Chapter 164 You Ask For Humiliation

At the end of the shift, Dr. Pony asked Penny if she didn’t live in the dormitory. Penny nodded, “Well, I live in my home.”

Pony was envious, “Penny, it’s so nice of you, and you have a nest. I have to work hard to buy a small house of my own.”

Dr. Lau knocked the Dr. Pony’s head lightly behind him, “Fool, what a woman is doing so hard, find a good man to marry you, and you have everything.”

The Dr. Pony disapproved. “How many men in the world are reliable? Life taught me that it is better to rely on yourself, to live in your own room and sleep in the bed you bought.”

The little girl didn’t look like she had been hurt by a man and had experienced the rigors of life.

Their apprentices discussed the issue that life and good men were rarer than rare animals.

Dr. He asked Penny, “Where do you live? Maybe I can drop you off.”

Penny smiled. “Will you and Dr. Ran go by the way?”

“The direction is just the opposite.” Indeed.

“Then I and you are going in the opposite direction, too.” Penny didn’t specify the specific location of his home.

Dr. He left, leaving only Penny and John Ran. Penny asked him, “Can you take me a ride?”

John Ran didn’t even think about it, and replied firmly and simply, “No.”

Penny stared at him with pouts. Did this person have to create such a mode of getting along? It’s really speechless.

He was really very principled, and didn’t take her a ride. Penny was pulling a suitcase and standing by the hospital door waiting for the car. He drove away in a car and completely turned a blind eye to her.

He was such an extreme personality. He was determined to have nothing to do with her.

Therefore, this time back, it was just Penny’s wishful thinking. He thought that he would never see her again.

Stopping the taxi, and addressing the driver. She listened quietly to a program on the car radio.

The theme was so coincidental that don’t fall in love with the same one. It’s just a repeat of the same mistake.

The old feelings had revived and the same mistakes had been made.

The show mainly told the story of a couple of reunion couples who broke up again. The girl said, “When you break up again, you will find that it is no longer love. If there is still love, you will not be separated at the beginning. Just because of unwillingness, or just want to prove that no one is more suitable for him than you, however, you are obviously the most inappropriate. ”

The words of the girl were also a little bit extreme. Everyone had their own ideas. She can imagine that the girl was distressed because she broke up with the same boyfriend twice.

A boy’s statement made many people silent. “The so-called re-love, which first appeared in my mind, was not how much I loved each other, but that I wanted to make love with her again.”

This should be a scumbag, but it was still the answer approved by many revived couples.

Another listener made a phone call, and she was calmer than the others. “We broke up, and we saw each other unexpectedly two years later. He asked me, are you still single? I nodded, and he said, coincidentally, so did I, Why don’t we get together, and I answer casually, yes. Now, he is the father of my child, and we are very happy. ”

See, not all the long-awaited reunions were sad movies, and they may be the beginning of a love affair.

Before the show ended, she arrived. The driver stopped and she got out of the car and took out her suitcase from the trunk.

When she stood at his door, she didn’t hesitate to ring the doorbell. Soon, he opened the door. He just came out of the bathroom with pajama.

He might have thought that the delivery was here. He didn’t even look at her, and reached out to sign or take delivery.

Penny stood at the door and looked at him motionlessly. He should have seen the suitcase beside her feet, raised his eyes, his eyes closed, his eyebrows tightened instantly.

Penny smiled generously at him, but he was still expressionless. He wiped his towel and took it down. No one knew what he was thinking now, sad or worried?

“What on earth do you want?” He asked her impatiently.

Penny hadn’t had time to answer yet, and a young man who came to the outside came out, “Hello, takeaway.”

John Ran signed and accepted the outside. After the delivery man left, he turned around and put his takeaway on the locker at the door. It seemed to be closing, “Go back to yours.”

“No.” She held the suitcase in one hand, blocking the door he was about to close, and stared stubbornly at him.

His eyebrows were already deep, but he was very patient and did not directly drop the door. “Penny, I don’t know what happened to you suddenly? But you don’t have to do this.”

She didn’t know what happened to her? She also didn’t know what to do. Living alone in other country made her frustrated.

Her voice was soft and weak, and she should say with begging, “I didn’t have rest for two days and one night, I so tired.”

John Ran refused without hesitation and dealt with her indifferently, “Then go back to rest.”

She looked at him, knowing how unproductive she was, “I want to live here.”

He stood calmly against her, just when Penny thought that he had begun to soften, and even if he didn’t want to, he would temporarily stay for a night, and a pleasant female voice came from the room.

“John, did the takeaway come?”

Penny witnessed that his eyebrows were tense at that moment. She was holding the luggage lever tightly with one hand, and she couldn’t tell anything.

She looked at him, and suddenly smiled like a fool, but her vision became blurred.

The woman inside came over and was standing next to John Ran, “This is…”

John Ran naturally explained, “The new intern in the hospital.”

The woman nodded like understanding something, and looked up and down at Penny at the door, asking tentatively, “Will you come in?”

Penny shook her head. “No.”

Is it necessary to go in? She shouldn’t have come. Forgive her for not smiling at this moment, she was like a child abandoned by her loved ones, and turned away helplessly.

Of course he would not stay her, and she could not expect anything.

The corner went to the stairs. The woman just asked John Ran, “Why didn’t she take the elevator?”

How did John Ran answer her later? Penny could not hear because the door was closed.

She was still outside the door.

She turned around to the stairs, not to go, but to sit there alone and wait innocently.

They used to say that if there was a fight between a couple, one person wanted to run away from home, don’t take an elevator, so that if another person wanted to chase her, he would not be able to catch up.

At the beginning of the dinner preparation for Alice’s house, he received a call from Benjamin who had not yet returned, “I have a dinner at night. You eat first, and I will try to go back soon.”

It’s like an old husband and wife who had lived together for a long time. The husband had entertainment outside the house. He called his wife at home to report.

Alice glanced at the steamed eggs on the table. Yesterday he muttered that he wanted to eat this dish. She made it tonight, but he didn’t come back. It was really annoying.

The tone of the reply was not good, “You leave early and return late. I don’t think you’ll ever come back afterwards.”

Already getting in the car, Benjamin rushed to the hotel, looking at the rushing street view out of the window, pouting and smiling, “How can I do that, I’m afraid you miss me and can’t sleep well.”

Alice was very shameless.

Benjamin was not angry at all, and still said kindly, “Sleep early, obediently.”

Alice was speechless. She was a child, and she was still obedient, thinking in her heart, ‘I ‘m not obedient, I don’t want to sleep, I’ll see what time he will come back. ‘

Joan asked, “Is Ben coming back to eat?”

Alice nodded, “Well, there is a dinner.”

“You didn’t remind him to let him drink less alcohol.” Joan was more careful than Alice.

Alice didn’t expect it just now, so she said, “He’s such a big man, he must know that.”

After speaking, she still felt that she should remind him of this, but she couldn’t pull that face.

A message was sent to assistant Amy, “Help me supervise someone, let him drink as little as possible, and come back early.”

Amy, sitting in the co-pilot, pursed and grinned, and naughtily returned to Alice, “Yes, Madam.” Then she also showed the message from Alice to the Chief in the back seat.

Benjamin pouted and chuckled, and bowed his head to send a message to Alice, “If you care about me, just send it to me. Why be shy?”

Alice stared silently at the message just received, thinking to herself, Amy, you have betrayed me so quickly.

“I didn’t care about you. It was the godmother who made me say that.”

Benjamin didn’t care who said it, he replied, “I see, don’t wait for me, go to bed early.”

Alice rolled her eyes at her cell phone. Whoever said she was waiting for him. He asked her to go to bed early. She refused to do so…