Chapter 360 Money talks

Mr. Well heard Ming’s words and was no longer distracted, but he liked these two things so much that he obviously intended to answer.

Ming said, “Mr. well, where is your second daughter?”

As soon as he said this, Mr. Well changed from happy to serious.

Suddenly he sat up straight and said unhappily, “I have only two sons and no daughters.”

Ming said, “oh, then I’ll take these two presents back.”

He still smiled gently, but I knew he was not joking. He was serious.

With that, he reached out to close the box.

Mr. Well subconsciously wanted to stop him, but he couldn’t.

He could only say, “my daughter is dead.”

Ming didn’t speak or respond. He just closed the lids of the two boxes and piled them up.

Mr. Well knew that Ming really wanted to take them back, so he was very flustered.

He could only say, “my daughter is mad and living in a lunatic asylum.”

“Where is she?” Ming asked.

Mr. Well looked at him unnaturally and looked at me and asked unhappily, “Mr. Jessop, this is our family affair. What does it have to do with you? Do you have to take care of this?”

“If it’s none of my business, I don’t care.” Ming’s words showed that it had something to do with him.

Brady was afraid that his father would refuse and influence his business, so he said, “Dad, you can tell them about my sister.”

“Shut up!” As soon as Brady spoke, Mr. Well was furious!

He glared at Brady and was so angry that he coughed. He calmed down and said to Ming, “my daughter disgraced Well Family. I don’t want to talk about her anymore.”

“You just need to tell me where she is.”

I knew why Ming asked this question.

Obviously, Mr. Well was very reluctant to mention my mother. He may really not want the presents and drive us away.

Mr. Well closed his eyes and thought for a while. He looked up at us and said, “she’s at Oasis Hospital.”

Hearing the answer, Ming was obviously stunned. He frowned and after a few seconds he asked, “what name did she register?”

Mr. Well looked a little embarrassed. At this time, Mrs. Well, who was sitting there without saying a word, finally said, “Margaret.”



That was right.

Mr. Well heard his wife and looked at her and said seriously, “did I let you talk? You are so rude!”

It seemed that the ancient dignitaries were talking to their servants.

I thought of all this in Well Family.

I suddenly understood a lot of things.

Why was my mother sent away? Why were Molly and sent away? Why was my mother now a disgrace that Well Family couldn’t mention?

It was because of Mr. Well’s obstinacy.

When I thought of this, my anger burnt.

Ming reached out and took my hand and said to Mrs. Well, “thank you.”

Then he took me away.

It was still early. I found Oasis Hospital on my cell phone in the suburb. It would take more than two hours to drive there. I said to Ming, “shall we go?”

To be honest, I couldn’t wait.

“OK.” Ming patted my hair.

I asked him in the car, “is that thing you gave Mr. Well just now very valuable?”

“No.” Ming smiled. “For those who like it, it’s priceless, but for those who don’t like it or understand it, it’s worthless.”

I understood what Ming said.

Murray used to tell me the same thing.

Jade and cultural relics were valuable only for those who liked them. Of course, only in this way could they be treated well.

It took two hours to drive to Oasis Hospital.

The hospital was very depressed. The gate was locked. There was only a small gate beside it, but it was also locked.

Maybe because it was winter, the hospital seemed to be covered in gray.

The courtyard wall was very high. There were glass and wire on it to prevent people from turning over the wall.

There was only one building in it.

The building was very dilapidated and many windows had iron plates.

The whole hospital was dead.

“Is it open here?” I had some doubts.

The hospital really looked like it was abandoned.

“Yes,” Ming said firmly. “York has several mental hospitals. It’s the oldest, and the facilities are notoriously poor. Very few patients are sent here now.”

Hearing Ming’s words, my heart hurt a lot.

What did he mean?

Obviously no one wanted to stay here. What kind of treatment would patients receive in such a hospital?

I could guess.

I suddenly got nervous and said to Ming, “let’s go in.”


I went to the door with Ming.

Sure enough, there was a guard at the door. When we passed, the guard was wearing a green coat and lying there listening to music.

It was loud.

We called him for a long time before he heard us.

He gave us a disgruntled look and got up and opened the window of the guard room.

“Hello, we want to…”

“Visits are not allowed during the new year.”

As soon as I spoke, he spoke first. With that, he closed the window directly.

He seemed afraid that we might disturb him so he closed the window from inside.

I was angry.

Ming was not angry. He reached out and took his wallet out of his pocket. Then he took out some money and put it in front of the window.

The guard was excited when he saw the money. He didn’t open the window but came out directly from the door. Then he opened the small door of the hospital and came out and flattered, “what can I do for you?”

“We’re looking for someone.” Ming said.

The guard stared at Ming’s money and said, “no visits during the new year. Most of the nurses and doctors are off. Only a few people are left on duty.”

“Then try to find a way.” Ming handed over the money.

The guard saw that the money was really for him, and his eyes were bright. He tentatively reached out and Ming didn’t back down. He took the money directly and said happily, “OK, wait a minute. I’ll get someone to pick you up for you.”

Money talks.