Chapter 361 We had no visitors

Looking at the guard, I felt for a moment that if Ming gave him that inkstone, even if the price of inkstone was much more than these money, the guard would not look at it.

The guard took the money and counted it two or three times and said happily, “wait a minute.”

Then he went in and made a phone call.

Two minutes later, I saw a nurse in a down jacket running out.

The nurse was very old and may be in her forties.

After running out, she looked at us and said reluctantly, “come in with me.”

We were looking for someone, so we didn’t care.

We followed the nurse in. I looked around and saw that several trees in the yard were not withered because of winter, but really died.

The whole hospital was dead.

We followed the nurse to the only building.

We went in and the building was quiet. Except for a nurse station in the middle, there were no lights or windows in the corridor on both sides.

There was only one window at the end of the corridor.

The whole hospital looked like a ghost house.

There was a strong smell of disinfectant in the building, which was mixed with a strange smell.

The nurse took us to the nurse station and took out a register and asked, “who are you going to renew?”

“Renew?” I was wondering, “we’re here to visit.”

Hearing what I said, the nurse raised her head and said in shock, “visit?”


I nodded.

At this time, I had a bad feeling.

Wasn’t there anyone visiting here?

The nurse listened to me and suddenly laughed. Then she lowered her head and said in a cold voice, “I’m sorry. We have no visitors.”


“We renew Margaret.” Ming interrupted me and said.

As soon as the nurse heard the name, she looked up at Ming and then at me. “She? She doesn’t have to pay.”


I got nervous.

What did she mean? Had my mother…

But soon, the nurse said, “someone paid for her 50 years in hospital.”

I tugged Ming and thought of the dark wards on both sides.

Only this nurse could be seen in this large mental hospital.

Was this a good place?

When I was trying to say something, Ming seemed to understand what I mean. He took out his cell phone directly, “one hundred thousand dollars. We need to meet Margaret.”

“Ah?” The nurse froze.

Ming repeated, “I’ll give you a hundred thousand dollars. We need to meet Margaret.”

The nurse didn’t respond at first, but Ming said it again so she did. She immediately nodded and picked up her cell phone.

Ming immediately transferred $100000 to her.

The nurse received the money and stared at her cell phone and looked carefully. She was thrilled to be sure it was $100000. “OK! Come with me!”

She said and began to look for the key in the back cabinet.

I saw her pick up a lot of fifth floor keys and put her cell phone in her pocket and beckon us to go.

The hospital had only five floors.

She took us to the elevator. This elevator was very old-fashioned. It took at least ten seconds to open and close the door. When it rose, it was noisy.

It took about a minute to get to the fifth floor.

In the elevator, the nurse began to say, “are you Margaret’s family?”

“How is she here?” Ming asked her instead of answering.

The nurse smiled unnaturally, “didn’t you know this place before you came here? She was sent here. She’s just alive.”


By this time, the elevator had reached the fifth floor.

The three of us came out. The fifth floor was a little darker than the first and second floors, but there was a light on so we could barely see the road.

The nurse took us forward and said, “to be honest, you are the first to visit. A lot of people feel guilty and can’t kill them, but they feel burdensome, so they send them here and pay for them and make themselves feel at ease.”

The more I listened to the nurse, the more upset I felt.

The fifth floor was also quiet.

I saw that there was a small window on the door of each ward. The small window was so high that I couldn’t see what was inside.

But Ming was tall. He looked around and frowned and looked serious.

I was more worried.

When we were walking, there was a loud noise!

I was so scared that I dodged and looked at the door. I found a face on the window above the door.

That face was very black and dirty, and it was very thin.

A pair of eyes were distracted and there was a ferocious smile on the mouth.

Ming quickly put me in his arms and whispered in my ear, “don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

I felt relieved.

The nurse was used to it and comforted me, “don’t worry. Margaret is more normal than them. She seems to have suffered a lot. So the nurses on duty usually try to give her better food.”

“Thank you.” Hearing what the nurse said, I unconsciously thanked her.

The nurse looked at me strangely. “What’s your relationship with Margaret?”

I didn’t speak.

The nurse said casually, “is she your mother?”

“Yes, I just heard about it.” I nodded.

Hearing this, the nurse suddenly stopped and looked at me. “She’s your mother?”

The nurse looked surprised.

I looked at her. “Yes, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Don’t say you’re her daughter when you go in. She has daughters here. You get it when you get in.” The nurse shook her head and turned and went on.

My mother’s ward was at the end.

We walked for a while and finally arrived.

Standing at the door, I quietly listened to the sound inside.

It was quiet.

There was no sound.

The nurse looked for the key for a moment and opened the door.

I watched the key turn and was extremely nervous. I was more nervous than when I checked my college entrance examination results!

The key turned three times. Finally, the door opened.

When the door opened, I finally understood what was mixed in the smell of disinfectant water. It was stink!

There was a disgusting smell coming out of the door!

I felt sick in my stomach and almost spat out.

The nurse gave me a look. “Bear it.”

At this time, I heard a very light and soft voice saying, “keep it down. Laura and Lisa are sleeping. Don’t wake them up.”