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Chapter 163 I Am the Fiance

Due to an emergency operation, the doctors and nurses in the entire department had not been able to have lunch by 2 pm, and the operation was over, although Penny who was just watching from the operating room was still sweating.

Out of the operating room, Penny held the bench in front of the operating room and sat down with one hand on her stomach, and feeling cold.

Dr. He first discovered that Penny was uncomfortable and asked her nervously, “Dr. Penny, are you all right?”

When he asked, the doctors present were sure she was not.

Her face was pale, and her lips were white without blood. The sweat beads on her forehead were crystal clear, and her expression was painless.

Penny shook her head and smiled reluctantly. “I’m fine, I just have a stomachache.”

John Ran, who had been unwilling to talk to her, was the first to speak, and it was not consolation and distress, but blame and criticism.

“As a doctor, you don’t take care of your body first. You don’t even have the minimum professional ethics.”

Penny looked straight at the unemotional John Ran. It was really annoying. She just had a stomachache. Why was there no professional ethics?

Dr. He, “As a doctor, one can always forget to eat. Even you have time to buy meals, you might not have time to eat…”

In fact, Dr. He didn’t just protect Penny, but grumbled casually. After all, what he said was true, but in John Ran’s opinion, it was Penny who seduced the man around her.

Penny only cared about her stomachache. They who loved to say anything had nothing to do with him and they can’t take into account the emotion of John Ran.

The probationer Dr. Pony came over to help Penny. “Let’s go, or I’ll pour you a cup of warm water.”

Penny shook her head. “No need, go back to the office.”

Painful to the office, Penny asked the Dr. Pony to pour a cup of warm water, and found two painkillers from her bag, and swallowed them.

Everyone saw that her face was really bad, and she even swallowed two tablets of the painkiller, which showed that she really hurt.

Dr. Lau said worriedly, “Or go to the gastroenterology department. It should be painful to see you like this.”

Penny smiled, “No, it will be fine in a while. I drank some wine on an empty stomach last night. I didn’t eat this morning, and it was a bit past lunch. It wasn’t that hurt at usual time.”

The Dr. Pony looked at Penny in shock. “No wonder you are so weak,. You don’t eat anything at all. You have to eat more next time.”

The painkillers were really amazing. No matter where it hurt, five minutes after taking it will definitely work.

This kind of analgesic effect was relatively fast. It had particularly large side effects and was very bad for the body. But Penny had a strong dependence on this medicine.

The only bad thing about this painkiller was that it didn’t stop her pain.

After the effect of the medicine was exerted, Penny recovered quickly, and John Ran, who was sitting side by side and carefully writing the surgical report, was not as good as a colleague whom he had just met, and he did not care about her at all.

Dr. He just called and took delivery of the take-away. After eating, he was hungry and had no desire for food.

Penny couldn’t eat a few bites. She was afraid that eating too much would make her stomach more uncomfortable. Dr. Pony ate a seafood pizza. “Penny, you ate too little. Don’t you have anorexia?”

“I’m full.” Penny also felt that she ate too little, but she really couldn’t eat it.

Dr. He asked with concern, “Isn’t it appetizing and what do you want to eat? I’ll book it for you.”

“No, I’m really full, you can eat, and I’ll go to the patient to see the situation.” After that, Penny went to the door to wash his hands and went out.

Penny was not a doctor at the moment. When going to the patient side, that was to talk to the patient’s family members. First of all, the family members should not be too nervous to relieve their stress.

Dr. Pony put down his hand and ate half the pizza and looked at his master, Dr. Lau, “Master, should I also be so positive as Penny?”

Dr. Lau looked at the Dr. Pony, “No, Dr. Penny just didn’t want to sit here and watch someone’s expressionless face.”

Everyone heard this, it was John Ran’s.

John Ran was almost full. He got up and left, as Dr. Lau complained, with no expression, “Order Chinese food next time.”

How can this person always be so moody, it really should give Penny time to open a skull for him, and take a good look at what he was thinking?

The Dr. Pony slaps the table hard, because his hands were numb because he was too excited.

Her master Dr. Lau frowned. “Put it lightly, you know how important your hands were to a doctor.”

“I know why Dr. Ran wants to order Chinese food. Don’t look at him with an indifferent face, as if he was cold to Dr. Penny. In fact, he cares about Dr. Penny. Dr. Penny has a bad stomach. Of course, eat these things would be uncomfortable, if it’s Chinese food, then…”

Talking, talking, she suddenly thought of another important point, “You guy, what is the relationship between them?”

Dr. Lau and Dr. He watched the Dr. Pony for a while. Did the girls love gossip so much? Everyone knew the question clearly, why did she have to say it.

“Clean up the table.” Dr. Lau and Dr. He left together.

The Dr. Pony blinked with pretty big eyes, and murmured to herself in the little mouth, ‘They must be a couple, and then broke up, and Penny came to ask for reunion, and the doctor was indifferent on the surface, in fact, his heart was hot, yes, It must be like this. Why am I so smart? ‘

In the ward, the patient who had just finished the operation had not yet woke up, and Penny and the patient’s wife were sitting in a rest chair and chatting.

Because their husband’s heart was a congenital disease, they had been married for ten years and did not dare to have children. They loved each other and always felt that as long as they lived one day, two people must be together and had a good time.

Penny was deeply touched after listening to her words. Everyone seemed to know how to cherish the people around them, and should not leave regret in life, but how many people can do it.

The woman was poorly dressed, but when talking to her husband, her expression was happy and warm, and they must love each other.

Penny couldn’t help thinking of Bob. At that time, Bob was ill. The two poor people who lived by working in a foreign country. Each time he lived in a hospital was a burden.

Later, Bob refused to go to the hospital, and later…

Penny took out a few hundred dollars from her white coat pocket. “Take it. I earned it for you.”

“No? The Director Ran promised to treat him in person, and also reduced most of our medical expenses. We are very grateful.”

Listening to this, John Ran also took good care of his patients, but at that time, she knelt on the ground and begged him to lend her money, and he was unwilling to do so.

Penny said, “My fiance was very ill. At that time we were also afraid to go to the hospital, but we had to go. Later, a kind-hearted person anonymously donated us a sum of money for us to get treatment.”

“So is he alright now?” The patient’s wife asked Penny.

Penny smiled slightly and nodded, “Well, we’re fine now.”

The smile on the other person’s face instantly increased a lot, “It’s good, he and I will get better and better, right.”

“Of course.”

“Dr. Ran, you are here. The one in my family hasn’t waked up yet. When he wakes up, I’ll let him say thank you personally.” The patient’s family heard the incident that Penny said just now, and he felt unconsciously good.

Penny turned her back to John Ran, didn’t look back at him, didn’t know when he came from, and didn’t know what she said, did he hear it?

If he heard it, he would laugh at her delusional wish, how Bob could be fine.

“I’ll go first.” Penny smiled and spoke to his family.

The other person nodded gratefully. “Well, go and get busy. Thank you very much. Good people will have good reports.”

Penny hadn’t been away for a long time, and the patient’s family members regretfully said to John Ran, “I saw that Dr. Penny was very good just now. I still think if she is single, I will give you two good matches. As long as there is a match around them, it will almost become the end. It is a pity that everyone has a fiance. ”

Because her husband was hospitalized for a long time, the relationship between the patient’s doctor and the family was familiar.

John Ran smiled and told her after the regretful sigh, “I am her fiance.”

The other person looked at John Ran inconceivably. His eyes were dumbfounded, “Really?”

John Ran nodded with a smile, “It can’t be faked, but it’s a secret here in the hospital. You’ll keep it secret for us.”

The other party looked at John Ran, and then thought about it. Didn’t the two of them meet when they were just outside, just like strangers, they didn’t even say hello. How could it be an unmarried couple?

She asked John Ran mysteriously, “John Ran, wouldn’t it be that you secretly love Dr. Penny?”

“Next time you could ask her what her fiance’s last name is, or ask to see her fiance’s picture.”

Seeing it was true.

After finishing speaking, John Ran was sour in heart, he had the same last name and same face as that fiance, but he would not be John Ran.