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Chapter 79 The Mad Woman

Almost 100 dead bodies were littered before the students.

Yates, Ardas and Lafite dragged these bodies into the ditch and buried them crudely to prevent the rancid stink.

Along with the bodies was a pile of magical tools, which attracted no attention from Yates and Ardas. Ordinary tools were basically worthless to students as strong as them. Others like Lafite however, whose mental strength hadn’t reached 40, picked a few gadgets from the heap. Glenn chose a ring whose function was the same as his necklace–raise the value of mental strength under 40 by two points.

At the time, Lafite’s mind was racing with thoughts.

“The 12th students were the cruel seamen group and the 19th students were the little students back on the ship. Then what if the better skilled students survived the hunting by us and formed some organization like the Death Sail League? Would they launch a comeback? Or could they at least rival us as equals? If so, a real war would break out since the Black Isotta tasked us with taking no less than 30 resource points.” Thought Lafite. “There is no way to unite the 12th students. They grew to be against unity, to be with their different mentality. And yet the 19th could achieve this because they have no internal conflicts.”

Thus, Lafite’s worries could be said to be understandable. But soon something distracted her from her thoughts.


“Us two are Compass Schoolers. Why are you doing this to us?” A bossy female voice came down from the ore slope.

The woman’s clothes could barely cover her, whose figure was in great shape. Her long hair was fluttering in the air, and her eyes overbearing.

Glenn was studying the radium element in his oblivion when he raised his head upon catching that voice.

“Isn’t she Mina, the domineering, tyrannic Daughter of Sun from the Gory test?”

Glenn could still remember this Mina from the Compass School till this day. She had fought alone against the most gifted students of the Black Isotta. People were impressed by what she was capable of and Glenn himself nearly died because of her. But one virtue of knowing her was that he had gotten her Body of Flame.

This woman was an enhanced version of Lafite!

Then Yate’s murmuring voice came from the slope. “You say you are from the Compass, who can prove that?”

“No need for that!” A female voice rang out from behind Mina. The sight of everyone on the scene grew dim. The next second, the bulk of the stone giant cracked and then exploded with a booming sound. Broken icicles scattered throughout the surrounding air, and the area turned cold.

Yates was quick enough to turn himself into a beam of black smoke and reappeared several dozen meters away. He looked at the site where he was at with a shocked face.

It was the giant’s hand that had been hit and smashed by an icicle, leaving only the arm being swallowed by the cloud of ice.

Yates quivered at the sight of this. With such formidable power, she must be the perennial first-place holder of the top ten students of the Black Isotta–Milly, the Ice Age.

The top ten students of the Black Isotta are tiered into three levels.

The lowest level was for the last five students on the list. The best capability could be brought out was Glenn in his prime before he obtained the gifts of Bionna and Kyrie and before he intentionally exposed himself to the poisons.

The second level was basically the leaders of the four major leagues in the school, who could deal with the schools’ protectors.

As for the highest level, only two students were graded into this class in the last nine batches of students enrolled in the school. Despite the two students being unable to match a real sorcerer’s ability to harness natural forces, they could stand on an equal footing with level-one underground Lianti sorcerers in terms of their comprehensive capabilities. There was one thing worth mentioning: underground Lianti sorcerers couldn’t harness natural forces and natural forces were not able to cause harm to them.

It could be summarized that in the absence of sorcerers, they would be the protector of the schools. And Ice Age Milly was one of the two best students.

“Impossible. Ice Age Milly? Such a mighty student would be sent to the 15th resource point by those great sorcerers. Why would you be here?” Yates asked doubtfully in a shrill voice.

“Oh? You know me then?” The gloomy Milly became nonchalant.

“Ha, I don’t know you though. Forget it, save the introduction for later. The center resource point has got that guy for the protection. I’m not happy with him but he is more than able for the defense. Anyway, I came here for my sister.”

“Your sister?”

Milly had attracted Ardas’ attention, who had instantly recognized her. Currently, he was gazing at this good-figured, red-haired, arrogant and cool girl.

Glenn and the others were not able to determine how strong the two students were except for the fact that they were strong.

Only Lafite among the group had recognized Mina because she had once used the Golden Eye to lock her and thus remembered her. She just hadn’t gotten the chance to speak it out.

“You’re the Bright Sword Ardas?! Your wings of light are fabulous.” Milly scanned the crowd and spoke to the fifth-ranked Ardas.

Ardas replied solemnly. “They could save my life.”

Mina snorted, and then said lightly: “Why can’t we…” With the sentence half finished, she stopped suddenly, and said joyously: “Glenn?”


Glenn finally recognized Mina. “Why was she being happy seeing me here. I took the prize reserved for her in the Test .”

Mina greeting Glenn surprised the rest of the crowd who all then turned their focus to him.

After the greeting, Mina was then about to walk to Glenn when she was halted by Milly, who asked: “What’s this about?”

“He’s my boy. He’s the only one that could catch my eyes among the six schools. The guy I talked about all the time,” said the tyrannical Mina as if Glenn was her property.

Milly responded coldly. “To be in a relationship with him? That’s not good…If either one of a spouse couldn’t make it to become a sorcerer, then the other one would be alone forever. I won’t allow…”

“Sister, this is my personal affair. Please stay out of this,” said Mina. “Even if he couldn’t be a sorcerer, I’ll keep him for the moment and won’t give anyone else any chance, because he’s mine. Mine.”

Afterwards Mina strode to Glenn, ignoring the existence of the crowd as if they were just there presenting a more attractive Glenn.

Lafite, Chris, Anna, Robin and Robinson all grimaced and Lafite turned back to Glenn, eyes staring at him.

She didn’t say anything but her eyes were asking: “What’s going on? Why would she say that?”

Glenn of course couldn’t have known how Mina had feelings about him back in the interrogation room. He was awkward in romance–He didn’t know how Lafite fell in love with him in the first place, not to mention this Mina who didn’t play by the playbook. But in Glenn’s defense, insensitivity in romance was an issue many sorcerers faced.

However, to have Glenn was not a romance but a mere possession of a sort of collection.

Mina continued pacing towards Glenn and as she was just several steps away, Lafite and the others had gotten ready to launch a strike.

At the time, an arcane reaction rocked both Mina and Glenn.

Mina halted. She and Glenn showed an intoxicated expression almost immediately. Then the two of them went sober again and exchanged an incredible look.

This attraction force…

It was the attraction force produced between two Body of Flame–A wondrous attraction.

“Body of Flame would be drawn to each other?”

If Mina were Lafite, then this attraction would be fantastic. But…

Having realized this, Glenn clenched his fist and turned serious. “My will is not gonna bend to instinctive reactions because of a gift.”

“Impossible! Is it the Body of Flame?” Mina grimaced, glaring at Glenn like a devil. “Impossible. Why are you giving out the aura of Body of Flame? I’m the only one that has it. You are such an imposter. I’ll not allow you to live in this world. I’m gonna kill you.”

Merely seconds had passed, and Mina eyes towards Glenn had shifted from joy to panic and hatred. This change seemed unreasonable to the rest of the crowd.

“Bionna was right about her. She is indeed a mad woman.”

Glenn grimaced. “This is not a good timing to be in a fight. I’m in the weakest state after getting myself poisoned. My battle strength is half as strong compared to my normal state. Maybe just barely at Lafite’s level.”