Chapter 78 “The Seamen Group”

Lafite, Yates, Ardas and the others were working within the outer layer of the interjection. Suddenly they looked out, eyes surprised.

An army of students from the 19th were tramping towards them. There must have been about 200 of them.

They were overwhelmed.

Chris was shocked, holding an axe in his hand. “Why so many?”

Chris’ shock was understandable. The total number of the Black Isotta students was a mere seven or eight thousand. Even Glenn’s team would be reinforced. But the students would not gather in hordes; they would be spread thin across the 200 resource points. And for this current point, there were only two dozens or so.

Ardas looked out at the marching enemy with his sharp eyes as he unsheathed the long sword on his back. As he gripped the sword, his whole body was giving out gray lights and his long hair became weightless as if he had been possessed by some God.

The humpback Yates smirked gloomily as the stick in his hand sent a round of waves. The next second, thunder resounded and a huge cloud of dust kicked up. From within the obscuring dust appeared a five-meter-long giant. It rose up with the support of its two 2-meter-long arms. Its eyes were like two huge crystal balls, gleaming gray.

The giant looked about before roaring. The next second, a hundred thickly-dotted stone spikes were protruding from within his back in the shape of a turtle shell.

Yates jumped on the shoulder of the giant without much effort. With a stamp of his foot, another wave was given off, following which a three-meter-long dark element sword appeared in the giant’s hand. Its aura was icy as if it was sucking in the lights in the vicinity.

Glenn, who was behind Lafite at the moment, became dumbfounded at this sight, and ceased the inscription of the water element in the matrix in his mind.

“This element animated animal…”

Inspiration struck Glenn and, at the same time, the old, simple and entangled knowledge framework of element animated animals exploded in his mind as a new one began to form.

No one could ever discern what was ongoing in Glenn’s mind who was still behind Lafite’s back; he was a supporting role, a manservant even!

All of the students were in battle formation and Ardas, shrouded in the lights, glimpsed at Lafite’s team and said lightly: “Take it easy. Think of them as little soldiers of the human world. They are fools with nothing but theories.”

“Easier said than done. There are 200 of them. Maybe this time…”

The over 200 students from the 19th section spent some time coming into battle formation. And then they marched in an impressive parade towards Glenn and the others to deter them and even make them surrender in this imposing manner.

Glenn didn’t know that traditionally, in the 19th section, this imposing manner played an important role in the ring fights. However, in the12th, there was no such thing as the ring fight, nor was there surrender. It was either live or die.

“Ardas, look. Those fools are just coming in this stupid way. I wonder if there is something wrong with their heads and if they have even been in a real fight.” Yates who was standing on the giant’s shoulder shrilled. He had gotten too excited.

Lafite hovered in the air fluttering a pair of wings. “Were those dead students as silly as them?”

Ardas made no response but snorted. Then he turned his eyes to the coming students as if they were alien creatures.

Glenn also thought it incredible for the 19th section students to make an offense against them with no reconnaissance, no outposts, and without long distance sorcery attacks — apparently, they had no strategies.

Upon seeing this, Robinson’s despair suddenly turned optimistic. “They’re entering the interjection traps.”


“Everyone, stay in your position. Let us teach the Dark Sorcerers a lesson. These Dark Sorcerers must have gotten so frightened to the point of peeing a little. Haha…” The leader of the charging students smiled.

A female student in the troops responded. “Right. And we’re proving to the students who have come to the 19th section schools before us. Proving to them that we’re strong and we’re gonna save some face for them. The Dark Sorcerers are obsessed with internal strife and know nothing about the power of unity.”

“We’ve been working so hard for all these years and we’ve got one “lord” among ten students now and even the rulers. We’ll definitely destroy those foolish Dark Sorcerers. It’s said they have this “top ten ranking” in their school. How naive they are!” Another student continued.

Another one from the crowd yelled. “I heard that there is a sorcery test for the first year students in the 19th where the participants could kill their partners and get magical stones in return. They’re too ignorant as to have more knowledge than magical stones, which only play accessory functions…”

A rumbling sound exploded.

The speaker was not even finished when an electric light exploded in them and a rune interjection flashed in the air, followed by about a dozen fire balls and then several dozens of icy balls…

“It’s an interjection. They laid interjections. These cowards have no courage to fight heads-on. Full retreat, full retreat.”

“Shit…It’s the swamp sorcery. Flight sorcery guy come help me…”

“My legs are sinking…”

“I don’t wanna die…”

“Ray, I don’t wanna die…”

Chaos befell the formation where most of the students scrambled in dreadful disorder. The delicately woven “unity” broke. And some even suffered from hematophobia and collapsed on the ground.

If anyone from the 12th section had hematophobia, he or she would have been eliminated before having a chance to take the Sorcery Test.


The dark elements in Yates’ hand converged and became a long spear. He hurled it at the fleeing students faraway and leered strangely. “Destroy you all arrogant fools.”

Making a whizzing sound, Ardas dashed towards the chaotic enemies like a bolt of lightning, followed by his own men.

Yates controlled the giant and moved making booming sounds, followed by his men.

“Charge–” Robin shouted as she rode her boar rushing forward with the monkey on her shoulder.

“My wife, be careful. Wait for me.” Robinson followed fast.

Chris grinned, baring his white teeth. “Glenn, you protect my sister. I’ll do the killing for you. Haha…”

Glenn smiled and then his eyes went lost again. The inspiration he got from the giant was not fully “digested” yet and thus he dared not to dawdle. This inspiration could expedite the birth of his element animal activation sorcery by a year.

Lafite whirred about with her element arrows; Chris was slaying heads in the enemy’s formation with Nina chanting spells and resupplying magical power to him relentlessly. Nina also learned several other auxiliary sorceries and Glenn could feel he was being protected by a thin film of earth element.

Glenn’s mental strength was in a hysteric state deriving from the element activation, and with a casual wave of hand, a student’s badge was drawn to him under precise control even though he hadn’t been in the actual killings.

“Glenn, given the current situation, you’ll not be needed in the rear. You go for the badges. They seem important. I’ll stay and protect Nina,” said Lafite who had shot a dozen consecutive arrows from the rear.

Lafite had no idea that Glenn was staying in the rear just to save time to improve himself and thus could be more prepared for the Holy Tower trials, the most glorious award for sorcery students–Not just for the oath he took.

Glenn smiled, though the smile was invisible to Lafite as it was beneath the Ashen Mask. “Nope, I’ll be here for your protection. Having 100 badges gathered will be enough and there is still time.” Glenn then sank into the making of element animals.

Anna stuck out her tongue in a cute way. And Lafite just left Glenn alone after hearing him saying that, and continued with her shooting.

It was an unbelievable scene of 20 students chasing around over 200!

One reason was the devastation wrought on the 19th students by the interjections, and the second was their cowardice. They simply fled in disorder after experiencing the explosions and had no guts to fight back by making use of their sorceries.

Suddenly, Lafite and the others had a notion about the event playing out before them:

The 12th students were actually the Seamen group–cruel knights–back on the ship and the seemingly strong 19th students were the little students before the Death Sail league was established!