Chapter 84 Affectionate love

Because Karin makes a temporary decision to return to Zurich, Robert doesn’t immediately inform Charlie.

After getting off the plane, he jokes and says, “Miss Karin, how about we give Charlie a surprise?”

“What?” She frowns slightly, not quite understand what he means.

“Here it is…”

He bows his ears and whispers a few words, and Karin listens to him and frowns, “I’m afraid this is impossible. The housekeeper of Charlie Mansion sees me like an enemy.”

“It will handle by May.” He pats his chest to assure.

Struggling a little, she nods, “All right.”

Who let Charlie make her suffer so much before. This time, let him taste the feeling of loss.

The two drives to Charlie’s Mansion and gets out of the car. She hides under a sycamore tree.

“I go in for a reason to cheat May away. Do you know how to slip in on time?”


She doesn’t know what method Robert uses. He does really cheat the housekeeper out.

With his hands raises back, Karin instructed, and rushes in the red door that he has deliberately closed.

When she enters Charlie’s room, she leans by the door, closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath.

Robert drives May around and finds another reason to send her back.

He rushes to the company nonstop, goes straight into the president’s office, Charlie sees him, and immediately stands up and says, “Here you are.”


“Where is she?”

Of course Robert knows who she is referred to, and sullenly bows down, “I’m sorry Mr Charlie, I haven’t been able to complete the task you gave me…”

Charlie’s heart breaks, and the temperature on his face drops to freezing point, “Why?”

“As stated in the last message, she decides to marry Barry.”


“If I haven’t heard her personally, I would have thought it impossible…”

With a loud noise, Charlie drops the coffee the secretary has just brought in.

Karin hides in the dark, dizzy and hungry. She doesn’t dare to turn on the light, fearing that the housekeeper would find her, and the mobile phone always turns off. She doesn’t even what time it is now.

Waiting patiently, just as she almost falls asleep, the familiar footsteps come from far to near.

Depressed with excitement, she flashes into the bathroom.

Charlie pushes open the bedroom door, tears off his tie, takes off his suit, and lies tiredly on the sofa.

Looking at him from a distance, familiar eyebrows, familiar contours, her heart softens, she grits her teeth and walks crept.

Maybe it’s because of loss, or it’s because of missing for her, Charlie closes his eyes tightly, and the handsome features looks so tired.

Squatting in front of him, she holds her breath and says slowly, “Are you in a bad mood? Would you like me to tell you a joke?”

Like a voice coming from the sky, he opens his eyes suddenly, and meets the person in front of him for a full half minute, speechless in amazement.

“You are not dreaming.”

Karin gets closer and tells him with warm breath that she is really close to him.


Charlie finally restores his mind, takes her into his arms, and is surprised.

The next second, she hasn’t responded yet. He has pulled her shoulders, lowers his head, and kisses her lips without hesitation.


Charlie freezes with a heartbreaking scream. He stares at her painful expression, and for a long time he is uncertain before asking, “Karin, are you… a virgin?”

She bursts into tears and nods, “Yes.”

He hugs her in surprise and says sorry, “I’m sorry, I think…”

She reaches out and covers his mouth. She knows what he wants to say, and she doesn’t blame him for thinking that.

Slowly closing her eyes, she begins to bear all that he gives…

“Are you hungry?”

The air is filled with a strong lust, and Charlie gasps her and asks.


“You are greedy. Otherwise, come again?”

She is sober, shaking her head, “No, I want to eat!”

Charlie laughs and moves to her ears to announce, “It is fine to eat, but remembers, from this moment on, you are my woman…”

In the small atrium, a flower quietly blooms.

She goes downstairs with Charlie. Fortunately, the housekeeper has already fallen asleep, otherwise, if she sees her suddenly, she would probably pass out.

“What to eat?”

Charlie asks her gently as she fastens her seat belt.

She thinks about it, “Dumplings.”

“Let’s go.”

This restaurant is a chain restaurant with a full range of dishes.

As soon as they are seated, Charlie’s cell phone rings.

He glances at the number and grins, “This guy.” He deliberately presses the hands free.


“Mr Charlie, did I interrupt you?”

The speakerphone is turns on, naturally to let the women around him to listen.

When Karin hears Robert’s voice, she is guilty of conscience, and hears him ask such ambiguous words, and she is so embarrassed that she covers his face with her hands.

Charlie turns off the speakerphone, puts the mobile phone in his ear, and says in a deep voice, “You dare to fool me, and come to the company tomorrow.”

He hangs up the phone and looks away, “Why you two lie to me. Would you mind explaining?”

“That’s what Robert means.” She pauses, “But that’s what I mean too.”

“Oh? Why?”

“I doesn’t ask you to explain, why do you want me to explain?”

Charlie raises an eyebrow, “You says it is unnecessary to explain.”

“Then I take back what I said.”

“Well, what do you want me to explain?”

“Why disappears before?”

“This question, I’ll take you to a place tomorrow, and I’ll talk to you more.”

She snorts angrily and complains, “You don’t tell me when you leave. And I look for you everywhere!”

“Didn’t you receive my messages?”

“Messages?” She stares at him in surprise, “I don’t receive your text!”

“What about the phone? You didn’t answer the phone.”

Karin is stunned. She received neither.

What has happened…

The night before Charlie left, she was locked in the hotel by Barry, and her cell phone is also taken away by him. Isn’t it…

“I see!”

She raises her cheeks, “It must be Barry who deleted my text messages and phone calls.”



Karin tells the previous events to him, “They must all be collusion.”

Milan colludes with Barry, and Barry colludes with her parents. Eventually, she and Charlie are separated.

“The newspaper that published fake news of my marriage has been closed.”


“Because they released false information.”

“But that’s what Milan meant, and they don’t know it is true or false.”

“In Zurich, no one can speak for me, unless I personally agree.”

Karin pouted her lips, “That would be too unfair to others.”

“This world is inherently unfair.”

“Then why are you only targeting other newspapers, how about Milan? Don’t forget, she is the culprit.”

Charlie squeezes his eyebrows, “I’m even angrier when talking about her. What can I do to her?”

“Why does your elder sister like Mia so much?”

“She doesn’t like Mia, she’s just stubborn.”

“I don’t think she’s stubborn, it’s just unreasonable.”

Thinking of Milan’s arrogant attitude, Karin feels angry.

Charlie takes her hand and says with guilt, “I know that you must have suffered a lot of wrongs. I apologize to you. Just don’t be that angry at her. She’s not a wicked person actually. ”

“I don’t say she is unforgiving, I just wondered why she forces you to be with someone you don’t like.”