Chapter 265 You and I have a child, huhu

“What’s the matter?” Bella squinted at James.

This man’s personality was too strange that she can’t see anything from his eternal face.

He held another woman yesterday, and he was with another woman at night.

Why is there no little guilt and uneasiness in his heart?

Or he felt that he is the king in the highest position, and any favor given to a woman by him is a charity, so there was no guilt or explanation…

She can’t understand him! She can’t see through him!

He never wanted her to come into his heart. He never shed tears for her, even though she almost died for him.

But he shed tears for the girl, and his lips left traces on the girl’s face.

Forget it!

“Nothing. Something happened recently. I’m in a bad mood. I hope it won’t affect you.” Bella said with a smile.

James Grayson raised his eyebrows. “Why are you behaving so weirdly? We are a husband and wife.”

“You may not understand me. I’ve always been so gloomy, cold, indifferent, mean, and unfriendly. You know me from the first day you met me, I have always been like this. If you want to divorce, it’s not too late, they haven’t registered our information with the Civil Affairs Bureau.” Bella said lazily.

“You want a divorce, right?” James Grayson said clearly.

All of a sudden, Bella felt funny, so she laughed.

Now it’s him who wanted to divorce more. But he clearly put everything on her.


She didn’t care. She just wanted to be free.

Bella leered at him.

“We will discuss it after the meeting.” James Grayson said with a livid face and with great strength he tightened the grip on the steering wheel, his nails turned white.

Bella looked at his hand indifferently.


Because of her insolence, or because of his heart?

In fact, in her eyes, he had no right to be angry.

After the meeting? Is he afraid that she won’t help him in work after divorce?

“Don’t worry, I have a clear line between public and private matters,” Bella said meaningfully.

James Grayson pursed his lips and did not speak. After a while, they reached the place where he lived.

Bella got out of the car and walked in.

She looked back at James Grayson.

His cell phone rang.

He took a look at her, and the panic in her eyes was caught by Bella. Bella slightly raised the corner of her mouth, turned around and walked into the room.

James Grayson walked outside to answer, “Scarlett, What’s the matter?”

“James, I’m very scared. Where are you?” Scarlett Evan cried.

“I’ll send someone to accompany you later. I have something on my side.”

“Don’t you want me? Am I so ugly now, I know I’m not worthy of you? Ah… Ah… Don’t come here, ah…” Scarlett Evan screamed and cried.

James Grayson heard the sound of falling things on her side and hung up.

He tightened his eyebrows and looked at his room.

Bella was standing at the window, smiling at him, she has seen his worry, heartache, pity, and tenderness in his eyes.

James Grayson’s guilt flickered in his deep eyes.

Bella drew the curtain, took out two marriage certificates from the drawer of the bedside table, opened them, and smiled happily, just like a full-bloomed flower.

“Fool.” Bella said softly, tore up the two marriage certificates, threw them into the toilet and washed them away.

The mood gradually calmed down.

Now she has no position to blame him and no position to be sad. Everything will be fine soon…

Bella came out of the bathroom, and James Grayson opened the door.

“Well, I’ve already arranged the meeting this afternoon. I have something to do. I need to go out for a while.” James Grayson said with twinkling eyes.

Bella smiled. “Will you come back tonight?”

“Maybe later.” James Grayson twisted his eyebrows.

“Give me five minutes, do you know where I was yesterday,” Bella asked.

James Grayson was silent for a while. “Although we are married, you are still relatively free. I believe you won’t do anything wrong.”

“Relative freedom?” Bella nodded her head.

James Grayson said this very well, which means that as his wife, she should also give freedom to him.

“I was in room 2110, the Clift Royal hotel, after about nine o’clock last night. You may not know where room 2110 is. To be exact, it’s opposite to room # 2108.” Bella said with a smile.

In James Grayson’s deep eyes, finally, a crack appeared.

“I’m at the gate of the second people’s Hospital at about 10:30 in the morning. You were also at that hospital at that time?” Bella added.

“You followed me?” James Grayson frowned and looked at Bella.

She didn’t know whether she was following him or not. But if he was thinking like this, she still didn’t care much.

“Who is that girl?” Bella asked curiously.

“Scarlett and I are not what you think.” James Grayson explained.

“Oh, Scarlett Evan is not dead.” Bella also understood.

It turned out that the girl he loved has come back.

Although in Bella’s mind, she wasn’t married to him now, her heart still ached badly.

Her emotions for him wasn’t fake. Her wait for him wasn’t fake. Their marriage wasn’t fake.

Just… felt this pain for the last time.

Tears came out unexpectedly.

James Grayson tightened his brow. “She and I didn’t do anything yesterday. She suffered from a serious phobia, last night she fainted. She cut herself with a knife in the early morning. I just took her to the hospital.”

Bella’s tears flowed down quietly.

She also fainted, she has a serious mental illness, and she was also injured. However, at that time, he accompanied other women, and she was suffering alone.

“James Grayson, I don’t need a man to take care of me. I can live a good life. She needs your care. Otherwise, she can’t survive. Take care of her. However, no matter what, I will never forgive you.” Bella picked up the suitcase, opened it and put the clothes in it.

James Grayson looked at her and noticed that she wanted to leave. He impulsively pulled her.

He pulled her with force, and it led to the tearing of her wound.

Bella could feel the hot liquid running down her skin. Fortunately, the dark clothes covered the blood.

“What are you talking about? I’m just responsible for her. She’s like this now because of me. It’s not how you think.” James Grayson explained and his chest heaved violently.

Scarlett Evan became mentally ill because of him! And what about her?

She has this mental illness is because of her own, because her heart wasn’t under her control, so, she deserves to be hurt!

Bella’s hatred for him was overwhelming. “Responsibility, responsibility, you always do things because of responsibility. In the beginning, you just appeared in my life because you forced me, defiled me! I don’t need you to be responsible for me, nor do our child!”