Chapter 263 When no one loves us, we should love ourselves more

She didn’t need to love someone who didn’t care about her.

Bella made a decision, stood up, walked into the bathroom, looked at herself in the mirror, and gently stroked her fingers on the washbasin.

“Bella, don’t be sad. Everyone has the right to choose. He doesn’t love you. You can’t control him. This kind of love can only end in tragedy. And only you know the pain you suffered in the middle.

However, if you stop loving him, you will not be hurt, or aggrieved.

When you stop loving him and he loves some other person, it will have nothing to do with you.

Just remember, no one in the world loves you, only you love yourself, don’t commit suicide, don’t despair, don’t hurt others, and above all do not hurt yourself.”

Bella took back her hand and became quiet again.

Her eyes darkened.

Well… She failed to hypnotize herself.

She still felt the pain in her heart and the sorrow, like a knife, has been stabbed into her heart.

At the same time, she felt very sad, she wanted to use hypnosis to paralyze herself.

It was a pity that she knew herself too well, she was hypnotizing but she can’t…

She brushed her teeth, lay down on the bed, closed her eyes and forced herself to not think about anything but her heart was still aching.

She picked up her cell phone and casually dialed an 11 digit number.

She didn’t know who will be on the other side, whether she was a man or a woman, whether she was an old man or a child. She just wanted to find a stranger to talk to.

She thought, after that. She may not be as sad as she is now.

The phone rang three times and the other party answered.

“Hello, who is that?” A man’s deep and steady voice sounded.

“Hello, did… I… disturb you?” Bella asked apologetically.

“What’s the matter? Say it.” The other side said.

Bella found that her action was abrupt. She was in a bad mood she thought after talking to strangers and venting she may not be in such a mood. However, she found that she could not speak at all.

“I’m sorry to bother you.” Bella hung up.

The other side called again, and the tone was not very good. “What’s the matter, say it!”

“I just want to talk to someone.”

“You are ill.”

Bella slightly raised the corner of her mouth, and her eyes were wet. She said lightly, “Yes, I’m sick and mentally ill. After returning home, I had frequent attacks. In anger, I lose my senses and start dropping and smashing things. After behaving crazily I left myself with no strength. Suddenly I wake up and realized, oh, I’m sick again.”

“You also do all this?” The other side asked suspiciously.

“Also” This word suddenly made Bella laugh.

She called at a random number and went to another patient’s place.

What kind of fate is that?

“My first husband married me because of revenge. In three years of asexual marriage, I watched him having fun with other women every day, and then we divorced.

I fell in love with a man who saved me several times. He said that he liked me, and I repaid his feelings. Later, the man lost his memory and forgot me. He only remembered his ex-girlfriend. I was desperate and committed suicide.

I was saved by some people. I watched my friend crying. Suddenly I felt that I couldn’t let my relatives hurt. I chose to study abroad.

From that time on, I knew that there was something wrong with my mind. I wanted to help myself. I became a famous psychologist. I could cure others, but I could not cure myself.

I married that man who has lost his memory. However, on the first day of marriage, I saw him with another woman.

My heart is very painful. I wish I had no heart. Maybe it will be better.

I tried to hypnotize myself, but I failed.” Bella said all the psychological pain. After that, she felt better, as if a tight string had been relaxed.

The other side was silent.

“Thank you for listening. It’s late. I won’t disturb you. People who go to bed early and stay up late die earlier. This is true.” Bella said softly.

“Are you a psychiatrist?” the man asked.

Bella thought that he listened to her nagging for free, and she should payback, “I’m a psychiatrist who can’t see her own illness well. If you agree to trust me, I can give you a try, for free.”

“I’m easy to lose my temper. I throw things when I lose my temper. I often scold my parents, my younger brother and my girlfriend. Now I find myself utterly isolated. I don’t think any employees in my company likes me. Sometimes I want to change, but I just can’t. I listen to my employees calling me the devil, madman, pervert and so on.” The man was very confused while saying all this.

Bella listened to his voice, it didn’t seem as if she had woken him up. He seemed sober, he has a strong voice and a steady voice. He didn’t seem drunk.

“You live alone now. You are still working at midnight. You are a very serious and responsible person.

Your mind is very sensitive, you have enjoyed the honor that has not been enjoyed by others, and you also experienced many setbacks. Others despised you.

You are very conceited and ambitious. But you care about what others think of you, which makes you very tired.

When you lose your temper, it may be because what your employees do can’t meet your requirements. You feel that you are far away from your goals and that you are a loser. The last thing you want to be is a loser.” Bella analyzed.

“You know me?” The man was surprised.

“I don’t know you. You think a lot of people are staring at you and laughs at you. In fact, they don’t care about you. They just look at you in their spare time. However, the people who really care about you are the people who have been scolded by you but still care about you and didn’t leave you. Such people are actually around you.”

The man was silent.

“One day, you will be successful. You show off your success to the whole world. At that time you will find that no one wants to see you. Even if you find someone to say how successful you are, no one else wants to hear it. Especially the people who knew you before and the one who once despised you. Do you know why?” Bella asked.

“Because my success will make them sad and uncomfortable.” The man said clearly.

“Yes, this is human nature. They not only praise you but also envy you. What’s more terrible is that they hate you. With 100% effort, you hurt your close relatives and loved ones, and you get hatred from others in free. Is it interesting?” Bella said.

“I think it makes sense.”

“Don’t be too rational, live a good life and slowly do your business on the premise of living a good life.

Let yourself become the interests of others and you will get the help of everyone. When you reach a certain height, all people will hope you to be even better, because if you grow better, they will also live better.

Slow down. Sometimes mistakes are good. It gives you experience, and you won’t make them again when you succeed. That’s how you will never fall down.” Bella said softly.

“I think I am feeling very relieved after hearing from you. Why can’t you cure yourself if you can cure others?”

“I don’t know,” Bella said. Her mobile phone had another call.

She took a look. It was James Grayson’s call.