties reached a climax almost instantaneously with the advent of these Protectors!

Like a drop of hot oil landing into ice water, the calm situation suddenly turned turbulent. The Protectors along with the students dashed for these five leaders desperately. Fights between Protectors, between Protectors and students, and between students. A real chaotic bloodbath.

However, as the battle turned into a melee, the 12th was beginning to occupy an absolute superiority again…


Ignorant of the war going on, Glenn disguised as Sanjay, and flew to the 20 resource points of the 20 Drops of Blood at an unbelievable speed.

Half a day later.

“Where are you from? How come you came back from the battlefield?” A student at one resource point shouted at Glenn, his hand holding up a magic wand.

Since Glenn was camouflaged as Sanjay, he had done his homework and as he was just about to elaborate on a set of lies, a female who seemed to be familiar with Sanjay shouted in surprise: “Sanjay? Why did you come back alone? Where is Amy?”

The female student looked very cute. She had an appearance which was very similar to Bionna. Just so pure, cute, innocent! Her golden wave-like curly hair framed her white skin, a pair of bright big eyes akin to crystals, gleaming lips slightly tilted, and with a little baby fat on her face.

However, this girl was fundamentally different to Bionna.

This girl seemed to have no pretense, and gave a feeling of purity like the blossoming spring flowers in the sunshine, with the sweetest smile on her face that seemed capable of lowering the guard of anyone.

She ran down the resources point and came to Glenn’s side.

The other students who were in charge of the fringe patrol saw Glenn was recognized, so they became relaxed and turned away, regarding him as one of their own.

Glenn’s clothes had been deliberately ragged. He looked at this carefree, innocent girl, trying to control his feigned sadness, choking: “Amy is dead…”

Glenn did not say much to not to be given away by his accent.

Obviously, this simple and lovely little girl did not have the slightest suspicion about him. She became sad, reflecting the emotion in her heart.

The girl’s eyes turned red, shedding tears. She then choked. “Sanjay, Amy is not gonna die in vain, and we will win this war! Amy will be avenged! Those bloody cruel dark students of the 12th will get their punishment!”

Glenn nodded, wearing an appearance of exaggerated sadness, but he did not say another word.

“What? They are using fire spar and thunder rock to make interjections? That’s a miraculous idea.” Glenn watched as the students were laying down interjections.

Glenn was startled. The 19th wasn’t as prepared as the 12th and they were not arming themselves with something like interjections. Yet these seemingly stupid students could use simple magical tools to create some. They used local materials and that was brilliant.

One had to say that in terms of the soundness of basic professional knowledge, the 12th was no match for the 19th.

Soon, the girl accompanied Glenn to a house solidified using the earth element. It was clean, tidy, and strong.

The house caused Glenn to be slightly ashamed. He and Lafite had known each other for years and yet he had never thought of improving their living environment.

Hula, Hula…

A male student hurried to Glenn’s place with three others, and he eagerly asked: “I heard that you just came over from the battlefield, what happened there? Do we have the upper hand in defeating the 12th? “

Glenn shook his head “sadly”, and a few drops of tears trickled down his face…

“Rosen, stop torturing Sanjay with the questions. He has lost his wife Amy. He must be very sad. Just let him take a good rest for a while.” The little girl noticed Glenn’s sadness on his face and became sadder, her big and bright eyes involuntarily shedding tears.

The students looked at each other with sighs of relief, and the head said: “Sanjay? Right? Well, have a rest here.”

The students left, and Glenn sat alone on his bed, looking torn.

The little girl sighed. “Sanjay, you rest yourself up here and I’ll see you again tonight.” Then she gently closed the door and also left.

Inside the dim room, Glenn’s eyes flashed. He muttered: “Their numbers are around 40-50. Complete defensive measures. Gonna be hard to breach from the outside with a few of us or even dozens of us, but if it’s done from the inside…”

Glenn took a vial of poison from his waist—-It was the Evil Eye Kasmira.

Glenn’s body was immune to its lethal poison, so it was useless in building his constitution.

“At this dosage, it should be a problem to kill a hundred, but it’s better to change some of these ingredients and then add some sedatives to make the poison last longer on them.” While cooking the poison, he said: “This area is so outdated! Are they even using water collectively? One wouldn’t expect such a thing to happen in the 12th! Such a rookie mistake.”

Late at night, under the moonlight, Glenn visited room after room and collected the badges from the people who had been poisoned and thus had no ability to resist.

Glenn sighed as he found that cute, innocent little girl who had died in peace.

Glenn finally came to the headman’s room and picked up his badge. He must have died struggling painfully.

He then pondered: “This one seems to be a little more well-known. So will he be easier to identify? Oh, Right, that little girl called him Rosen. “

Glenn murmured something, and then his features slowly changed into Rosen’s. After the transfiguration was complete, he burned Rosen’s body with his fireball.