Chapter 164 Who Taught You That

Seeing that they were about to quarrel again, Jessica was worried. She stood up in a panic and said in a small voice, “I’m full and I’m going back to my room.”

She nodded at them lightly, pulled out her chair and was about to leave.

But no sooner had she taken a step than the grandmother stopped her sharply. “Stop! You go before the elders leave the table. Who taught you that?”

It was grandma who thought she made her sick. It was also grandma who wouldn’t let her go.

Jessica stood stiffly there, not knowing what to do.

“Go back to your room.” Ryan turned to look at her and said in a cool voice.


No matter what she did, grandma was not satisfied, anyway. She would rather leave than stay here and be scolded.

Behind her came the sound of the grandmother smashing the bowl. Jessica turned pale and left quickly.

She hardly slept all night, expecting that her grandfather would arrive, but nothing happened.

The next morning, Jessica woke up early. But she did not want to go downstairs, for fear that she might be scolded again by her grandmother, or hear some nasty words.

But she couldn’t keep hiding like this.

She took a few deep breaths sullenly and went downstairs.

Surprisingly, the living room was full of people. Everyone was there except her. Ryan was sitting next to the grandfather in his suit and tie with a cold look. When he heard the noise, he only glanced at her and quickly withdrew his eyes.

“Good morning, grandpa, grandma, mom, dad and Ryan.” Jessica clenched her sweaty fists and greeted them nervously.

Even though her mother said she wouldn’t be kicked out, she was still worried. After all, she had no blood relationship with the Howard family. She wasn’t sure if the family members would upset grandma for her sake.

The grandfather pinched his eyebrows, who looked tired.

He smiled at Jessica and said gently, “Your father and I arrived last night, but we didn’t wake you up. We just want you to sleep well. It seems you didn’t.”

Jessica was touched and was about to say something when she heard the grandfather continue in a cold voice. “Yeah, how could you sleep well in such a situation?”

Ordinarily, the grandmother had the final say in the family, but when things did happen, it was still decided by the grandfather.

Seeing that the grandfather was angry, the grandmother dared not speak something too terrible.

“Anyway, everybody knows about the matter of the Miller family. I don’t want to repeat those unpleasant things people said about them in private.”

“I’m just asking to drive Jessica away and remove her name from our family tree. We’ll pay her back every penny she spends before she gets married. That’s not too much, is it?”

The grandmother thought she had put it euphemistically. But after the grandfather heard it, he swept the cups to the ground.

There was a crash and everyone froze.

The grandfather used to have a bad temper, but then he had a heart problem, so he had been cultivating himself in recent years, and seldom lost his temper.

Thinking that he had lost his temper because of her, Jessica could not tell what she felt.

“Please control your temper.” Ryan frowned, and reminded in a cold voice.

“I’m fine.” The grandfather stared fixedly at the grandmother. “I won’t do that because Ryan and Jessica don’t have an affair, and even if they had, I’d let them get married, not drive Jessica away!”

The grandmother didn’t expect he would say so resolutely. She was anxious immediately. “Jessica has just settled a relationship with Grandmother Jones’s foster grandson. If you ask her to marry Ryan, how can I explain to Grandmother Jones?”

Would grandpa think she was easy when grandma said so?

Jessica hesitated for a while, and decided to emphasize that she was not in a relationship with her brother. If it didn’t work, she would tell them the bully was just her fake boyfriend.

But before she could speak, the grandfather said in a high voice, “Some people call off the engagement after they get engaged. Some people get a divorce after they get married. Let alone Jessica and Chris is just boyfriend and girlfriend.”

When the grandmother heard what he said, the expression on her face changed, and she tried to say something more.

However, the grandfather said before her firmly, “Her grandfather was my comrade in arms. He died because of saving me. When he entrusted his orphan grandchild to me before he died, I swore that that as long as I was alive, no one would be allowed to bully Jessica!”

“Even if I had to divorce you, I wouldn’t kick Jessica out. Just drop the idea!”

They were aged. If they got divorced, it would make people laugh!

The grandmother had been married to him for decades. When she heard his words, the tears came out. “You, you still want to divorce me for her?”

The grandfather snorted coldly, and said firmly, “Yes! This matter is not negotiable!”

“You…You…” The grandmother pointed at him with trembling fingers and fell down on the floor. Tears streaked her face. The mother and father hurried to help her up.

Jessica also wanted to help, but seeing the look of hate in the grandmother’s eyes, she withdrew her foot.

“Mom, Jessica and Ryan aren’t together. Why don’t you and dad meet each other halfway? Will it be all right that you don’t say anything more about driving Jessica away, and Jessica swears that she’ll never be in love with Ryan?”

The mother was worried that they would get into an irretrievable situation, so she took the initiative to give the grandmother advice.

With a glint in his eyes, Ryan gave a sniff coldly, “Jessica doesn’t have to swear, and won’t be driven away. Why does she have to swear?”

When he finished speaking, the old lady’s face already clouded over with anger.

Her husband, her son, her daughter-in-law, and her own grandson were now forcing and humiliating her for a person who had no relationship with their family!

From the year Jessica came to the house, she learned observing their words and expressions. Seeing this, she quickly stepped forward, and said, with assumed easiness, “It’s just an oath, isn’t it? That’s easy.”

She raised her hand and said solemnly, “I, Jessica, swear that I will never have any affection other than family affection and friendship with my brother Ryan in my life.”

“If I have feelings for my brother, then…I will be not able to die a natural death!”

Every time she said a word, Ryan looked a little bit paler.

He refrained from moving by clenching his fists, tightening his jaw and with all his might.

“Jessica, you don’t have to swear like that.” The mother felt frightened.

Jessica smiled and hugged her arm. “Anyway, I don’t adore my brother. I don’t have any thing for him. It’s all the same to me whether I swear or not.”

Ryan clenched his fists harder. He looked at her, whose eyes tinged with anger, “You are really optimistic.”

Why did Ryan look so angry?

The corners of her mouth curved less and she stuttered, “I, I should be.”

“Well.” Ryan gave a grim laugh and said no more.