Chapter 163 Don’t Adore Him at All

The mother was sincere, but because of the grandmother’s attitude, Jessica was not sure whether the mother’s words were true or false and she could not quite believe it.

She was afraid that Ryan would say something to worry her, so she rushed to answer, “I swear, the relationship between Ryan and I is the most ordinary and normal sibling relationship. I only consider Ryan as a brother, and don’t adore him at all!”

When speaking the last remark, she felt guilty somehow.

The mother felt a sigh of relief and a sense of regret. “Now that you’ve said it, you and Ryan are ordinary siblings, why are you nervous? If you do, don’t be nervous. I don’t object.”

“No, no, no, definitely no! Ryan is my brother, how can I like him? Isn’t that a joke?” Lest she misunderstood, Jessica denied repeatedly.

Ryan had already looked sullen when she stressed for the first time that they were only brother and sister and she didn’t adore him.

His handsome face sank completely now, as she hastened to distance herself from him.

He didn’t want to be her brother, not at all. He preferred to be a stranger who had nothing to do with her!

“Well.” Ryan gave a grim laugh wryly, broke away from Jessica and his mother, and walked slowly to the villa.

What was wrong?

The mother was confused. She turned to ask Jessica, “Ryan is angry?”

“I think so.”

“Why is he suddenly angry?” The mother had no idea.

Compared with the mother, Jessica was used to it, though she didn’t know why. “I don’t know. Maybe… Maybe it’s because I accidentally kissed my brother when we fell down.”

Hearing that, the mother grumbled, “What is he angry about? Just think of it as a bite from a dog.”


She was a little confused about whether her mother was dissatisfied with her brother or with her.

When Jessica returned to the villa, Ryan was shirtless and the servant was treating his wounds. After a cursory glance, she could not help but sigh that he had a really good figure.

His tan muscle was just right, not too strong or too thin. He had broad shoulder and small waist, and his V-line abs was hot. She suddenly envied his future wife.

She used to be a paparazzo, so her occupational hazard made her want to take pictures.

Just as Jessica was about to do that, Ryan looked at her suddenly and his look was cold without emotion. She changed her mind immediately.

“Haha.” Jessica giggled at him and withdrew her fingers which had touched the phone embarrassedly.

The grandmother went out for a walk, and returned as calm as she could. But the moment she entered the room and saw that, her anger rose again.

“Jessica, we have raised you for so many years, but have you ever been taught to look at a man’s body so fixedly?”

Jessica’s pupils contracted when she heard the grandmother’s voice suddenly. She looked at her subconsciously, and her face was getting hot.

Obviously she just took a glance at her brother, but when her grandma said that, she only felt extremely ashamed.

“I was almost killed because of protecting her from being stabbed. Now my wound is inflamed. Is she wrong to care about me? Is our domestic discipline teaching us to return kindness with ingratitude?” Ryan motioned to the servant who treated his wound to stop, stood up and went up to the grandmother.

“Is it, grandmother?”

“Don’t be unreasonable!” The grandmother couldn’t win the argument with him. She was so angry that she snorted a few times and shouted to the servant, “Which one is the guest room?”

The tension between the two people scared the servant. “Except for the first room on the left and the first room on the right, they are all guest rooms.”

The grandmother looked at Ryan and Jessica meaningfully before she went upstairs.

A moment later, there was a loud slamming of the door from upstairs.

Jessica’s look changed, but the temperature on her face had not subsided, and she kept silent.

“Your grandmother is silly, and if she were to drive you back, the rest of us would not agree. Don’t be upset.” The mother comforted her pityingly.

Jessica nodded her head. She wrung her hands and felt a pang of bitterness.

Seeing this, Ryan frowned, but did not say anything. He just sat back on the sofa, and signaled the servant to continue to give him treatment of the wound.

“And you!” The mother turned to Ryan and pulled a long face. “Even if your grandma did something wrong, you can’t speak so unkindly. She’s an elder, after all.”

Ryan sneered, “Does she behave like an elder?”

He looked so proud that his mother was angry.

But Jessica was very envious. She could do what she liked with outsiders, but she could never do it with family members who had brought her up and were not related to her by blood.

After a long while, the mother said, “Whether your grandmother behaves like an elder or not, she is an elder. You should speak politely.”

“Oh.” The sneer on Ryan’s handsome face grew stronger. “Jessica is also a real junior. Grandma is experienced, but why is she so aggressive with Jessica?”


The mother couldn’t argue with that. In fact, her mother-in-law was usually nice to Jessica. But she just split hairs over this matter.

She turned to looked at Jessica, who looked frightened, and sighed heavily.

What a thing!

The grandmother and the mother stayed there. At dinner in the evening, the four of them sat at the same table, but no one spoke. The atmosphere was extremely oppressive.

Jessica was worried, so she could not eat at all, but she dared not eat, for fear that her grandmother might think she was having a tantrum. She put rice into her mouth grain by grain, and hardly helped herself to any other dishes.

“Are you eating, or counting the rice?” The grandmother couldn’t vent her anger so she felt uncomfortable when she saw Jessica.

When Jessica was called suddenly, she was so frightened that her chopsticks almost fell to the ground. She said embarrassedly, “I’m not very hungry.”

“Don’t eat if you’re not hungry. We made you eat? Who are you trying to disgust?” The grandmother put the chopsticks on the bowl with a snap.

Ryan’s eyes darkened. He slowly swallowed what was in his mouth and wiped the corners of his mouth. “What about you? Slapping the chopsticks? Who are you trying to disgust?”

The more he spoke for Jessica, the angrier the grandmother felt. “Do you have to retort when I scold Jessica?”

“I’m just not happy to hear grandma say those unpleasant things. It’s not because of her.” Ryan said coldly, “I think I’ve seen enough people over the years, but I haven’t seen anyone as unreasonable as you.”

The grandmother’s face darkened with anger, but he didn’t seem to see it, and went on, “I mean, I have seen some unreasonable people, but I have never seen someone like you who treats your junior in such an unreasonable way.”