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Chapter 161 Good Night

On this day, Alice really stayed at home and worked as a full-time wife. She couldn’t stay at home before because she was busy, and Nanny Wang wasn’t there. There was also a Pippi messing around.

Packed up the whole morning, went to the supermarket for shopping in the afternoon, came back for dinner, she had not been idle for a day, but thought that there was still to much thing to do.

When it was time to have dinner, Benjamin came back on time, and with such a small surprise, a big man, holding red roses for her.

Alice looked at Benjamin holding a large bunch of red roses very speechlessly. She was really speechless. What happened to him?

“Baby, it’s for you,” Benjamin said to her sincerely, a pair of deep eyes staring at her with affection.

Of course, she knew it was for her, and she didn’t pick it up. She also was complaining him for wasting money. “Why bought so much? You are wasting money! Don’t do that next time.”

Benjamin pouted and smiled, she was really a good wife.

“Why smile, where did you buy it? Can you return it?” Alice muttered without emotion.

In fact, which woman didn’t like flowers? They all spoke one way and thought another.

Benjamin kept pouting and smiling, his voice was thick and dumb, “No. I will keep it forever, just like my love for you!


Such old-fashioned loved words.

Alice stretched her face and pointed to the living room side. “Let’s go over there, thank you.” After that, she turned to the kitchen and continued to cook. Only she knew how happy she was now.

She was so happy that it was the first time she received the flower from him. It was considered that he had a conscience and did not let her regret that she would grow old alone.

During dinner, Joan took care of Pippi. Alice told Joan that she didn’t need to feed him and let him eat it himself. The grandmother was always better than the mother. Pippi just wanted his grandma to feed him.

Sometimes too much pamper was pride, too much pamper was poison.

Benjamin was still adding fuel and jealous while saying, “When you were a kid, I also fed you this every day, and you didn’t know how difficult and unsettling you were. In order to make you eat, I can chase you three miles with a bowl. ”

Alice thought that this man was talking too exaggerated. Indeed, in her memory, she also did not like to eat. He was only one year older than her, and chased her like a little adult every day. But three miles, it was too exaggerated.

“No wonder I don’t have a good stomach right now. For three miles, the rice in the bowl had been so cold. You gave me cold rice every day, and you still showed off.”

Alas, alas, how did she say such words? He swore to heaven that every meal he gave her was warm.

As for how the rice became cold later, how did he become hot? He would never tell anyone. He put the rice in his mouth and fed her.

Recalling the past, Joan couldn’t help but sighing, “At that time, you two were just happy enemies, you were noisy when you met, and you hit each other. You can’t see each other for a few minutes, and you can’t help thinking about it. Remember when Alice was five or six years old, That was the most willful time. She had to stay with Ben every day, and had to sleep at night with Ben. ”

Alice thought that tonight’s meal was a bit embarrassing. She wondered why she didn’t know how to hold back when she was a child.

Joan looked at how old they were now. They had child and they were noisy when they met as if they were still children. They still hadn’t learned to cherish each other.

“Our adults told Ben every day that if Alice didn’t eat well, she wouldn’t grow up. Then when you grew up and you should marry a wife, Alice would be still a child and you can’t marry her. Every day Ben was responsible for feeding Alice who did not like to eat. ”

“Mom, don’t recall the old things,. You said for so long, just to prove that I was stupid at that time, and I was fooled by your adults.”

Joan disagreed, “You are obviously in a hurry to marry Alice.”


Alice smiled without saying a word. In fact, they all grew up later. Before studying at a school, he was one level higher than her. Even if the meal was not at the same point in time, he would be sitting opposite her forever.

The meat she liked to eat, he never ate a bite, all put to her plate, and the dishes she didn’t like to eat were always his favorite.

He forced her to drink soup at every meal, and she was reluctant to drink a small bowl under his persecution, and the soup left in the bowl was always so natural that he would drink it all.

After college, they were at the same level, and they were living together. He made breakfast for her. Sometimes she was sleepy and couldn’t call her. He fed her while he was busy dressing her. He He often complained, but he was never annoying, and he would continue to help her with everything the next day.

Classmates said they were conjoined babies. She said that he was hermaphrodite and did not treat her as a woman at all.

Right, at that time, he was more like treating her as a child.

From the time he walked at the age of two, he began to hold her hands to teach the one-year-old to learn to walk. He Benjamin for Alice was unique and inseparable.

He was her Benjamin, and she was his Alice.

At night, she was lying on the bed in the upstairs room. He stood in front of the window of the first-floor room, at home, across the first floor, and could even hear loud talk, but he was talking to her by phone.

Alice, lying in the bed, answered his call. “It’s already asleep, don’t bother me.”

Benjamin frowned, and her nasal sound was very heavy. “What a strange sound?” He asked softly.

When he asked, Alice had a sorer nose. She had been thinking about them when they were children, to be precise, she was recalling the days when they hadn’t slept together. If she could, she wanted to go back to the old days and kept doing the baby girl in his hand. They’ve changed now.

Fear of losing, the tighter you grasp, the easier it was to let go.

“It’s Alright. I am sleeping.” Alice said.

Benjamin chuckled, “You can still talk when you are asleep. When did my Alice have this strange ability?”

They couldn’t help but thinking that when he secretly kissed her last night, she deliberately pretended to be a slapped fan, and Benjamin asked again, “You just learned it last night?”


“Alright, you can do whatever you want.” Benjamin was under her control.

Alice pouted, “It sounds better than what you actually do.”

“Then how about I sing a song for you?”

“Don’t. I don’t want to have nightmares tonight.”

They couldn’t help laughing, and for a while, Benjamin asked her, “The flowers, do you like it?”

When he went to the flower shop today, he realized that he never gave her flowers. Someone had given her flowers before. He only took care of them and said, ‘Alice, if you like, I can buy it for you. ‘

And every time she rolled her eyes and said, “You’re neurotic.”

At that time, he also felt that the people who gave the flowers should be neurotic. When he bought the flowers today, he realized how good the mood was.

“It’s Alright.” Alice concealed her happiness.

Such an answer had made Benjamin very happy. The corners of his mouth were slightly up, “Are you happy?”

Alice did not acknowledge the small movements in her heart. In fact, her heart was as if in love, but she said, “That’s it.”

Benjamin smiled, and did not force her to say what she felt, because whether she was happy, only he could see clearly.

“Sleep and have a good dream.”

Alice had closed her eyes, and the words she spoke were still against him, “Enough, because I received your call before bed and heard your voice. It is impossible to have a good dream.”

To deal with her, Benjamin still had some good tricks, “Then dream about me, dream about me for the rest of your life that I am pampering you unconditionally, pampering you, and loving you deeply.”

“Sure enough, a nightmare.” Alice’s nasal cavity was sour, and her closed eyes felt moist.

“Good night.”

She remembered hearing that good night can be understood as I love you.

Before Alice hung up the phone, she said softly, “You go to bed early, and you will still be at work tomorrow.”