Chapter 162 How to Get into Your Heart

The next day, Benjamin got up early, and Alice was also used to getting up early. She was making milk in the kitchen. She felt her waist tight, and then her entire back rested in his strong arms.

Alice unconsciously moved, “What’s in you mind when you hugged me.”

Benjamin put his chin on her shoulder and pouted and smiled. “I want to know when my breakfast is ready. I have to go out earlier today.”

Alice turned around and successfully avoided his closeness early in the morning. “Why did you leave so early?”

She thought it was something in the company. After all, he was considered to be working over a year. There were many things they could discuss.

Benjamin leaned on the edge of the glass platform behind him, smiling brighter smile.

“I was out early and not coming late. What are you nervous about?”

Alice, who washed the milk, gave him a scornful look. Which one of his eyes saw her nervous, she just asked it casually.

Before leaving the kitchen, Alice glanced at his leg. He didn’t have a cane in his hand. How did he come over?

She didn’t ask, Benjamin saw her at a glance, and explained, “I skipped it.”

Alice ignored him and took the milk to Pippi’s room. Joan was coaxing him to get dressed, and the little boy had to drink milk before he got up.

Alice handed the milk to Joan, and she had a responsibility for the development of Pippi’s bad habit, but now it took some time to change it for him.

Alice, who returned to the kitchen for breakfast, didn’t see Benjamin, but she didn’t think too much. Anyway, after the rice was cooked, he would naturally appear.

When all the breakfast was placed on the dining table, Benjamin seemed to be holding a watch and just came over.

Wearing a black suit and a black shirt inside, the collar was buckled in a regular way.

Before sitting down for breakfast, Alice didn’t even ask, he said first, “Today is Bob’s death date, and it’s also my rebirth day. I’ll see him later.”

Alice had fully understood the reason why he got up so early and was so formal.

“Oh.” Besides, she didn’t know what to say. That person was Benjamin’s life-saving benefactor. She had always been grateful to the benevolent who had never met but knew exactly what he looked like.

When Benjamin led the way out, Alice stood at the door to help him hand in his shoes. It was a natural move. She said, “Go and buy a bunch of flowers.”

Benjamin nodded, and he did just that.

After Benjamin left, Alice stood alone at the door and said to herself, ‘I don’t know if Penny will come back to see that person? ‘

In the cemetery, because it was still early, a few people could not be seen except the management staff.

The breeze was cool, and Benjamin holding a cane stood in front of Bob’s tombstone. Penny, who had been standing around for a while, looked at him and wondered why he was holding the cane.

Benjamin bowed down and put down the white chrysanthemum he bought. Looking at the picture on the tombstone, he asked Penny again, “You come so early.”

Penny nodded, her mouth smiling quietly, but her face was pale, “Well, I just came over as soon as I got off the plane. I’m afraid he’s waiting for me to worry.”

Benjamin was silent for a while after thinking about it, thinking about a lot of things, and he could not help asking Penny, “You are in love?” Actually, he had been curious about this question.

Penny gazed at the familiar face on the tombstone picture, with a slightly bitter smile. “If I can do it again, I will definitely try to fall in love with Bob and stay away from John Ran.”

But life can’t be repeated. There was no rehearsal in life. Those things that were destined to happen were things we cannot change.

The sound of footsteps from the other came from behind them, Benjamin glanced back, but Penny didn’t. The familiar voice, she guessed she would never forget in her life.

Some things the more you wanted to forget, the more they were unforgettable.

Benjamin vacated the opportunity for the two of them to get along alone, “I have to go.”

Penny turned her head to look at Benjamin, and wanted to ask about his legs, and also wondered if he could go by himself? Just care him as a friend at least.

“You…” She suddenly didn’t know how to ask.

Benjamin smiled warmly, “No problem, my driver’s waiting for me outside.”

Penny nodded with relief, “Oh, goodbye.”


After Benjamin left, John Ran stared silently at the picture on the tombstone, as if there was no Penny at all, as if in his eyes, he only saw the person in the tombstone at this moment.

Penny sighed slightly and said to the always-sleeping Bob, “Bob, I’ll go first. I’ll see you again when I have time. I will be fine.”

After speaking, she pulled up the suitcase next to her and turned away. Bob once said that as long as she was good, he would be relieved.

Penny thought that John Ran didn’t want to talk to her, and certainly didn’t want to see her, so why should she be more embarrassed.

They always had two words that can cause love and hate between the two. In front of Bob, she did not want to make trouble with him, and he was not allowed to bully her.

She walked, John Ran didn’t speak, and they couldn’t go back. Any meeting and exchange were just sadness.

He could have waited for her to come over just now, but when he saw her standing here, he couldn’t help himself to be closer to her.

Even if there was another person standing beside her, even if they didn’t say a word or even look at him well. But she left.

How disgusted she was with him, she left when he arrived.

Pouting with a sad smile, he said to the elder brother who looked exactly like himself in the tombstone photo, “From the beginning, the damn person should be me, the one who can give her happiness and make her happy is always you.”

No one can respond to his words. He was alone, sad and lonely, standing alone, talking to himself.

In the hospital, the dean held a meeting of newcomers. Two newcomers in cardiology successfully joined the cardiology department under the introduction of the dean, and one of them was Penny.

The dean said, “Dr. Penny is a brain expert, but she chose to join the Department of Cardiology for personal reasons, so she is also a newcomer.”

“You should discuss who will lead the newcomer Dr. Dr. Pony.” The dean and the Department of Cardiology had several elders to discuss.

Dr. Lau, who was usually the most optimistic and talkative, raised his hand first, “I choose Dr. Penny.”

The dean glared at him and said, “I didn’t let you choose Dr. Penny. You can take Dr. Lau.”

Dr. Lau also wanted to fight for Dr. Penny before the dean spoke again.

“Dr. Penny, which doctor do you choose to take you with?”

Penny glanced around, and saw the one who had been sitting there since she came in. She hadn’t looked at John Ran at all, and said without hesitation, “I choose Dr. Ran.”

The dean was very satisfied with her choice. “Dr. Ran is a rare talent in our hospital. Dr. Penny is wise and talented.”

Dr. Lau and Dr. He complained, “What the dean said made us feel embarrassed in front of the new couple.”

“Then you catch up with Dr. Ran to show me, although now you are also valuable medical professional.”

“No!” Just when everyone thought the meeting had ended so happily, John Ran said so.

Except for Penny, everyone present was very puzzled.

Dean whispered, “Dr. Penny is a brain expert. You can also talk to each other if you take her. You can also talk to her about some problems…”

John Ran interrupted the dean very simply and indifferently. “Since she is a brain expert, what has happened to the Department of Cardiology? Hasn’t the brain department been short of people? Since she has the ability to save people, why she still wastes her time here.

John Ran didn’t show any affection to Penny.

The dean actually wanted to know why Penny was determined to go to the Department of Cardiology, so he turned his attention to Penny.

Penny watched John Ran who refused her for a moment. Now that she was all involved. So why not tell her what the true thoughts in her mind.

“I’m an expert in brain science, but I’m struggling to figure out how to get into your heart. Do you intend to keep me out of your heart all the time, or say that you don’t have me. ”

Penny’s statement was similar to that of the confession, so that all people here understood her words and no one interrupted, waiting for John Ran to recover.

This guy who didn’t usually talk much, still felt sorry for the words in this case.

“You are fussing about!” Then he got up angrily and left.

Everyone was embarrassed by Penny, but Penny was already used to his indifference.

The dean first said, “Our Dr. Ran usually has this character, only with personality will he look different, right? So ah, this doctor is the best dream boyfriend of a single young woman in our hospital. Dr. Penny must also cheer up. ”

Penny smiled and didn’t speak again.

Everyone was busy with their work. Dr. Lau took the new apprentice Dr. Pony away. Dr. He thought about it, and said, “How about you take me?”

Penny can’t help laughing. It seemed that Dr. He was funny.

She bowed sincerely, “Thank you Master, I will definitely work very hard.”

“Then we will work together to explore what Dr. Ran is thinking.”

Then again, Penny couldn’t help but blush.

Dr. He actively reached out and introduced himself, “I am Nate He. Nice to meet you.”

Penny smiled and shook hands with each other. “Penny, nice to meet you.”