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Chapter 84 Badge Collecting

The final battle was on as the students from the two sides had expected.

The 12th section’s strengths defenses-wise were obvious—-the interjections laid criss-cross on the ground, the protective screen formed by the hills, the individual students’ better skills, traps set up and the undercover students in the enemy’s camp. And they could send the Protectors more.

But the war was not going with a landslide victory for the 12th section and unexpectedly…the 15th had gotten the upper hand, and the 12th was reduced to passive defense. The reason boiled down to the lesser students and near non-existent unity.

The 19th possessed the advantage of larger number of students and formed unified teams during operations both offensively and defensively, under the command of strong leadership, as compared to the 12th where separated and fragmented groups of students engaged in guerrilla wars. They would focus their heavy firepower on the charging enemies and even the strongest coalition on the 12th retreated when under attack and relied on the interjections for a passive defensive.

The sorceries casted and the resulting swirling elemental fluctuations were overwhelming, just like a raging storm.

At levels that had not reached the point where qualitative change had taken place, the students were “students” after all, and even the legendary ones, when surrounded by a large mass of enemies, would stand little chance of surviving.

Rustling sounds were heard…

Several students flew onto the sky and encountered swift turns of directions as magic lights shot up at them. Afterwards, a rumbling explosion occurred, and the shooting from the ground had ceased.


Glenn was alone standing in a dwarf mountain, and no one noticed his calm expression in this chaos. But as the circumstances of this battle grew more intense, Glenn couldn’t help but become slightly surprised.

The 12th who excelled in small-scale conflicts was being suppressed in this war to a state of passive defense, relying on territoriality and traps among others. As long as a slight movement was detected, they would come under concentrated fire by the 19th, and those targeted would immediately turn into a tailed turtle, hiding in a wide range of overlapping interjections, committing to sporadic counter-attacks.

Glenn suddenly gained some insights regarding this.

Tower of Seven Rings had guided their students to be trained as two camps—-the Bright sorcerers and the Dark ones, and its purpose was to adapt to small-scale conflicts and large ones for when wars would be waged against the foreign worlds.

In other words, the Bright ones would constitute the regular attack troops while the Dark ones would be the elite, squad who would perform certain special tasks.

Thus analyzed, if I finally manage to become a demon hunter of the Tower of Seventh Rings, I would be partitioned to either Bright or Dark then.

The Bright sorcerers would maximize the advantages of this training and would form a larger, more numerous and more capable, cooperative, super regular army. As for the Dark, they would play their combat capabilities to the extreme, and become Black Demon Hunters, which of course had nothing in common with the Black Sorcerers.

A whizz sound was heard…

Two 19th students who were in flight noticed Glenn standing alone on a hillside, and the eyes of one of them turned fierce. That student suddenly crossed his hands and turned around, attempting to flee on his Whirlwind wings.

A student astray was either a dumb guy, or a top sorcerer student with almighty abilities, and this mentality explained the behavior of the fleeing student. If Glenn was stupid, then killing him easily was not worthwhile, but if he was strong, there was no need to fight with him at all.


A fire shield suddenly appeared in front of this “dull” student, and the force produced instantly broke the Whirlwind of the fleeing student as Glenn’s pair of calm eyes behind his mask stared at him.

“Sure enough, a strong one. Get back to our camp quickly!” Then the two students flew towards their camp, daring not to delay.

From the other side, Glenn watched.

That attacker’s attack degree was about 90 degrees. Usually it would require 40 points of mental strength to stimulate 80 points of basic magic power, then he must pull off a 11-12 times of lever power to control the energy level.

Such students were aplenty in almost every school—-they had little talent and wisdom, but had made solid steps along the way of drawing upon from their predecessors.

I’m gonna get him. Just for the badge. I have no role to play in this large-scale conflict. This plan may seem dangerous, but it is actually the safest way to go. “

Glenn suddenly held out one hand, and while calculating the complex formula of the forces of attraction and repulsion, the space around his body began to distort for a moment and then he reappeared in the air tens of meters away.


Glenn shouted toward the sorcerer who was fleeing on his whirlwind. The next moment, a gust of gravitational force began to pull that student backwards, disabling his pair of wings and reducing his speed to a crawling turtle.

The student turned his head around, face aghast, and strained to see through Glenn’s mask.

“Sanjay!” The other student screamed as she came back to the trapped student.

“Amy, get away. He is among the top ten of the 12th.” He flapped his wings violently so as to not be pulled back to Glenn.

“No…” Amy clutched onto Sanjay’s hands, trying to get him out of the swirl.

Glenn made another twist of space and came off a couple of meters away from the couple, and said coldly. “Why not you both stay?”

A spectacularly fast pillar of ice stroke towards the female’s chest but was stopped by a green shield. However, before this female student had time to respond further, with a flash of the thunder force of the ice pillar, the shield had been broken like an egg falling on the ground, and then the ice pillar impaled the female’s chest.


Sanjay shouted in despair as he stared at the falling body.

Glenn was unmoved.

The distance between them was very close, so as Glenn pulled in his full strength, Sanjay’s body was involuntarily drawn to Glenn.

Glenn’s body constitution had become so strong that if he pinched his neck, then Sanjay would be dead.

A moment later, after Glenn had remembered Sanjay’s physical information, he was about to do the killing. However, this male who was suffocating, with eyes full of anger, continued to slap at Glenn with both hands despite the fact that the damage so weak to the point of tickling.

Being curious, Glenn slightly relaxed his arm.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

After three consecutive coughs, the male student shouted: “You bastard, you killed…”

Glenn shook his head disappointedly. “You were just trying to curse me? If cursing can kill others and protect yourself, then why do we have to go through those cruel trials in the 12th section? You are boring…If I was the one who had lost, would you curse yourself like that?”

Glenn snapped the male’s neck, and threw him to the ground.

A shadow streaked to the ground. After a crashing sound, a mixture of flesh and blood appeared on the ground.

“Am I a bastard?” Glenn shook his head. Then his features began to change slowly with the help of his dissimilation sorcery and gradually his face became exactly like Sanjay’s. “Such a child. It’s war we are talking about. It is fair to kill.”

War was indeed not something that Glenn could do anything about.

“What?” Glenn turned around and saw a translucent guy in the distance who seemed to have seen Glenn “turn”. He was dumbfounded as Glenn discovered him as he was just about to attack Glenn, and this time fled at full speed.

“If you’ve seen it, then why not leave the badge!”

Glenn whisked his hand and a fire bat appeared on his fingertips. Then accelerated by the strong repulsive force, the fire sped into red blur.


A heat wave scattered in the distance.

The next moment, the translucent figure had caught on fire and was falling as he screamed.

Glenn’s forces of attraction and repulsion could not only expand the range of fire bat attack but also its speed. And this property would apply to most of his sorceries.

Taking off the Ashen mask, Glenn revealed Sanjay’s appearance. He then picked up the badges from the three corpses, and also dealt with the problem of clothing.

“Glenn” would then go to the 19th and collect his badges.