Chapter 82 Live in the eyes of others

Jane pulls her daughter back to the back room.

“Mom, why should we stand it? Am I in poor condition? No one else except her family would want me?”

Karin is so mad that she has never been used to Lucy’s style of behavior, and now, that bitch even touches her bottom line.

“If it isn’t for you to mess with other men abroad, would they come co our house? We owe her. Just let her complain. We can’t say that, ‘Yes, our daughter met a rich man and doesn’t want you son!'”

“It is not a big deal to cancel a marriage. What’s the age of now? Divorce is acceptable. Let alone the marriage cancel?”

“No. It just is our house is special…”

“What makes our family special? Is grandma right? I don’t think there is anything wrong with grandma! Why do we live in the eyes of others?”


Karin doesn’t expect that her mother would slap her. Since she was a child, her mother is never willing to hit her.

“You hurt my heart so much. Do you know what I am afraid of most.?”

When Jane mentioned the past, she couldn’t hold back tears. Karin cries with her mother, but she is still reluctant to give up the love in her heart.

It just shocked her mother should commit suicide. Jane takes forty tablets of sleeping pills, half a full bottle.

Late at night, she and her father takes her mother to the hospital and watches her mother’s mouth filled with tubes. At that moment, her heart is almost broken.

When the mother is finally out of danger, Karin compromises and succumbs to her mother. She promises that she would give up to Zurich and the love for Charlie.

From that day on, she has become quiet, and she would never return to Zurich, as if she has never been to that place.

The change of their daughter makes Mike and his wife very relieved. They only thinks that she is awakened and has never thought that her daughter has given all up for them.

She thinks everything is over, but at this time, an international long-distance call disrupts their peaceful life.

Karin’s mobile phone has been hidden by her father. Naturally, she couldn’t receive the phone.

For two consecutive days, the same number calls in, and the couple decide to send a text message as their daughter.

At the other end of the ocean, Charlie freezes the moment he receives the text message.

Robert asks in a deep voice, “Mr. Charlie, did she say anything?”

“See for yourself.”

Charlie tosses his mobile phone to him with a short sentence, “I’m getting married, please don’t disturb my life anymore.”

“It seems that Miss Karin really misunderstands you.”

“Book a ticket right away. I’m going to London. The sooner the better!”

Charlie gives a cold command, his heart fills with deep miss for her and confusion.

The next afternoon, Karin is helping her father arrange dishes in the shop. A fat woman comes in, pulling her throat and asking, “Can your dumplings be delivered?”

Mike busily answers, “Yes, where do you want to send it? If it is far away, we will not send it.”

“Not far, just in front of the hotel.”

The fat woman points at the hotel 500 meters ahead.

“How many do you need?”


“OK. Wait a moment.”

Mike turns and prepares for the dumplings. The fat woman goes straight out. When passing by Karin, she whispers, “Someone wants to see you.”

Before Karin understands her words, she has already gone far. Karin’s heart trembles.

Mike packages the dumplings and is preparing to deliver them. Karin picks them up, “Dad, I’ll deliver them for you.”

She runs directly to that hotel. Although she doesn’t know who she would meet, she has a faint expectation in her heart.

At the hotel, the fat woman sees her and smiles vaguely, “Second floor, Room 13.”

Karin goes upstairs, stands in front of Room No. 13, raises her hand in the air, and stays for a long time.

Finally, she gathers her courage, knocks on the door, and sees the person she wants to see, as if, she has opened the Pandora’s box…

At the moment when they saw each other, she is speechless for a long time, and it is not until he holds her in his arms does her heart that has already died slowly resurrects.

“I finally see you…”

Charlie leans in her ear, muttering word by word.

“Why come to me?”

She thinks that when she sees him again, she would hate him, scold him, and leave him without looking back. Until this moment, when she really sees him, she knows that it turns out that she would never hat him.

“Karin, are you complaining to me?”

She wants to nod, but replies, “No.”

“Your eyes tell me you are lying.”

He raises her face, “Everything is just a misunderstanding, I can explain it to you.”

“No. I believe you.”

She doesn’t ask anything because she believes that everything Charlie did has his reasons.

She has always believed that.

“If you believe me, would you go back with me?”

After a long silence, she shakes her head, “Sorry, Zurich, I won’t go back again.”


“Because, I don’t want to take any more risks.”

Karin turns her back and resists the urge to cry, “The greatest adventure in the world is to fall in love with someone. Because you never know what you will invest in your heart and soul in the end.”

“Then you are ready to give up our relationship?”

Charlie questions sadly, his body is trembling.