Chapter 85 They can’t be apart

“Because she over highlights the credibility, Charlie’s family owes Mia. I once announced in public that I would take care of her for life and make up for it, so this is a promise that cannot be violated.”

“How can this be true? The world is fickle and nothing is immutable!”

“Perhaps to others, commitment is nothing, but as a member of the Charlie family, as long as you promise others, you must abide by it. This is a rule passed down from generation to generation.”

Karin is stunned, she suddenly remembered a sentence that Charlie once says, “If I can choose, I hope to be an ordinary man.”

“What happened?”

Charlie notices that her expression is different, and reaches out and touches her cheek.

She signs sadly, “Nothing, I just suddenly feel we share the same fate.”


He moves over to embrace her.

“You have a stubborn elder sister, I have a stubborn father, you have a Mia, I have a Barry, you have to carry the burden of a family of promises, I have to bear the shackles of my grandmother’s fate. Don’t you think we share the same fate?”

Charlie hesitates for a moment, and smiles, “It sounds like this.”

“However, I’m better off than you are now.”

Karin draws a circle in his palm with his fingers, “At least, my mother approves me. Although my dad has not expressed his position, but I have escaped for a day. If he does not agree, he must have called me.”

“Why you sighs?” She raises her chin in puzzlement.

Charlie points to her pocket, “Is your phone switched on?”


A moment of dizziness, she just remembers that the phone is still off!

“Oh my god, I just think my dad is convince by my mom.”

She turns on the phone in a hurry, and the overwhelming text messages flood in instantly.

“Would you like to call back?”

Charlie reminds in real time, she shakes her head, “No, my dad must be angry at this time, wait a few days.”

“Will he come here?”

“This time it was my mother who let me go. My mother should think of a way to stop him.”

“Don’t be sad, wait a few days, I will accompany you home.”

Charlie pats her shoulder, she chokes and says, “You don’t need to plead guilty. You just don’t let me down.”

“I says that as long as you dare to bet, I won’t let you lose.”

“It’s best to do this, my mother ignores the worldly perspective and let me go the way I want to go, hoping that I can be happy. If I am unhappy. You will not only let me down, but my mom.”

He nods and gives her an affectionate kiss, plus an affirmative look.

After eating the dumplings and returning to Charlie’s Mansion, Karin is tired and couldn’t open her eyes. She lied on the bed and asks Charlie, “Aren’t you sleeping?”

“Take a bath and sleep.”

“Don’t you wash before you go out?”

“Sweating again. It will be more comfortable to wash.”


As soon as the words sink, she is lifted up into the air, “What are you doing?” She is startled, completely sleepless.

“How can you sleep without taking a bath?”

“I’m not like you. I am a morbid fear of getting dirty.”

“But I don’t like women to be dirty.”

“Then you don’t like me. I want to sleep.”

She points to the bed and yawns.

“No, take a bath.”

Holding her in the bathroom, Charlie reaches out to take off her clothes. When she sees that he is so determined to wash her, she raises her hands to surrender, “Well, just wash, but I do it myself.”

After grinding for a long time without taking off her shirt, Charlie is anxious, “May I help you?”

“No, will you go out first?”


He steps closer, “Don’t forget, you are already my woman.”

“I’m not used to it, in front of a man… undressed.”

“Oh, all right.”

Charlie retreats and closes the bathroom door.

“Wait a minute.” Karin leans out her head and says, “I don’t have any clothes to change. My clothes are in Robert’s car.”

“Hold it.”

He opens the closet, which is full of precious and delicate shirts, and picks a blue one and throws it to her.

Karin takes a hot bath and becomes more and more sleepy, wishing to sleep in the bathtub.

When she doesn’t come out for a long time, Charlie knocks on the door.

“Have you finished?”


She gets up lazily, wipes the water off her body with a towel, and puts on his blue shirt.

For a man, the best thing is that when he wakes up, the woman he loves is still around.

“Oh my God, you finally woke up.”

Karin pulls his arm frantically.

“What happens?”

“I want to go out. I’ve been bored in this room since yesterday afternoon, and I’m almost sick.”

He smiles angrily, “No one ties you up. You can go out if you open the door.”

“Oh.” She signs, and says honestly, “I’m fearful of your housekeeper.”

“Nanny May?”


“What are you afraid of?”

“She looks at me every time with a hateful look,. Can I not be afraid?”

Charlie thinks about it, gets up and says, “Well, wait for me.”

He is neatly dressed and takes her hand down the stairs.

Sure enough, the housekeeper sees Karin, first with a look of shock and then with a look of anger.

“How did you get in?”

Karin casts a look at the man next to her for help.

“Nanny May, how many times have I told you to treat Miss Karin with courtesy. What’s wrong with you?” Charlie questions her coldly.

The housekeeper lowers her head and denies, “No, master, but Miss Karin treats our house as her house and casually go in and out. I don’t know when she comes in.”

“Here is her home from now on. She wants to come as she wants, and leaves if she wants to go. No one is allowed to stop her.”

“Yes. I see.” The housekeeper nods extremely reluctantly.

After lunch, Charlie takes her to a place. She asks in wonder, “Where?”

“Don’t you want to know where I have been when I am missing?”


“Let’s go then.”

After walking for more than half an hour, Karin couldn’t help curiosity and asks, “Where are you going? Why haven’t you arrived in such a long time?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be there in half an hour.”

“Half an hour?” She rubs her forehead. “Don’t you want to find a deserted place and throw me away.”

Charlie smiles, “How will I.”

“If I don’t come to Zurich, you may have married Mia.”

“If you don’t come, I’m going to go get you today.”

“Who believes?”

“No one needs to believe me, I only do what I want to do.”

The car reaches its destination, Karin gets out of the car, looks around, and locks her eyes on the nursing home in front of her, and points with her hand, “There?”


Charlie nods, “Here is it.”

She follows him and goes in nervously, “Who lives here? Your grandfather? Your grandma? Your…”

“Keep silent.”

He interrupts her chatter, and makes a snoring motion, “This is a special occasion, don’t make a sound, so as not to disturb the patient.”

Karin closes her mouth, follows him forward, and walks to the last door, and stops.

“Turn off you phone.”


“Look over there.” Charlie points to the large “Quiet” word on the wall on the right.

Oh, she obediently takes out her mobile phone and turns it off. She has never been to this place and she doesn’t know the rules of the place.

Pushing the door open, Karin holds her breath and wants to see who is living in the house, which makes Charlie pay so much attention to.

The bed is empty, as if nobody is there. She crouches behind Charlie, and just wants to talk. Someone pats her shoulders, and she turns her head back, and a pale, lifeless face appears in front of her.