Chapter 162 Are you out of your mind

Hearing this, the grandmother was on the verge of breaking down. “You…You’re going to marry her? Are you out of your mind?”

“It is you who are out of mind. We want to keep it secret from you till the time is right, but you have to lay it bare and drive Jessica away. But, we’ve been going out for at least five years and she’s pregnant. Are you going to drive her away?”

Ryan said powerfully.

Jessica had no idea what he wanted to do. Now she was so anxious that her palms were sweating. If it went on like this, she would be kicked out of the family.

She tugged at his sleeve and said imploringly, “Ryan, your wound has dehisced and you have shed a lot of blood. Let’s take care of the wound first. Can we talk about the other things later?”

“Yeah, yeah, take care of the wound first. Let’s talk about that later.” The mother did not know what to do now. She did not even know whether her son was telling the truth or not.

“It’s okay. I can’t die. Our child and marriage matter.” Ryan’s voice stayed calm. “Grandmother, do you agree or disagree with our marriage?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter whether you agree or not. My parents and grandpa don’t object to my being in love with Jessica. It’s no use for you to object. Thank you for keeping an eye on us, or I wouldn’t know how to tell you about it.”

The mother really did not object. They were both raised by her and they were not related by blood, so she was quite happy to see that they were together. But the old lady looked like she was driven crazy now, so she dared not say that.

The grandmother had expected to expose the fact that they were together, but she did not expect that Ryan would say so. Now, when she was hearing him speak of marriage and child, her brain ached, and she was almost driven crazy.

“No, you can’t marry her, and you can’t be together! If she is pregnant, just abort! Jessica is now Chris’s girlfriend, so she can only marry him!”

“Our Howards would be disgraced if the news comes out that she’s with her brother and is two-timing!”

Ryan gave a sniff coldly. “Didn’t you try every means to expose us? Are you not happy to see me admit it now?”

It was exactly what she wanted to do, but she…she didn’t feel happy at all.

The grandmother’s expression changed. She said through gritted teeth, “You’re dating Jessica. And she’s pregnant. Is it true or false?”

Jessica’s heart was in her mouth all of a sudden. Of course it was false. But no matter what she said, grandma didn’t believe her. It was no use explaining it now and she could only wait for her brother to answer.

“You are so interesting. You don’t believe me when I tell you the truth. You still don’t believe me when I say that we are not in a relationship. Grandmother, what do you want?” Ryan said in a cold voice.

The grandmother was embarrassed about his words. She asked in a louder voice, “Tell me, is it true or not?”

“…False.” Ryan really wanted to say it was true, but he held his tongue when he saw her imploring look.

He only said firmly, with a sullen face, “But if you continue to do it endlessly, I can’t be sure it’s false. Grandma, I have said it once before, and this is the second time. Not to do anything more than three times. Don’t push me.”

When he told her it was false, she still didn’t believe him, and his attitude brought her to the top of her rage. “Are you threatening your own grandmother for a sister who is not related by blood?”

He didn’t want Jessica to suffer from stress because of it, so he gave a grim laugh and said sarcastically, “Why should I do it for her? I just find it disgusting that you have forcibly bound me to a person I don’t like.”

Jessica was suffering from mental stress when she thought Ryan confronted grandmother because of her.

It was a real relief to hear him say that now. But somehow, when she heard that he didn’t like her, she was indescribably desolate.

“Well. You goad me and you threaten me. You are really my good grandson, Ryan!” The grandmother flushed with excessive emotion. Anger, helplessness and shame mingled. It couldn’t tell which emotion was more.

The mother was afraid that something would happen to her because she was aged and too emotional, so the mother hastened to stroke her back and comforted her.

But the grandmother didn’t listen to her, but just stared at Ryan. She was so angry but her good grandson did not change his countenance at all, and showed no sign of repentance.


He’s really a good grandson?

The grandmother said sharply, “Well, you don’t have to goad me. No matter what relationship you have with Jessica, I will send for your grandfather today and ask him to remove Jessica’s name from the family tree!”

A few words were like a basin of cold water pouring on Jessica.

She opened her mouth, trying to say something, but she did not know what to say. She only felt that her hands and feet were cold as if her heart had stopped beating.

Grandmother was…determined to kick her out regardless of it was right or wrong?

“Mom, this matter is not clear. You should calm down.” The mother felt anxious. The child she had raised for so many years was just like real daughter, except that they were not related by blood!

Ryan was still looked cold, but a sneer showed on the corners of his mouth. He didn’t try to persuade the grandmother, but pulled out his phone, called his grandfather, and put it on speaker.

“What’s the matter, Ryan?”

“It’s grandma looking for you. She suspects me of having an affair with Jessica, and asks you to come and remove Jessica’s name from the family tree in Jessica’s presence.”

The grandfather said angrily right after he heard what Ryan said, “Isn’t that nonsense? I…”

“I can’t make it clearly on the phone. Please come over, grandpa. I’ll set up a helicopter right away.”


After Ryan hung up, he took a cold glance at the grandmother and then his eyes fell on Jessica who felt a kind of happiness mingled with worry. “What are you doing? Come and help me.”


Jessica did not dare to look at the sullen grandmother. She answered under her breath and went to support him quickly.

His face was visibly pale, and the bloodstains on his clothes looked frightening. The grandmother felt sorry for her grandson, so she didn’t badger him. She just gave a snort and told the mother.

“You should give her a hand in case she couldn’t support him alone and let him fall.”

“Yes, I see.”

The grandmother didn’t want to see Ryan and Jessica, so she turned around and left. Her figure soon disappeared from the sight of these people.

The mother, holding Ryan’s other arm, could not help but say, “What’s the matter with you two? Tell me the truth.”

Fearing they would lie, she added quickly, “Just tell the truth, and even if you were together, it wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t object.”