Chapter 83 Don’t let me down

Give up, how helpless and ruthless words, once. She doesn’t want to be such a weak coward, but closes her eyes, she thinks of the pain that mother suffered that night, thinking of the mother ‘s sentence, Love without blessings from relatives, do you think you will be happy? Thinking of this, even if she doesn’t want to give up, what else she can do…

“Charlie, I just want you to be happy.”

“My happiness is not achieved just by your blessings.”

“Then, I wish you to be unhappy.”

“Karin, why are you so cruel?” He hugs her from behind, “Don’t you believe that I will give you happiness?”

“I never have any hope for this relationship. I have no hope for your appearance at the moment.”

Charlie is furious. He turns her shoulders and forces her to face him, “Tell me? What is the reason for you to say such a thing?”

“The reason is simple, I can’t live just for myself.”

“What’s the point of life, then?”

“It will pass if there is no meaning.”

Karin’s resolute words makes Charlie suffocate with heartache.

“Don’t be like this, love is not counting the days, but making each day meaningful.”

He lowers his head and kissed her lips, gently, softly, and softly, almost completely destroying the fortress that Karin has hardly built.

“Aren’t you going to marry Mia?”

If it is true, why bother to say these words?

“That is a rumor. Milan sends it while I am away. For this matter, I have quarreled with my family. Now a few uncles confront me, and even Mia’s uncle. He is an important veteran of the company. He threatened that if I don’t marry his niece, he would resign with his elites, making the company’s current major projects impossible to continue.”

Karin says, “Since the situation is so grim, why are you here?”

“For you, Karin. In my heart, nothing is more important than you.”

The door knocks inappropriately, and the voice of a fat woman comes from the door, “Girl, your dad has come, you must hurry up.”

Charlie frowns slightly and grabs Karin’s hand, “I don’t force you. Think about it, time is tight, I will go back tonight, I let Robert stay here, if you think about it, he will wait for you tomorrow morning at the airport. ”

Suddenly realizing that they are to separate, their hearts fell to the bottom of the valley at the same time.

“Bon Voyage.”

Karin tries to squeeze a smile, and withdraw her hands.

Turning around, tears could not help but burst out.

When she opens the door and is about to take a step away. Charlie suddenly pulls her back again, and then kisses her, softer than before. But this time, domineeringly and wildly.

She is almost out of breath, almost to be engulfed by him, and the lingering and enthusiastic kiss vividly conveyed their sincerity. She wants to say that she doesn’t love him, but her body answers for her.

Charlie let go of her, his eyes turns affectionate, and finally kisses her forehead, “Karin, I will wait for you, don’t let down my true heart…”

She hears that labor can help forget everything. When she goes home, Karin desperately works, washing dishes, mopping the floor, cleaning the table, and she is busy all the time.

Even so, she still couldn’t forget those she wants to forget.

The sentence of Charlie echoes in her mind, “How can we who are so concerned about each other be separated because of love?”

At dinner, she points at her father’s wine and says, “Dad, let me have two drinks with you tonight.”

Mike is rather unhappy, “No. You are a girl.”

“I will control myself.”

She thinks for herself, perhaps because he sees that she is in a bad mood, and Mike stops talking.

Karin can’t drink at all, so she is drunk after two cups.

Jane comes over and grabs the wine glass in her daughter’s hand, complaining, “Don’t try it if you can’t drink it.”

“Mom, you even don’t let me drink. What else I do would you agree…?”

The interrogative questioning stops the couple from asking.

“Stop talking nonsense, go back to bed and sleep.”

Jane understands that her daughter is uncomfortable, raises her arms, and walks toward the back room.

In the room, Karin grabs her mother’s arm and cries like a child, “Mom, do you know that your daughter is not happy at all, really, not happy at all… Why can’t you let me go the way I want to go. I care so much about your feelings, so that I forget what I want… I want to be a good daughter, I don’t want to make you angry, but why being a good daughter so difficult… Mom, you can clearly see my scars, why can’t you feel my pain… Sometimes I don’t cry, not because I don’t want to cry, but I shed tears into my heart…”

Karin doesn’t know how long she has been crying, just remembers that her mother keeps wiping tears for her, and then later, she remembers nothing…

Waking up the next day, she doesn’t forget what she has said last night.

Lifting the quilt to get out of bed, she finds her mobile phone, ID card, passport, and a note beside her pillow.

“I lied to your dad and he has gone out. The luggage is packed, so leave as soon as possible when you wake up.”

At the end, there is a sentence. Karin, I wish you happy.

The eyes are hot, and tears rush out of her eyes…

Getting dressed in a hurry, and with her mother’s blessing, she runs to the door with her luggage, but she happens to meet Barry.

“Karin, where are you going?”

Barry stares at her luggage, seeming to feel something in advance, his expression nervous.

These days, he runs to the Karin’s family every day, and tries to restore this relationship.

Karin ignores him, quickens her pace, reaches out to stop the taxi, and quickly sits in.

“Karin, don’t go. Come back !!!”

“Karin, come back soon!!”

No matter how hysterical the shouts come from behind, there is no way to stop her from moving forward. With purple dandelions clasped in her palms, she embarks on the journey of love without hesitation.

“Charlie, I have bet myself on you, betting on the happiness of my life. Please, please, don’t let me lose…”