Chapter 359 Okay, then I didn’t force you

His breath was still domineering. I pushed him hard.

But the harder I tried, the tighter he held me and the deeper the kiss.

Although it was a cold winter night, his body was hot. He held me in his arms and seemed to burn me up. But at this moment, I was still rational.

I struggled and finally managed to free myself from him. I put my hand over my swollen red lip and hesitated and told him, “Sean, I’m sorry. No matter how I feel about you, my morality doesn’t allow me to do anything with you as I am now.”

He sat in the chair and looked at me and nodded, “OK, then I won’t force you. All you have to do now is wait to come back to me.”


I looked at him with a heavy heart.

Sean meant I was going back to him and Ming was going to jail?

I knew what it was like to be in prison.

Although Ming had done some bad things, I didn’t want him to go to jail in my heart.

I hesitated for a long time and asked him, “you’re going to put him in jail, aren’t you?”


Sean nodded.

“…” I looked at Sean and worried, but I didn’t know how to do business. I didn’t know what Ming did.

I wouldn’t plead for him. Everyone had to pay a price for what they did.

All things had cause and effect.

Like Molly.

I said nothing and turned to Lester’s room.

In Lester’s room, I sent a message to Ming that James had let us stay here.

Ming didn’t reply to me.

The next morning, Sean was gone. Ming returned to James’s house.

He looked at me and said nothing. Everything was as usual.

We had lunch at James’s house and went back.

On the way back, Ming told me, “I’ve contacted Well Family and made an appointment to go there in a few days.”


I nodded and glanced at Ming secretly. He was focused on driving and looking ahead and didn’t seem to notice me at all.

I was thinking about what James and Sean said yesterday.

What did Ming do to put him in jail?

He certainly didn’t kill or set fire.

What on earth did he do? I was confused.

Finally, Ming saw me in the rearview mirror. He turned and smiled, “what’s the matter?”


I shook my head.

Lester was here, and I didn’t know how to talk about it.

I spent the next few days at home. Ming often went to work. Lester occasionally wanted to set off fireworks, so I played with him.

The appointed day was coming and I was anxious.

What Brady said before meant my mother was still alive, but where was she?

It was obvious that Well Family ignored her for so many years, and my mother had mental problems.

What kind of life was my mother living? I couldn’t even guess.

Soon it was the appointed day.

After we had breakfast, I cleaned up and asked Doris to take care of Lester and waited to go out with Ming.

Ming stayed in the study for a while and then came out. He dressed and asked me, “can we go now?”

“Yes, the presents have been put in the car.” I said.

There were two kinds of gifts. The boxes were not big. Ming brought them in advance. I didn’t know what they were.

When I was about to go out, Erin stood by with a normal expression on his face.

Since I taught her a lesson, she had been a lot more restrained, but every time I wanted to leave Lester alone at home, I was a little flustered.

I hesitated and turned around and took Doris and said, “you don’t have to do anything. Just stay with Lester.”

“Don’t worry, madam.” Doris nodded.

I followed Ming to Well Family.

Well Family was not as rich as Jessop Family, but it was also very large. Their old house was in the villa area in the center of the city.

By the time we got there, Brady and some servants were waiting at the door.

When we arrived, the servants moved the presents from the trunk into the house. We followed Brady in.

As soon as we went in, two old people from Well Family met us at the door. When they saw Ming, they politely said, “Hello, Mr. Jessop.”

“Mr. Well, happy new year. Please sit down.” Ming was very respectful to Mr. Well.

He helped him to sit down.

I looked at the two old people of Well Family.

If Margaret was my mother, these two old people were my grandparents.

However, at this moment, I looked at them without any feelings.

We all sat down.

I looked around and saw that the houses of Well Family and Murray were similar.

The whole living room was very simple and the furniture was basically made of mahogany.

According to what Murray once taught me, only a few small objects here were made of aloe wood.

I saw the two presents Ming had brought in the living room.

Ming said to the servant, “help me get my two presents.”

The servant listened and quickly took the two presents to the tea table.

The box was directed at the two old people of Well Family.

“Open it.” Ming said.

The servants opened them one by one.

I saw that there seemed to be an inkstone in the first box, but the difference was that this inkstone was not black, but red.

I didn’t understand it.

But when Mr. Well saw it, his hands began to shake. He put his hand a few centimeters above the inkstone. He seemed to want to touch it, but he didn’t dare.

After a long time he said, “is this for me?”

“Of course, I got this inkstone by chance. I don’t understand it, so I can’t waste it.”

Ming said it casually.

But I could see that this inkstone should be very rare.

“Thank you, Mr. Jessop.” Mr. Well kept his eyes on the inkstone when he spoke. He dabbed it with his hand. He seemed to love it.

After that, Ming said to the servant, “open this too.”

The servant opened the second box.

In the second box, there were two paperweights with a pair of dragons carved on them.

Mr. Well loved them, too.

He was staring at them all the time.

Mr. Well liked these two things. Ming said, “Mr. well, I have a question for you this time.”