Chapter 261 She has a mental illness

Bella nodded.

His fists were clenched tightly, his eyebrows were twisted and his eyes were misty.

He left in a hurry.

Bella was worried about him. His facial expressions were very abnormal. She went to the window and watched James Grayson walking out. He didn’t even look up at his soldiers and went away.

James Grayson left in a hurry and didn’t give the documents to her. She didn’t know what to discuss in the afternoon’s meeting for the psychological test plan.

After the meal, she lay down on the bed and used her mobile phone.

Paul Watson’s call came in.

Bella answered, “Paul, is everything all right?”

“Bella, you have incredible foresight. Now they have caught Tony’s ex-girlfriend. They have a meat processing factory in their house. She confessed to Tony’s killing.

She and Tony used to be lovers. Her parents didn’t like Tony, so she broke up with Tony and married another man, she has a son.

Later, Tony had sex with her, and their old relationship revived. She didn’t expect Tony had syphilis, which infected her, and she infected her husband again.

Her husband became angry, and they both planned to kill Tony.

That day, Tony left Anna Wilson’s place and got a date call.

She said that her husband was not at home, so she asked him to come to her home.

She let Tony drink medicine. Tony fainted, and they put him in the freezer and froze him to death, then they cut him with machines.” Paul Watson told the story.

“What about the child. He became an orphan now?” Bella felt sad for the innocent child.

“The child was Tony’s child. We confirmed it after the DNA test. When we caught that woman, the child had already been frozen to death by her husband.” Paul Watson said gloomily.

After hanging up, Bella felt sad.

People should never do wrong things. Even if they didn’t get retribution at that moment, there will be retribution in the future.

If Tony’s girlfriend didn’t refuse to marry Tony at the beginning, or Tony didn’t get emotional stimulation and had a deep love partner, he would not necessarily go on that road and become a manwhore.

Tony’s girlfriend should not marry her husband if she has conceived someone else child. No man can bear his wife’s child with another man.

Just like she did….

If she didn’t give birth to her baby, she would not make her baby become a permanent pain in her heart.

Bella was in a bad mood. She knew that she can’t afford to think nonsense. Otherwise, her illness will reappear. She turned on her computer and was ready to do some homework to transfer her thoughts.

Her mobile phone rang and she received a message.

She took a subconscious look at the message, it was a picture.

It was James Grayson’s picture. The clothes on his body were the same as what he was wearing today. He was holding a girl tightly.

Bella’s heart tightened, and she looked at the picture.

In the picture, James Grayson was holding the girl. He can only see James Grayson’s face and the girl’s back.

The girl was wearing a red long-sleeved skirt, she was tall, thin, and her long hair was tied into a ponytail.

“Ding Dong” another message.

Bella opened it.

James Grayson’s eyes were filled with tears, and he held the girl tightly.

Bella also cried tears flowed down her cheeks.

Soon she received the third photo.

James Grayson held the girl’s shoulder and kissed her on the forehead.

In the fourth picture, James Grayson took the girl to his car.

In the fifth photo, James Grayson held the girl and went to the hotel. The name of the hotel was The Clift Royal hotel.

“They are in the presidential suite 2108 of the Clift Royal hotel. If you want to stop anything, go to him.” Bella received another text message.

Her cell phone dropped on the ground.

Even if she wanted to go, it will take an hour to reach The Clift Royal hotel. She can’t stop anything even if she tried.

She thought… If his mind and body are no longer on her, can she stop it?

She thought of her marriage to David Wilson, the betrayal of James Grayson three years ago, and these photos.

No wonder, James Grayson left in such a hurry.

No wonder, we can’t do what we had planned.

Her mind overflowed with rage, grievance, and sadness.

The flames went straight to her brain and there was uncontrollable confusion in her mind.

For a while, she felt that she was still in her hellish marriage with David Wilson, lonely and helpless.

For a while, she felt that she moved back to the time when James had an accident, and he only remembered Scarlett Evan.

Her heart was in pain.

She thought that after more than three years, the man she fell in love with again still betrayed her, both physically and mentally.

No one likes her, no one loves her, and no one will protect her…

There were such sentences in her mind.

After all, she was suffering from psychosis.

Yes, she was not only a psychiatrist. She was also a psychopath.

She was covering up and paralyzing herself, but at this moment she couldn’t paralyze herself, she was in mental illness, just like her mother.

Bella burst into tears.

She dropped the lamp, the vase, the water glass, her computer, the bedsheet, the quilt, and all the things that could and could not be smashed on the ground.

She and James Grayson did it on this bed yesterday. But now even the thought of it was disgusting.

Everything was messed up.

When she went to take the bonsai on the windowsill, she tripped over herself and fell on the ground. The sharp porcelain pieces entered her flesh and in her body.

It was very painful.

Due to pain her sense of reasoning returned to her brain.

Blood came out of her body.

Bella looked at the mess. She knew that she was ill.

Tears were flowing down from her eyes, and the heart was also dripping blood.

If she died like this, wouldn’t it be too ugly?

Amelia will be sad.

Mom will be sad.

James Grayson will feel disgusting and hated her whenever he has to mention her because she died here, soiled his things and added trouble to him. She was going to die, but she couldn’t let herself die here…

Bella stood up in pain.

The blood has dyed the clothes red.

She untied her clothes and looked at her body. There were many wounds. Fortunately, only one piece of porcelain broke her clothes and went into the meat.

Bella pulled out the porcelain pieces, and the blood flowed faster. She chose a white skirt from the suitcase, tore it and tied it on the wound.

She can’t let the attendant came in, otherwise, she will definitely tell James Grayson.

She still wanted to keep her last bit of self-esteem. She didn’t want anyone to know that she had a mental problem.

She took out all the clothes from her suitcase, put them on the sofa, picked up all the debris from the ground and put it into the suitcase, wiped the blood on the ground from the sheet, and threw the sheet into the suitcase. Fortunately, the quilt didn’t get blood.

She took the quilt and put on the sofa but when she stood up, her head felt dizzy because of the excessive blood loss.

She cannot let herself faint here.

She must not faint.