Chapter 165 It’s Ok Not to Drive Jessica Away

The grandmother was a little calmer now. With the grandfather’s help, she sat down on the sofa and said, “It’s ok not to drive Jessica away, but she can’t be alone on the island with Ryan. I don’t trust her.”

“No problem. I’ll go back with you.” Jessica was so afraid of their quarrel that she agreed immediately without waiting for others to speak.

After she got back home, she could just don’t go out, which was no big deal. Those crazy netizens couldn’t just come home and attack her, could they? Besides, there were not so many crazy people in the world.

Hearing that, Ryan pulled a long face. Was she desperate to leave him? Or was anxious to go back to see her sweetheart Chris?

But there didn’t seem to be much difference between the two.

He lowered his eyes and there was a flash of self-mockery in his eye.

They thought that since they’d come, so they just stayed there. The scenery and climate there were good, which were very suitable for sightseeing. But the grandmother kept watching Ryan and Jessica as if they were thieves. None of them felt comfortable or had a good time.

In the end, the seven-day trip that had been planned turned into three days.

When Jessica got off the plane, she was relaxed. She finally didn’t have to be watched by her grandmother every day.

“By the way, Chris knew you came back and asked you to go out with him. Now he has arrived at your home. You should go out with him.” In the car back home, the grandmother didn’t forget to advise Jessica.

“…Yes.” Jessica was not satisfied with this arrangement, but said nothing.

But Ryan said coldly, “She was just running outside the house and almost got stabbed. Is grandma trying to kill her by letting her out now? You can’t drive her away, so you’re going to kill her?”

The grandfather frowned. “Shut up! Apologize to your grandmother.”

Ryan leaned against his seat, but he ignored it. His face was overcast with sullenness.

“After all, Jessica was also raised by me. I’m not as hard-hearted as you think.” The grandmother did not want to worsen her relationship with her family, so she softened her attitude deliberately.

The father glanced at the pale Jessica and sighed, “I know that mother is not so cruel. You must mean Jessica should go out with bodyguards. But it would be better staying at home, just in case.”

What he meant by staying at home was that Jessica should stay safely for the time being. Because of this stabbing thing, he was very dissatisfied with Chris who had caused the trouble.

But the grandmother deliberately misinterpreted his meaning. “It’s ok for Jessica and Chris to date at home. The boy is busy and doesn’t have much spare time. It is good for him to come and have a meal when he is free, so he could talk to Jessica and develop their relationship.”

Ryan was annoyed to hear that. His face had clouded over with anger. “It’s been three days that you keep talking about Chris. Aren’t you sick and tired of it?”

The father didn’t speak, but he couldn’t stand the grandmother always speaking with ulterior motives, either.

The grandmother looked at her son and grandson, and then glanced at Jessica, saying nothing with a sullen face.

Watching this scene, Jessica smiled wryly. Grandma’s attitude towards those who were related by blood, and those who were not, was totally different.

The place where the plane was parked was not far from their house, so the car arrived home in a short time.

Jessica got off the car first. After leaving the cramped space, she was finally not that depressed. But when she turned around and saw that her grandmother had also got off, her heart was in her mouth again.

Why did grandma get off the car? Was she supposed to go back to the old house?

“What are you looking at me for? Didn’t you see Chris waiting for you at the door?” The grandmother said crossly.


Jessica looked round and saw Chris standing in front of the villa and looking in her direction. He seemed to have waited so long that his ears and face were red with cold, and his handsome face was tinged with impatience.

When he caught her eye, he raised his chin and glared at her.

Why did he glare at her? What was wrong with him?

Jessica wanted to glare back, but considering her grandmother was next to her, she finally didn’t do that, but forced a shy and bright smile, and ran to Chris.

“Chris, why don’t you wait for me inside the house? It makes my heart ache to see you so cold.”

She was afraid that she would laugh, so Jessica threw herself into his arms and pressed her face against his chest. In this way, even if she dissolved into laughter, grandma could not see.

When there was a soft body in his arms suddenly, Chris was stiff.

Chris was stunned for a long while and then put his hand on her waist with an unnatural look. “Then why don’t you let me in now!”

His hand didn’t really touch her waist, but it seemed to be on fire, making him so hot that even his throat was dry.

As soon as Ryan got out of the car, he saw the two of them hugging each other tightly. The handsome man and the charming woman snuggled together, as if they were born lovers.

Jessica stood with her back to him, so he couldn’t see her face, but he could hear her sweet voice coming from far away.

“You are my boyfriend, and you’re the son-in-law of the Howards. You can go in even if I don’t come back. You are fool, your hands are so cold. My heart is aching for you.”

She slipped out of Chris’s arms, took his hand, and went to the villa complainingly.

Their figures were close together which were extremely unpleasant to look at.

Ryan clenched his fists hard. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked sulky. He gave a grim laugh and followed behind them.

Chris’s hand was held by Jessica. His heart was beating so fast that as if it were going to burst out of his chest.

Wasn’t it just holding hands? A gutless coward!

He swore inwardly. Then he leaned over uncomfortably and whispered angrily in her ear, “What the hell are you doing? It makes me feel sick.”

“I made me feel sick, too. Do you think I’d want to say these embarrassing things to you if my grandmother wasn’t watching?”

If the grandmother wasn’t behind them, she would have rubbed her goose bumps. She made herself feel sick when she said that just now.

It was only because her grandmother was there that she said those words. It was hard to explain, but Chris felt uncomfortable.

He looked sidelong at her and said grumpily, “Even if you said that of your own accord, I don’t want to hear that.”

“OK.” Jessica didn’t take it seriously.


Ryan was behind them, and he could clearly see their heads pressed together, whispering intimately, like those young lovers in deep love.

A feeling of annoyance rose inside him. He quickened his pace with a sullen face, and was soon close to them.

“Excuse me.” He said coldly.

The place was so wide that he could pass somewhere else. Why did he have to get through here? Jessica complained inwardly, but she didn’t dare to say. She quickly let go of Chris’s hand and stepped aside.

“Please!” She is flattering and complaisant.

Whether it was for his own sake or for some other reason, Ryan really helped her a lot this time. If it had not been for him, she would have been kicked out of the family.

Ryan glanced at her coldly, strode to the sofa and sat down.