Chapter 365 She had severe malnutrition

After listening to Lester, I was stunned and smiled. I put down my work and squatted down. I held him and said seriously, “Molly is my twin sister.”

“Really?” Lester blinked and asked me curiously, “does she have the same face as you?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Wow! May I see her?” Lester was excited!

I frowned and felt sorry. I pinched Lester’s face and told him seriously, “my sister has gone far away and won’t come back for a long time.”

“Can’t I see her?” Lester pouted and looked a little unhappy.

When I thought I needed to say something to make him happy, Doris said behind me, “young master, it’s time for dessert. Today is your favorite chocolate cake.”

“I’m coming!”

Lester immediately smiled and revealed two rows of teeth.

He turned and went out.

Lester left. Ming leaned against the door. “I didn’t expect you to tell him that.”

I sat on the chair and checked the skirt I had just made and said, “of course, parents can’t cheat their children.”

Moreover, I didn’t want to convey my subjective consciousness to him.

Children’s world was pure and clean. I didn’t want to mix it with anything.

Soon it was dinner time.

We ate for a while and got a call from Murray. He told me he was in York and needed to know Margaret’s address right away.

I didn’t expect him to be so fast!

After I told him the address of Sacred Heart Hospital, I quickly put down my chopsticks and prepared to go out.

Ming was with me.

Because we went to the hospital, we didn’t take Lester with us.

No sooner had the car arrived at the door of Sacred Heart Hospital than I saw Murray.

He stood there and only wore a long sleeved thin coat and trousers in winter.

He could wear them at Sceaux, but York was cold!

I got out of the car and pulled Murray in. I couldn’t help blaming him, “why do you come here with so few clothes on? Fortunately, the weather is good these days. What do you do if it snows?”

Murray rubbed his arms and said casually, “I don’t know where my thick clothes are. And I don’t have time for them.” Then he asked us, “where’s Margaret?”

“We’ll be there soon.” Ming answered first.

When Murray heard it, he was relieved.

The car went to the underground garage of the rehabilitation center. Ming took us to the elevator of the rehabilitation center. On the elevator, I found Murray very nervous.

He kept putting his clothes and hair in order. At last he took out his cell phone to look at his face. He frowned and said, “am I old?”

Seeing him like this, I was very glad that he didn’t see Margaret in Oasis Hospital.

Otherwise, Murray would tear down the hospital.

Soon we got to the floor where Margaret was. A nurse came out of it. She saw us and greeted Ming respectfully, “Mr. Jessop.”

Ming nodded and asked, “how’s Aunt Moore?”

Ming registered my mother’s name in Sacred Heart Hospital as Margaret Moore.

I had no objection. Because in my opinion, Well Family had long stopped taking her as a family member.

The nurse replied, “the patient is asleep. I just took her temperature. It’s normal. We checked her in the afternoon. She has severe malnutrition and mild cataracts in both eyes. She has serious parasites in her body, and…”

The nurse stood there and said about Margaret’s physical condition.

Murray listened and looked serious.

“Can we go in and have a look?” Ming asked.

“Yes, but the patient is asleep. Because the patient’s condition is not stable, please try not to wake her up.”

No one else could visit.

But it was Ming who made the request. The nurse must not dare to stop him.

The nurse turned and opened the door for us.

The light in the ward was off.

Because it was a suite, I took Ming by the hand and said to Murray, “master, my mother is in it. Go in by yourself. Remember not to wake her up. You can come to see her every day.”

Murray nodded.

He crept into the bedroom.

I stood at the door and saw Murray standing there in the light of the corridor. Margaret’s hand was outside the quilt so he put her hand in and covered it for her. He stood for a long time and turned to come out.

I hadn’t seen Murray cry for years, but now his eyes were full of tears.

I took a tissue from my bag and handed it to him.

When we got out of the ward together, Murray wiped his tears with paper, then he grabbed my hands directly and said excitedly, “Becky, thank you. Thank you for finding her!”

I was shocked and shook my head. “She’s my mother. I should have found her.”

“She’s bony and has a lot of disease. It seems that she suffered a lot in the last few years. Thank you for finding her, or I don’t think she will live long.” Murray grabbed my hands and his hands were shaking.

Ming stood behind me and didn’t speak.

Ming told everyone here that Murray could visit at any time.

Later, we took Murray to the room prepared for him in advance, which was in the rehabilitation center and only a few floors away from Margaret’s room.

Murray didn’t bring anything this time, but when we went in, we found that there was a hanger in the room, on which many men’s clothes were neatly hung. Moreover, their style was casual and comfortable, which Murray liked.

There were also some simple daily necessities and cotton slippers and so on.

When I was confused, Murray turned around and said to Ming, “Ming, thank you.”

“It’s OK.” Ming smiled. “I know you are in a hurry to come to York and don’t bring anything, so I asked them to prepare some. If they’re not good, you can tell me. I’ll have someone prepare something more.”

“No, I can buy something else myself.” Murray waved.

When we got out of Murray’s room, I looked at Ming and said, “you even think of this!”