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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 165 Because I Miss You

Amy enthusiastically matched them, “Alice always likes to talk these and thinks another.”

Benjamin pouted and smiled. He always knew that the woman was not only talking about her own mind, but also dying for face.

About two hours later, John Ran sent his friends to leave. After the elevator door was closed, John Ran turned and ready to go home. His eyes were set in the direction of the stairway, and he did not return for a long time.

He had a heavy, heavy stone at his heart, step by step, but like walking towards the stairs faster.

Because the sound of his walking was very light, the voice-activated lights did not light up, and a dark shadow curled up in the corner in front of his eyes made him have a heartbreaking pain.

Why did she do this?

On such a cold day, she curled up in a shady stairwell, fell asleep on her suitcase, wasn’t she afraid of getting a cold? When will she not be so stubborn?

He crouched slowly in front of her. She was really tired, but she didn’t sleep well, frowning tightly, and her mouth was still aggrieved.

He raised his hand and gently lifted the hair covering her eyes. What should he do with her?

Sighing, “Isn’t it good to be alone abroad? Why should you come back?”

Penny, who seemed to be asleep, pursed her lips bitterly, and her low-pitched voice spread slowly in the silent stairwell. “Because I can’t control myself, I always miss you, miss you very much…” Can’t wait to see you the next second, even if you don’t have her in your eyes.

The bitter smile of John Ran’s sadness, “Fool, what do you want to think, time will always dilute the strong miss.”

Penny lying on the suitcase with her eyes closed and shook her head stubbornly. “No, obviously I will only miss you more.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him indistinctly, her eyes tearing.

John Ran, do you know? She missed you so much, wasn’t it really useless and unproductive, you were so bad to her, and she still missed you.

John Ran also looked at her. Her tears eroded his painful heart like concentrated sulfuric acid. It would be great if this miss was for him.

But he must keep himself awake, the deeper he sank, and the more painful he will be in the end, he reminded her cruelly, “I am John Ran.”

Penny laughed, and he did so every time, adding a knife to her heart that was about to come back to life, crying and laughing, “Yeah, you are John Ran, you are John Ran, you will never love Penny again…”

Talking, she was crying, she couldn’t cry, why was she so tired and why was it so uncomfortable because he was John Ran?

The voice in the stairwell was very heavy. Her crying was heartbreaking. He helped her wipe her tears, distressed and comforted. “Why the hell are you crying? Don’t you make trouble?”

He thought she’s been playing around all the time, right?

“Who was that woman?” She asked stubbornly.

John Ran frowned, “Girlfriend.”

Penny raised her hand and started beating him hard. With her full strength, every fist was hit on his shoulder, and her chest and mouth kept crying, “Why are you doing this? Why did you do this to me? Why? ”

He wanted to say, because he was John Ran, not the Bob she loved in her heart.

Because her tears kept him anxiously leaving, he impatiently grabbed her thin wrists and yelled coldly, “Enough, Penny!”

His cold voice made Penny’s mouth suddenly stunned, she suddenly calmed down, motionless, only the tears in her eyes continued to fall.

She lifted his hand around her wrist, opened her mouth and bit him fiercely. As if he could not feel the pain, he let her bite hard and remained indifferent.

Later, he took her home, but she was still very sensible, remembering her suitcase, “Then you might go down and pull it by yourself.”

Penny continued to pretend to sleep and hid in his arms, “You come out later to get it, don’t forget.”

She may be too tired to say a good night, and she woke up at ten in the morning the next day, and when she ran to the hospital, it was almost eleven, complaining John, who just came out of the operating room, “Why don’t you call me in the morning?”

The air frozen in the whole office all of a sudden. Everyone’s eyes were on Penny, who was out of breath, and then looked at John Ran, who was indifferent and without waves.

“Your phone should be out of power. I called you, but it didn’t connect.” How wise was he.

The crowd then put their minds back. It turned out to be a call with a mobile phone. They thought that…it would be the most recent news in the hospital.

Penny was deliberately engaged in things, “I’ll sleep next to you. Do you want to call me?”

The doctors who were just relieved just now held their breath again, who was beside them? Were they…sleeping together?!!

Wow, it’s more headlines than entertainment headlines.

John Ran looked at Penny weakly and corrected the mistake she said just now. “Then you should be confused. You didn’t sleep next to me. It’s me who gets on you.”

Wow, there was even more…This was a bit too private and difficult to digest for a while.

Penny blinked her eyes, thinking seriously, how did he sleep last night? Wasn’t his room next to the guest room? Did he all live upstairs in the attic?

Regardless of him, she was late because of him anyway. As a new intern in cardiology, being late was a shameful thing, OK?

But she didn’t know. In fact, what is more shameful should be her ambiguous words early in the morning.

Penny finally found that everyone looked at her differently, and asked stupidly, “What’s wrong?”

Pony couldn’t help asking, “What’s the relationship between you and Dr. Ran? You can sleep in that position, wouldn’t you just want him to take you as an apprentice, and you take the initiative to sleep with him?”

Penny frowned. “What? How is that possible?”

“But the content of your conversation just now was so filthy, and he got on you.”

Penny then responded, “No. It was not what you thought.”

John Ran sneered, she just understood now, and the explanation would seem ridiculous.

Dr. Lau bluntly said, “We all know. We are not kids.”

Penny had a headache, but she explained it very seriously, “I really didn’t think so, because I was too tired yesterday. I thought I was sleeping in the room next to his, but as Dr. Ran said, then he should be sleeping in the attic bedroom. ”

This explanation was too pale and powerless for those who had long wanted to be wrong, Dr. He said, “The point is, you live together.”

Penny did not deny this, nodded earnestly, “Yeah, we are living together, but we can’t be the kind of relationship you thought. He is my brother-in-law, my fiance’s younger brother, and I am his sister-in-law. ”

Penny’s explanation this time was still accepted by everyone, but John Ran, who was summing up the postoperative report, stopped his movement.

What she said just now was really…made him growl.

Pony still found it unbelievable. Based on the intuition of the women, they are definitely a couple relationship that had feelings for each other. Even if they were not together, it was also an ambiguous period. “Is that true?

Penny grinned bitterly. “I always hoped it was fake, but Dr. Ran reminded me all the time.”

It’s hard to understand again.

Anyway, they were abnormal, unusual, and unreasonable.

What made Alice very angry was that the guy didn’t go home last at night, and what she couldn’t bear most was that she came all night to be against him.

The most maddening thing about Alice was that she was worried him so she went to see him. He was still drinking coffee and chatting with a female client about his life.

Waiting until his interview was over, she was sitting on a chair opposite his desk. “What’s wrong with your cell phone? Why can’t you get through?”

Benjamin responded with satisfaction, “Oh, I’ve blacklisted you.” I just wanted to know if she couldn’t be anxious if she couldn’t find him, and asked her to talk to him every day.

Alice didn’t even think about it. She raised her finger at him angrily, and prepared to have a good theory with him, “You…”

After thinking about it, she felt that she couldn’t be tricked by him. She retracted her hand and asked him, “Where is Amy?” Why didn’t her cell phone keep picking up?

Benjamin had an answer long ago, and waited for her to ask, “Be angry with Joe and go on a blind date.”

“Fine. I gotta go.”

Benjamin deliberately asked her, “Did you come to Amy? Or you couldn’t find it, and rushed here?”

Alice was not angry, “Of course, I came to Amy.”

“Alright, then I know. I’m a bit busy here, so I won’t take you off. Drive carefully on the road.”

Alice had no ears to listen to him. She must be crazy to come to find him.

As soon as they entered the elevator, a few employees went in. When they saw Alice, they all greeted her. “Alice, you are here to see the Chief.”

Alice muttered in a low voice, “No, I’m here to see Amy.”

Everyone didn’t take Alice’s words for granted. Maybe they knew this former boss too much and said enviously, “It’s envious that Alice can meet a good man like the Chief.”

“I heard Amy said \this morning, that the Chief hit the client who wanted to take advantage of you last night, but he stayed in the police station all night last night.”