Chapter 262 Probably because she can’t let it go

Bella was sitting on the sofa, resting for a while, her eyelids were heavy.

She didn’t want to faint.

She shook her head, stood up, put bright lipstick on her pale lips, changed into a clean dress, and wrapped herself in a black windbreaker.

In this way, even if there was blood, it cannot be found out by others.

She took the suitcase out and said to the attendant, “Hello, actually my trolley bag is broken. This trolley means a lot to me. I want to go out and repair it. Would you please call a car for me? In addition, the bedsheet is dirty. Please replace it with a new one.”

“Oh, why not, I’ll call someone to drop you. Please wait for five minutes.” The attendant made a phone call.

Bella entered the kitchen.

James Grayson had a special kitchen here. She turned out the sugar jar and took a cube of sugar put it in her mouth and swallowed it.

“I have already called the driver.” The attendant reported.

“Thank you,” Bella said lightly and walked past the attendant.

The attendant saw that all four wheels of the trolley bag were good, and the zipper was also fine. She wondered what can be the problem.

However, she had heard that this lady will be the future wife of the chief, and she did not dare to ask any question to her.

Bella sat in the car. “Please go to Moon international. I’m a little tired and want to sleep for a while. When we reach there, wake me up. I’m a little sleepy. You must have to wake me up.”

Bella said to the driver.


In fact, she can go to Amelia William.

Amelia William was a doctor. There must be all the medicines and tools she needed. However, she was sure that Amelia William would worry about her injury.

She closed her eyes and fainted.

The attendant went into the room and changed the sheets. She found that the original sheets were not there and she couldn’t find them.

The lamp on the bedside, water glass, vase and other things of the chief all were gone.

Those things were not valuable, and the vase was only of tens of yuan. It was useless for that lady to steal those things.

The attendant was confused, should she report it to the chief or not?

“Hello. Wake up, wake up. ”

Bella was woken up with a bad headache. She looked weakly at the soldiers.

The soldier asked anxiously, “Madam are you ok? You don’t look very good.”

Bella smiled. “I didn’t sleep very well yesterday. Thank you. You can go back. I will come back myself.”

“Okay.” The soldier looked at Bella suspiciously.

Bella got off the car, she was a little dizzy and tried to get some support from the car. The soldier was carrying out the suitcase, so he didn’t find out Bella’s abnormality.

“I will go back now. If you want me to pick you up, just call the chief’s attendant.” The soldier said.

“Thank you,” Bella said in a soft voice.

She watched the car going away.

She was dizzy and finally fainted….

She didn’t know after how long, she opened her eyes and saw a gorgeous crystal chandelier.

“Awake.” David Wilson said softly.

Bella looked at him, and his eyes were full of pity.

“How I came here?” Bella asked suspiciously and wanted to sit up.

David Wilson pressed her shoulder, “You lie down. Your body is hurt badly. You have a fever. How can you be like this? James Grayson beats you?”

Bella shook her head. “I fell down accidentally. What time is it now?”

“Five twenty in the afternoon.” David Wilson said.

Bella pulled out the needle from her wrist. “I have to go. There is a meeting in the afternoon. There are many things that I have to be done.”

David Wilson looked at Bella, his heart ached but he didn’t force her, “Okay, I’ll take you back.”

“Where are my bag and trolley?” Bella asked.

“In front of the sofa outside.” David Wilson turned around.

Bella went out and saw her bag and trolley.

She took her cell phone out of her bag.

There were several phones call, which were from her former customers, and there was also a call from Amelia, but there was no call form James. Her heart was sour, but she covered up her sadness with indifference.

If she guessed right, James Grayson should still be with the girl.

However, she wanted to confront him face to face.

David Wilson looked at Bella. “Let’s go.”

Bella went out with the trolley, poured everything into the dustbin, and then carried the empty trolley back.

It was half-past six when she reached the gate of the military region. She looked at the mobile phone, still, there was no call from James.

“Call someone to pick you up, or you won’t get in.” David Wilson said.

Bella got out of the car.

David Wilson didn’t get out of the car, but he lowered the window and advised her, “Don’t forget to take the medicine. You are still in a fever. You are a doctor. You know better than others. Besides, I am waiting for you to come back.”

Bella didn’t answer, he said and left.

Bella watched David Wilson’s car leaving.

She picked up her mobile phone, looked at James Grayson’s mobile phone number, and finally called.

“Hello, Bella, I have something to do. I’ll come back later. You don’t have to wait for me. I’ll arrange the meeting at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella suddenly felt that she didn’t have to say anything, she hung up the phone.

People are selfish.

She just wanted to say – it doesn’t matter. I am also going to be busy. Maybe I won’t come back in a few days.

But she also wanted to ask him personally, what did he think? Who is that girl!

Finally, she took a taxi to the Clift Royal hotel and booked the 2110 presidential suite, just opposite to James Grayson’s room.

She felt that she was so abnormal now. She looked at the door opposite from the cat’s eye like a jealous woman. She hated this kind of behavior, but if she didn’t, she couldn’t pass the threshold in her heart.

She waited long till 10:20 p.m., a delivery man knocked on the door of James Grayson’s room, the door was opened by James Grayson, and he took the food in.

Bella didn’t have supper, but she didn’t want to eat.

At twelve o’clock, James Grayson finally came out.

Bella opened the door and looked out. After taking a bath, James Grayson’s hair was still wet. He quickly stepped towards the elevator.

In her heart, all her persistence collapsed. She felt as if a big mountain has finally strode over, and her heart was pressed and pushed to a dark world.

Bella closed the door and lay down on the bed.

At this time, she felt really tired, because she was standing for a long time and her heels also ached.

It was very quiet around. She could hear her breathing sound.

That’s the destiny… She didn’t do something to hurt anyone.

She just wanted a very simple and happy life. But maybe, she coveted the things that did not belong to her, so she was living a miserable life.

She looked at her mobile phone, which still had no call from James Grayson.

At that time, she hung up suddenly, and James Grayson should know that she was angry.

He knew that she was angry but didn’t call her, which meant that compared with that girl, he didn’t care about her anger at all.