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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 80 True Pride

A thousand ideas flashed through Glenn’s mind and he chose the safest and most conservative one–to use the Glenn Dissimilation Sorcery.

Glenn immediately altered part of his Life Code using the Dissimilation Sorcery and the Body of Flame properties were then covered up in his body. This way, he and Mina would not be emotionally attracted anymore.

Like a smaller-sized sun had been set off, Mina was charging towards Glenn in a cloud of fire which emitted blazing lights and scorching heat. Her eyes had turned red and her surrounding air was puffed up with strong magical waves–even though the attraction had disappeared, she was still bent on burning Glenn to ashes.

Confronting such strong magical waves, Chris, Robin and Robinson made an immediate response. Chris turned into a wolf, eyes turning green, teeth bared, and axe held before his chest. Robin summoned the boar and fished out a fist-sized fiery red bead, the one she got in the trial test. Robinson gulped down a vial of medicine and the next second he was gone, leaving a ball of dark drifting air.

Glenn stared at this mad woman Mina who had the Body of Flame. She was once the strongest in the trial test and she almost got him killed.

Glenn’s long, golden hair as well as his cloak were rustling in the heat waves and his eyes glimmered with a dazzling light. And due to the heat, his Ashen Mask began to consume his magical force.

With a thumping sound, Glenn’s magical stick fell to the ground. He then said lightly: “Mina, this is not what you were faced with in the trial. I’m not an escaper any longer. And you…”

“Haha! Are you? Glenn, you’ve finally got the confidence to go against me?”

Mina cut in and laughed with great hubris. “If so…”

“Stop! Mina, you make a step further, I promise you this will be your burying place.” Lafite jerked Glenn behind her like before in the ship.

All of the attention was focused on the golden key Lafite was holding high. It was emitting strong space waves, and the lights and heat were even beginning to eclipse Mina’s.

“The Stigmata Friendship Key.” Yates exclaimed shrilled in his husky voice as she stared at Lafite.

Ardas had no idea what ability this key could perform but he was still amazed at the magical waves.

Mina had no knowledge of this friendship key. Even though it was giving out shocking waves she and her elder sister behind her were too confident to care for such a tool. She was being a little bit unreasonable, or silly to be precise.

Mina stretched out her hand slowly and was ready to have a big fight with Lafite’s team.

“Mina, enough. Stop it.” In a flash, Milly had moved in front of Mina and seized her hand.

Mina became shocked, and then she grimaced. “What’re you doing? I’m killing him.”

Milly narrowed her eyes and spoke, emphasizing every word. “I’m not allowing you to misbehave.”

“Leave yourself out of this. I’m killing this guy today.” Mina yelled.

“You haven’t got the rare sign from your tutor, the Indistinguishable Flame, and you’re just halfway through with the study of your father’s element Ougi. Even your mental strength is not at 40! You want me to teach you the rule of the sorcerer world?” Milly voice turned grim.

For a long time, stifling silence ensued.

“Fine. I’ll go.” Mina shouted as she threw off her sister’s hand and left, showing no further interest in this ore range despite the fact that she still had a mission. She was headstrong like a spoiled child.

Milly’s face looked similar to Mina’s. Her distinguishing trait was her long silver hair, and she wore the standard 12th section students cloak. Interestingly enough, in the center of her forehead, there was a lozenge-shaped body of energy which seemed to contain a huge formidable force hidden within.

“Put it away The space waves will be used up in at best two more times. You wanna waste it on this?” Mimmy gazed at Lafite seriously but she appeared unthreatened as if she still had a trump card to play.

Lafite sneered. “In the trial test, people were saying Mina was a mad woman. Now it seems she lives up to it.” Lafite teased Milly as she put the key away.

“It’s none of your business.” Milly flashed a glare at Lafite grimly.

The two women were not happy with each other yet they restrained themselves to not to start a conflict.

Milly then whipped back her hair as she turned to face Glenn and then said to him with suppressed interest. “My sister’s feeling was right, it is the aura of Body of Flame. No wonder she got crabby. You’re somebody worth her attention! But would you mind telling me what was the “sorcery” you just pulled out?

Milly was not sure whether the secret behind his Body of Flame was due to Glenn’s sorcery or his pure gift.

Glenn eyed this white-haired woman calmly. She was someone that many thousands of students in the six schools of the 12th section worshipped. This woman’s firm expression said that she would not give up until he gave her the answer.

Thus, Glenn finally opened his mouth. “The Glenn Secret Tri-Sorcery.”

“You…” Milly paused. “You named a sorcery after your own name?”

Actually, Lafite and other team members were also kept in the dark about this. Exchange of knowledge would be conducted at the cost of magical stones, not to mention sorceries, which would only be passed on to their own students by the tutors.

Therefore Glenn’s team were all surprised learning the news.

A student created a new sorcery?

This was an unbelievable thing that had never occurred in the 12th section at least. They would usually learn the established sorceries created by the ancient, wise sorcerers. No one would exert efforts to delve into the making of a new sorcery.

Yates and Ardas stared at Glenn, the guy who had remained in obscurity ever since he stepped into this place.

“What level he would be at given his capability?”

In retrospect, no one had ever seen Glenn fighting. He had always kept a low profile and saved every minute to conduct his research. He was a supporting role along the way, a wanderer, an autism sufferer. And even Ardas was putting much thought into why a mundane Glenn would be on the hunting list.

But now…

No matter how hard one might want to conceal his radiance, he would shine; like a gem in the mud that would surely be unearthed one day.

Yet it still baffled Yates and Ardas as to why Glenn was not willing to present himself to gain according fame and respect given his strong capabilities and would rather stay quiet. Creating a new sorcery signified wisdom and knowledge, by which power would be obtained.

Glenn was standing there, still being quiet. He still had no intention to show off or anything. Apparently, he didn’t give a damn as to what people called “status”.

Yes, Glenn needed not to be understood, or cared to be understood.

His heart was there for the pursuit of his dream. He lived each day to the fullest with his aspiration. Solitude was a price. Reputation negligible. Hardships to be expected. Fatigue a must–Adversities were the fuel to one’s spirits and fatigue made one feel the existence of one’s body.

These were the fundamentals for a student to explore the future and make history, to become the most glorious, most powerful sorcerer. This was Glenn’s pride.

Sorcerers with a strong heart needed not to be understood, or cared to be understood.

All along Glenn’s aspiring goal was the Holy Tower tryouts. Win, and he would attain the highest glory and accordingly the highest prize. This glory would be conferred on an equal footing–not considering the level of a student would be at. It would be an occasion where true quality would be realized.

And this was the biggest secret Norris had divulged to Glenn, a secret that would be kept from most of the students.