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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 161 A Groan

But before he could kiss her, there was a piercing cry from the grandmother from a short distance suddenly. “Stop! Stop it!”

Ryan paused and frowned.

Jessica thought it was a hallucination when she suddenly heard her grandmother’s voice.

How could grandma be here?

But soon, the grandmother’s voice rang out again, “Do you want to piss off me?”

It was really grandmother!

Jessica opened her eyes with a rush, pushed Ryan away, and stood up as fast as possible. She was extremely nervous. God, she and her brother’s posture was really too flirtatious…

The wound in the back of Ryan’s waist had completely dehisced. He pressed his lips together, and his back almost wet from the cold sweat. He held on to the ground and tried to stand up. But he let out a groan because of the unbearable pain.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Ryan.” When Jessica heard his voice, her attention was turned to him again. She helped him up quickly.

When Ryan looked at her embarrassing look, his eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly. “You haven’t done anything wrong. Why are you afraid of?”

“It has nothing to do with doing a wrong thing or not. Just…you are not me, so you don’t understand.” She could not explain it clearly, nor was she in the mood to do so, but looked hastily in the direction in which the grandmother had come.

How could he explain this to grandmother later…

Ryan’s eyes darkened and he clenched his fist.

Not far away, the helicopter propeller was still hovering. The worried mother helped the exasperated grandmother and trotted over.

Jessica’s palms were full of sweat. A thousand thoughts and reasons flashed through her mind. However, when the grandmother came near, she tried to give Jessica a slap without even giving her a chance to speak.

Well, she would explain it later.

She closed her eyes.

But she didn’t feel the expected pain. She shuddered to open her eyes, and found that Ryan had stopped the grandmother with a cold face.

It was warm here, and they were just wearing a layer of light clothing, so she only glanced briefly and saw a mass of blood on the back of his waist.

Did his…did his wound dehisce again? Was it because of what she just did?

Jessica licked her lips, and said in a trembling voice, “Ry…”

Her voice was so low that no one heard her. The grandmother struggled for a few times, but did not break free. She stared at Ryan and shouted, “What are you doing?”

“What about you? What are you doing?” Ryan stared at her without expression, whose voice was cold and indifferent.

The waves rolled gently against the blue sky and golden sands, which should have been quiet and peaceful. But at this moment, the atmosphere of a few people was at daggers drawn.

The grandmother shook off Ryan’s hand with a rush. She was gulping and moved her fingers slowly from Jessica to Ryan.

She said through gritted teeth, “You still dare to ask me what I am doing? Then tell me, what were you just doing? If we hadn’t come, would you have done…that shameful thing on the beach?”

Even if they hadn’t come, he and Jessica wouldn’t have done that, because she didn’t like him at all.

But Ryan didn’t say that.

The grandmother thought he had acquiesced, and suddenly turned livid. “How…How could you do such a shameful thing? You have disgraced our family’s reputation!”

If she hadn’t heard that Ryan and Jessica had come to the island alone and insisted on coming, she wouldn’t have caught them red-handed!

Her foster granddaughter was so shameless that she even had the face to seduce him into doing such a thing when her grandson was badly hurt!

“Why didn’t I know we’d done something to shame the family?” Ryan’s expression didn’t change at all. Even if he did get together with Jessica, what did the family have to be ashamed of?

Jessica had been trying to explain, but she couldn’t find a suitable opportunity.

Upon hearing this, she said quickly, “Yes, grandmother, I swear to god I never did anything to disgrace our family! We were just…”

“Shut up!” The grandmother felt sick when she heard Jessica’s voice at the moment. “I am old, but my eyes are not blind. I saw what you were doing clearly!”

If she explained, her grandmother wouldn’t believe her, and she would hate her more and thought it was a fabrication. But if she didn’t explain it, she was convicted.

Jessica gritted her teeth, and chose the latter. “I grabbed Ryan subconsciously when I was falling, so we fell down together.”

Not surprisingly, the grandmother didn’t believe it at all. “You two aren’t toddlers. You’re grown-ups! You fell down when you’re walking, and pulled the other down, and you two people just…just happen to kiss. Will there be such a coincidence?”

The grandmother took the mother’s arm and said, “Don’t you always like to speak up for them? Tell me, do you believe what Jessica said?”

Hearing that, Jessica looked longingly at the mother.

But the mother’s expression was mixed, and this time she had been silent for a long time. Just now she and her mother-in-law had seen clearly. The way they behaved didn’t look like a coincidence.

Ryan glanced at Jessica, frowned, and said in a cold voice, “Whether you believe it or not, this is the truth.”

“Yes, that’s true!” Jessica racked her brains to explain. “And I said before I came that I have a crush on Chris. He is now my boyfriend. How can I be with my brother when I have a boyfriend?”

Have a crush on Chris…

Ryan’s eyes darkened and his face was sullen, but he clenched his fist silently.

But the grandmother responded without even thinking. “You and that Alex were girlfriend and boyfriend, but you still messed around with others. You didn’t learn anything good after you entered the entertainment industry. But nobody is a match for you at debauched lifestyle.”


Jessica wanted to explain, but she opened her mouth and said nothing. No matter what she said, grandmother wouldn’t believe her. As a saying goes, he who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick.

Ryan was sick of her cowardice in front of the grandmother.

He gave a grim laugh and held Jessica in his arms. “Yes, I have a relationship with Jessica. You have lived for decades, so you have sharp eyes that nothing can be hidden from you.”

Hearing this, the grandmother froze.

So did Jessica, who looked up at him in horror. “Ry…Ryan, what are you talking about?”

“What are you afraid of? We’ve been sneaking around, just in case grandmother finds out and disagrees.” Ryan said coldly.

Jessica stuttered, “What, what?”

“Now that grandma has found out, we don’t have to sneak around.” Ryan did not look at her, but kept staring at the grandmother satirically. “Then please pick a date, and hold a wedding for us.”